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Careers in Coaching and Sport Instruction Chapter 16.

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1 Careers in Coaching and Sport Instruction Chapter 16

2 Student Learning Outcomes 1.What are the wide range of professional opportunities available in the area of coaching & sport instruction 2.What qualifications are needed for coaching & sport instruction

3 Student Learning Outcomes 3. Educational requirements and life experiences necessary to become a qualified coach or sport instructor. 4. Identify whether one of these professions matches your skills, aptitudes & professional desires.

4 History Greeks and Romans We saw the film Do you remember what two things he told his runner?

5 Coaching & Sport Instruction


7 The act of sport instruction and coaching Instructional activities design to alter attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors with respect to physical activity Improve performance in elite athletes Promote learning in Novices

8 Emphasis of coaches

9 Duties of coaches

10 Duties of Sport Instructors Instructing Off-Task Duties Time Spend

11 Duties of Sport Instructors

12 In Simple words Are All teachers coaches and all coaches are teachers?

13 Coaching & Sport Instruction Settings 1.Community based 2.Institutional 3.Commercial

14 Community

15 Institutional

16 Commercial

17 Certification

18 Coaching

19 Certifications

20 Ethics & Coaching Lets name some ethical behavior that coaches should possess

21 Ethical Behavior

22 How do we stop sex abuse by sports coaches? Guidelines to improve child protection in sport Athletes Parents Other Coaches Administration

23 Are you Suited for career in coaching or sport instruction? Bad Coaching eature=related eature=related ature=related ature=related

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