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Nutrition Needs for Team Sport Presented by: Jim Hand, MS, ATC-L.

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2 Nutrition Needs for Team Sport Presented by: Jim Hand, MS, ATC-L

3 Nutritional Concerns for Sport Pre-event During Competition Recovery/Post-event During Training

4 Pre-event Nutrition Not beneficial if eaten just before event Endurance activities, start days in advance Do not eat high protein meals Pre-event They do not provide extra energy They do not prevent muscle injury They do increase the stress on the kidneys They do take a long time to digest

5 Pre-event Nutrition Guidelines High carbs, low fat, and low protein Eat solid foods 3-4 hours before Liquid foods 2-3 hours before Select easy digestible foods No indigestion, GI distress, flatulence Take adequate fluids to ensure hydration Unsweetened are best, but …… Do not skip meals May supplement high carb snacks

6 During Competition or Event Primary concern is to replenish fluids A water loss of 2-3 % of body weight will begin to adversely affect performance. 6 – 8 ounces every fifteen minutes Long duration, high intensity sports may require fluids with glucose & carbs Halftime sport drinks may help.

7 Post-event Nutrition Replenish hydration and used energy stores Will include Protein and Fat Dependant on Sport and Schedule Football next hard px. is Tuesday Basketball may have a game next day

8 During Training Well balanced diet 30 % fat, 10 –15% protein, 60 % Carbs Endurance sports continue High Carb diets; 70 – 80%

9 Eating On The Road Variety of Choices Full-service, buffets, steakhouses, fast- food, sub-shops, convenience stores. Choose foods high in carbs, low in fat Most fast food places have a few healthy options Look for items with less than 30% of calories from fat

10 Eating Fast and Healthy Subway – Turkey breast (13%) Arbys – Turkey sub (30%), regular roast beef (40%) Wendys – Grilled Chicken (22%), Salads, Potato C&B (25%), 6 Nuggets (65%) McDonalds – Hotcakes (25%), Sausage Biscuit (60%), Grilled Chick. Salad (8%), Big Mac (50%), Large Fries (44%) Pizza Hut – Personal Pan Supreme (39%)

11 References Nutrition for Health, Fitness & Sport, Williams, Melvin, 1999, McGraw-Hill Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, 1996, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Williams, Clyde, Nutrition Needs For Team Sport, Sports Science Exchange; 1998 (11):3

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