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The importance of sport facilities for university sport

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1 The importance of sport facilities for university sport
Dušan Gerlovič, Lecturer, Professor of physical education Vice-president of Sports Association of the University of Ljubljana Sport Department – Faculty of Chemistry at University of Ljubljana

2 University sport in Europe
There cannot be a general system of university sport in Europe. Each country has its own: history Regulation/law political system financing sports philosophy quality of sports facilities Even in the same country there are often different models and level of sport facilities development:

3 Good examples of university investments in sports facilities
University Alpe-Adria: 3 million EUR Source: Uni Sport Centrum – 2012, Klagefurt, Franc Preiml University in Ghent: 8 million EUR University in Basel: 20 million EUR University in Dublin: 7 million EUR Source: ENAS – Basel 2008, Terry Mcauley, Marco Obrist, Ulrich Weber

4 University of Lyon1 tennis halls: 4 football fields: 2 rugby fields: 2
sports halls: 2 dance hall: 1 swimming pool: 1 boxing&judo hall: 1 fitness hall: 1 SOURCE: UNI LYON1 – : ROBERT CRUDER

5 UNI sports facilities in Slovenia
University of Ljubljana: 2 sports halls University of Maribor: 1 sport hall other public and private universities: 0 national sports program includes standard (3 m² - outdoor sports area/person, 0.5 m² – indoor sports area/person) more than 400 sport facilities were built but none for students!

6 Student sports activities We see lack of sports halls and facilities for uni sport (no investement since 1980) as one of the main reason for decrease of number of sport active students. SOURCE: BERČIČ, 2009; FILIPIČ – JERAS, 2009.

7 University of Ljubljana (has 60.000 students and employees)
We suggest construction of two bigger modular sports halls by 2020 (in the amount of approximately 6 mio. EUR) Construction of few smaller facilities (in the amount of approximately 2 mio. EUR), for needs of fitness and group exercises (aerobics, dance, pilates, yoga, …)

8 Location and financing
it is necessary to organize sports practice in smaller training centers, where there are residencies or study points for a large number of students resources for construction of sports facilities should be gathered from European founds and budgets of the city of Ljubljana, state and private investors

9 The idea of sports subcenters
Due to position of faculties and students dormitories all over the city would make sense to build: subcenter 1: Bežigrad (Faculty of education, economics, social sciences, administration, Students dormitories) subcenter 2: Rožna dolina (Students dormitories, Biotechnical faculty, mechanical engineering, arts, pharmacy…)

10 The idea of sports subcenters (cont.)
subcenter 3: Gerbičeva (Students dormitories, Faculty of veterinary medicine, mathematics and physics, electrical engineering…) Subcenter 4: Slovan (Faculty of sport, medicine, University swimming center, …) subcenter 5: Politehnika (area under Rožnik – outdoor activities, where there are set up Faculty of chemistry and Faculty of computer and information science)

11 NEW SPORTS FACILITIES should increase level of active students

12 Other slovenian universities
University of Maribor has better sports facilities - modern UNI sport center Leon Štukelj University of Primorska does not have its own sports facilities; the same is true for other higher education institutions University in Primorska seriously starts the construction of sports facilities, the construction of two new UNI campuses are planned

13 Final word Slovene UNI sport can only develop successfully if there are appropriate sports facilities, owned by universities, with adequate financing system and professional management A way to “sporty nation” is led by “quality university sport”.

14 Thank you for your attention

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