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08/02/07 Lancashire PE & Sport Framework. Context: Government Aim Governments Aim All 5-16yr olds have access to 2 hours high quality PE and 3 hours sport.

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1 08/02/07 Lancashire PE & Sport Framework

2 Context: Government Aim Governments Aim All 5-16yr olds have access to 2 hours high quality PE and 3 hours sport beyond the curriculum and 16-19 year olds have 3 hours of sport outside the curriculum

3 Our Commitment……








11 Next Steps Launch PE & Sport Framework and Sport Unlimited – 5 November 2008, Burnley Sporting Infrastructure Group to develop clear action plan and identify and agree key Indicators for measurement

12 26/09/08Lancashire Sport Partnership Sport Unlimited Year 2 Planning Process

13 26/09/08 Sport Unlimited in Context HQ PE & Sport HQ Community Sport HQ Leadership & Volunteering HQ Pathways Sport Unlimited x 14 (Funded Programme) PE and Sport Strategic Framework for Young People (5 Hour Sport Offer)

14 26/09/08 14 Reminder of the Vision to ensure up to 900,000 children and young people in the 5 to 19 age range from the semi sporty population segment take up an additional 2 hours of term time high quality sports activities through attractive provision designed to stimulate and increase take up and sustain participation

15 26/09/08 15 Sport Unlimited... Where it fits Extending Activities

16 The Trailblazers: Term One Findings Huge political interest currently c. 11,000 engaged 60: 40 Male: Female 70% retained, greater retention from girls Majority semi-sporty of which 75% retained Two thirds 11-16 Relatively low engagement with 16-19

17 Lancashire Year One: Delivery Plan Planned through SPAA c. £16,500 per SPAA 33 providers signed up to deliver scheme- LA, SSP, Clubs, Youth Service, Leisure Trusts, FE Colleges, Charitable org Engage- 11,218 Retain- 8,513 (75%) Gender split- Boys 47.2% and Girls 52.8% Secondary provision - 81.4% Yr7 and 8 age groups representing-nearly 40% of participants over the whole plan 26/09/089

18 26/09/08 Lancashire Year One: Delivery Plan Sports- 36 different activities ranging from innovation sports such as climbing, trampolining, cheerleading, skateboarding, streetdance, ultimate frisbee to more traditional sports such as athletics, football, hockey and volleyball and adaptations derived from these traditional sports such as sportshall athletics, sepak takaw, futsal and extreme golf Settings- School sites, leisure centres, Club settings, youth clubs and private sector facilities. Some areas are also utilising the natural environment to deliver activities such as beaches, parks and forests. 18

19 Year 2- Key Considerations Integrated planning process- partnership approach/ match funding opportunities Involvement of NGBs in process Student voice- consultation with young people Range of settings- opportunities time and place sensitive to young people e.g. Friday and Saturday nights Broader range of providers- youth services 80% 11-19 focus of which 15% 16-19- use of FESCO network Flexibility around holiday delivery (all except summer) Innovation around signposting- use SSP networks 26/09/089

20 Key Considerations- first impressions How can we ensure that Sport Unlimited in Lancashire hits these key priority areas? 16-19- FESCOs, College enrichment programme Engage with new providers- Jane Nolan, Clubs for Young People Inclusion of NGBs in process- November joint planning session 26/09/08

21 Consultation Large scale young peoples survey- what they want? Young peoples focus groups- young ambassadors, connexions shadow board Air Space interviews/ demonstration road-shows? Use findings to shape the programmes that are developed and how they can be promoted CSP- Design survey and analyse findings Partnership- support administration 26/09/08

22 Signposting- Developing a Resource Pack The resource pack could include: Personalised invitations to young people based on survey findings Course completion certificates for those achieving a 60% attendance rate On-line discussion forum to share best practice amongst partners Empty-Belly posters based around the five key messages which can be edited to suit different activities E-mail alerts to promote and communicate details of events and activities, and; A prize draw giving participants the chance to win a Nintendo Wii, if they achieve an 80% attendance rate Information on the Sporting Champions scheme, including a visit request form Advice and guidance on how to work with the media and write press releases 26/09/08

23 Delivery Plan 08/02/07

24 Sport Unlimited Year 2- Funding and KPIs April 2009- March 2010 = £302,400 Engage- 23,120 Retain- 16,425 Develop ideas and further planning sessions to determine breakdown across Lancashire 26/09/08

25 Sport Unlimited Year 2- Timescale 26/09/08 DateTask 1 st October 2008Start planning at SPAA level- including consultation with young people 19 th December 2008Submit Final Local Delivery Plans to Lancashire Sport 5 th January 2009Regional check and challenge workshop 4 th February 2009Submit Final County Delivery Plan to Sport England 13 th February 2009Receive Confirmation of Yr 2 funding 20 th March 2009Receive SLAs, Safeguarding documents from provider April 2009- March 2010 3 x 10 week blocks- term time delivery

26 Next Steps Lancashire Sport to distribute Delivery Plan template and Survey for Young People- 20 th October Undertake local consultation and survey Use findings to shape local delivery plan 13 th November- linking NGB to SU 19 th December- submit plans 26/09/08

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