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Unit 3 Sport Lisa.

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1 Unit 3 Sport Lisa

2 Task 2 Topic: Some people say that playing a team sport, such as soccer or basketball is very popular because it has many benefits. What are the advantages of playing a team sport?

3 Getting Ready to Write Questions: How are these people feeling?
Have you ever felt like this when playing sport? What is your favorite sport? Do you prefer playing sport yourself or just watching others? What are the benefits of playing sport?

4 Key words Enable strategies activity disease
Participation develop increase obesity Heart disease promote muscle avoid Fit skill group blood pressure Teamwork benefit social health problems

5 a. _________ in sport gives rise to a variety of health benefits.
b. One of the physical benefits of playing sport is the development of _________ and _______. c. The_______ of fitness can enable you to _______ later health problems. d. Sporting________ is also good for developing_______ skills such as teamwork. e. Workers find that ‘ business house’ sports competitions help develop_______________. f. Sport can help teenagers avoid the problem of ________ or being overweight.

6 g. To________ something to happen means to make it possible.
h. Most companies value the skill of _______ thinking on the part of their employees. i. High blood pressure, ________ and diabetes are three examples of _________ suffered by people who fail to exercise enough. j. In general, a good level of __________ is ______ for everyone.

7 Model 1 Playing team sport is popular all over the world, and participation in sporting activities, for example, soccer or basketball, has many benefits. Firstly, sport promotes the development of the body and muscles and helps to keep the players fit. Secondly, this increase in physical fitness enables players to avoid obesity and health problems, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

8 In addition, sports people develop useful group skills, such as teamwork, and strategies. These skills can help them in their later lives and also in their jobs. Finally, people often play sport for social reasons, as it is a good way of making new friends and enjoying activities together.

9 Useful verbs Avoid benefit develop enable improve increase promote

10 Fill in the gaps a. Sports. Playing sports ________ fitness and_______ muscles. It_______ you to ______ Illnesses and you can ________ your teamwork skills and ________ your friendships. b. Saving petrol. Choosing not to drive private cars________ the environment, and it _____ the quality of air in the city. It also ________ the use of public transport, which ________ traffic congestion and ___________ efficiency. It __________ all the people who live in the city.

11 Essential Grammar --Word forms: countable and non-countable nouns
e.g. Activity (ies) Uncountable nouns:

12 Use of plurals & articles
Examples: A good reason ( countable ) for playing sport is the ability to control your weight. Participation ( uncountable) in sporting activities on a regular basis is beneficial for students.

13 Note: Nouns can be used as both countable and uncountable.
Examples: Sport: Sport is a universal leisure activity. Jane excels at a number of sports, but her favorite is badminton.

14 Decide whether the indefinite article should be used
( A/-) participation in the company volleyball competition will be rewarded with an extra annual leave day. Basic fitness includes such things as muscle control and ( a/-) balance. A lot of companies encourage the development of (a/-) teamwork by supporting friendly sporting competitions. When you join this company, they ask you to choose (a/-) sport for the weekly competition—either volleyball or indoor soccer.

15 e. (A/-) promoting team sports is a good idea for companies.
f. Playing sports such as badminton and tennis is a good way of improving ( a/-) fitness. g. Strategic thinking is an example of (a/-) skill which is improved by playing team sports. h. (A/-) development of fitness is (a/-) result of playing team sports.

16 Choose the correct option
a. Soccer is a popular sport for a variety of ( reason/ reasons). b. Firstly, (player/ players) need to use their (muscle/ muscles) and develop their (fitness/ fitnesses) to play soccer. c. Developing a good level of fitness helps to avoid health ( problem / problems) and ( disease/ diseases) such as high blood ( pressure/ pressures) and obesity. d. In addition, soccer helps in the development of ( skill/ skills), such as team ( work/ works), and ( strategy/ strategies).

17 e. Soccer is also fun for the ( spectators/ spectator) as it is an exciting ( sport/ sports) which involves fast action. f. The ( player/ players) can become very famous, and some of them can make a lot of (money/ monies). g. Finally, soccer is an important international ( sport/ sports) and there are many ( competition/ competitions) throughout the world.

18 Fill in the gaps in the paragraph
Soccer is a popular _________ for a variety of _______. Firstly, players need to use their _______ and ________ their______ to play soccer. ________ a good level of fitness helps to _____ ________ ________ and diseases such as high blood pressure and ________. In addition, soccer helps in the ________ of ______ such as _______ and strategies. Soccer is also fun for the spectators, as it is an_____________ which involves fast action. The ________ can become very famous, and

19 Some of them can _______ a lot of __________
Some of them can _______ a lot of __________! Finally, soccer is an important_________ and many competitions are held throughout the world.

20 Language Focus—Signpost words
Firstly Secondly In addition Also For example Finally Examples: Firstly, sport promotes the development of …. Secondly, this increase in physical fitness…

21 Firstly Secondly In addition Also
For example Finally There are many _________(n.) of regular exercise._______ (s.), it can promote fitness and help you to stay healthy. ______(s.) exercise helps to develop________ (n.) if you exercise regularly.________ (s.), if you play a team sport, you can _______ (v. ) social ________ (n.) and strategies.

22 Guided Writing Discuss:
Why do you think companies and organizations encourage their for the workers? What are some benefits workers to take part in these sports competitions?

23 Model 2 Friendly business house sports competitions are popular with workers who spend many hours at work each day. Participation in these weekly competitions has many benefits. Firstly, it helps to decrease the stress from working all day. Secondly, participants can increase their overall fitness and control their weight.

24 In addition, weekly exercise enables workers to avoid health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Finally, playing a team sport together in a friendly competition enables the development of teamwork and friendships that can help people in their work as well as when they are playing together.

25 What are the advantages of companies holding sports competitions?
Topic: Some companies organize friendly business-house sports competitions on a regular basis for their workers, because they believe that playing a team sport has many benefits for both companies and individuals. What are the advantages of companies holding sports competitions?

26 Friendly__________________ competitions are popular with workers who spend many______ at work each day. _________ in these competitions has ___________, it helps to ______stress from ______________, participants can__________________. In addition,______________. Finally, playing a team sport enables_________ and this can help________________.

27 Writing Practice Topic:
Some people say that playing a team sport, such as soccer or basketball, should be compulsory for students because it has many benefits of team sport for high school students?

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