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Classes play sports/games School-wide tournament between 6,7,and 8 grade You receive a certain amount of points for each class You won’t physically play other teams outside of class, but you will compete with them based on your points

3 Roles and Responsibilities
Students will be split up into 4 teams amongst their own classrooms Ideally, students would have 5 players on each team but due to the large class sizes, students will have 5-9 students on each team Each team will pick a team name and get a team picture Each student will take a responsibility

4 Coach- organizes and runs practice
Each team member will be given a title and assigned a job. The following team members are as follows: Coach- organizes and runs practice Sports Reporter- reports the score of the game and fair play points to teacher at the end of the class Athletic Trainer- assists with injuries Equipment Manager- sets up playing courts and cleans up equipment Scorekeeper- keeps the score for both teams during the game Floater- fills in for the person who is absent This was the old contract I had. Some of these jobs have changed on the contract that I sent you. You can even make up your own if you’d like.

5 COURT SET-UP If we are playing outside for the day, I will have our playing court already set up If we are playing inside for the day, we will have the court set up on ½ the gymnasium the same way EVERY time. If it is not set-up already, it is the equipment managers job to set it up!

6 Court 1 Court 3 Court 2 Court 4
For this set up, the line down the center is the net we used to drop from the ceiling since we had kids in one class and in one gym doing this. The cones divide the courts in half again and the squares are the goals they shoot at. Court 2 Court 4

7 This is the set up I use now that I have my own gym
This is the set up I use now that I have my own gym. I divide half the gym with cones. 2 teams play on one half and 2 teams on the other. The squares are the goals.

8 CLASS PROCEDURES Anytime I blow the whistle, you must freeze and drop all equipment that you are holding (if not, points will be deducted)

9 CLASS PROCEDURES Line up alphabetically- take attendance
The teacher will have you gather around to learn a skill Students will break off into teams again and begin practice led by the coach

10 CLASS PROCEDURES Teacher will blow the whistle and announce what teams will play each other on what court Students will play- at the end of class the teacher will blow the whistle and say “teams shake hands and sports reporters report to me.” The rest of the class will take a seat and wait

Team Number Team Points 3- Win 2- Tie 1- Loss Teacher Points 7 points Fair Play Points 5 points Total 1 2 3 4 5 6

12 TEAM POINTS The team that wins will receive 3 points for the day and the team that loses will receive 1 point for the day. If the teams tie, they will both receive 2 points.

13 TEACHER POINTS Teacher Points- Teacher points are points given if everything operates smoothly. If team 3 forgets to put away their ball or equipment, they will lose 1 point and receive 6/7 points. They can have points deducted for the following: Students did not stop and listen when the whistle was blown, they did not put away equipment, not participating in warm-ups, behavior, etc.

14 TEACHER POINTS I will add bonus teacher points as well- these are important to get-they will put you out into the lead of other teams EX: I will offer a “quick start” point. I will give an extra point to the first 2 teams to get their equipment and onto their playing courts and begin playing their game.

15 More Bonus Points Sometimes you may have uneven teams. If you have 1 more extra player than the other team (example: 6 vs 5) it will be up to the team with the lesser amount of players to decide one of two things: You can play all your players, it is no big deal, we just want to have some fun. You must substitute one of your players in and out so that it is fair.

16 More Bonus Points (Trade Points)
If you have 2 extra players on your team (example: 7 vs 5), you may trade one player over to the other team for just that day to make it even (6 vs 6). If you do this, you’ll get an extra bonus point. It is very wise to do this for the points and so that everyone is able to participate the entire period! You cannot trade people just for the sake of trading. It must be needed The person traded still remains on their original team at the end of class and gets their original teams points

17 FAIR PLAY POINTS These points are given to each team by the opposing team that they played for the day. They are points that are given out for fair and good game play. At the end of each class, the sports reporter will report these points to the teacher. For example: If team 1 plays team 3- team 1’s sports reporter will go to the teacher at the end of the game and say “I give team 3, 5 fair play points.” There are 5 possible fair play points the teams can get. If team 1’s sports reporter goes to the teacher at the end of the game and says “I give team 3, 4 fair play points,” then they must give the teacher a reason why.

18 FAIR PLAY POINTS After the teacher has recorded the scores, the teacher will address the class and tell which teams did not get all their fair play points. If team 1 only gave team 3, 4 fair play points instead of 5, they must tell the teacher why in front of the whole class! Ex: Tommy was yelling at his teammates and it was distracting everyone. Ex: Mary cheated and was pushing people down. The teacher will decide whether points will be deducted or not.

19 Ultimate Frisbee (pts.)
TOURNAMENT RANKINGS Team Name Basketball (pts.) Speedball (pts.) Ultimate Frisbee (pts.) Total 1. The Fighters 96 111 101 308 2. The Underdogs 90 106 97 293 3. Scottie Pride 102 98 84 284 4. The BigMacers 89 280 5. Warriors 99 82 279 6. Rock Pride 80 261 7. Power Girls 81 78 256 8. Lions 100 76 79 255

20 I will try my best to post these rankings every right after every team has played the same amount of games! They will be posted on the main gymnasium doors This program focuses on sports and team work. Always remember to have good sportsmanship and good character!


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