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Cross-sectorial partnershipEstonian Sport for all strategic development plan 2006-2010 Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture Tõnu Seil Estonian Ministry.

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1 Cross-sectorial partnershipEstonian Sport for all strategic development plan 2006-2010 Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture Tõnu Seil Estonian Ministry of Culture Head of Sport Department Havana 2006

2 Why Sport for all is important? Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture Estonians are faced with morbidity precisely to the diseases, which could be prevented through sport and healthy activities ; In the modern society regular physical activities have become irreplaceable, because due to the development level of information technology, vehicles etc, there are no enabling conditions created for the necessary daily physical effort, exercising and healthy movement for most inhabitants; Recreational sport and regular physical activities are the most effective and functional ways of developing and maintaining physical fit, mental balance and general performance, overall strength, also an emotional effect to society (sport is FUN ); Up to current moment in Estonia the focus has long been alleviating the all kinds negative effects rather than their prevention. This principle applies also for health-care; Regular sport activities are still not popular enough among estonians !

3 Sport for All in numbers Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture In Estonia regular physical effort is sufficient for 1/3 of males, ¼ of females and about half of schoolchildren Estonian population 1 344 684 Participation in sport clubs in Estonia 2002 ja 2005 * 2002 – 100 876 members in sport clubs + 13 287 in sport schools 2005 – 152 242 members in sport clubs + 15 844 in sport schools Estonian sport system needed to be directed towards exercise and fitness by promoting it more intensively; Based on this principle Sport for all strategic development programme 2006-2010 was developed. * Estonian Statistics 2006

4 How has this been achieved Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture Surveys, researches, conceptions, high-level working groups in the level of experts in Estonia as well as abroad – Europe and world level: Council of Europe, European Union, international Sport for All partners, other European & world organizations; – Governmental level Priority of the 3 Estonian Coalition Parties 2005-2007; On the working-plan of Minsitry of Culture and Estonian Government 2005 – 2007; Different Ministries; County level, local governments, universities; – Non-governemtal level Estonian Olympic Committee; Estonian Sport for All association; Different sport organizations, federations, unions

5 Basic purpose of the programme Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture Sport for all development programme 2006-2010 aim is to contribute into health promoting sports activities and into the spreading of other forms of sports activities that are feasible for everyone within the population; Talking in numbers it should mean the number of people engaged in regular sports activities will increase by 2010 to 45 % of the population (increasing the amount during the years 2006-2010 20 % ); Implementation of the programme would compensate insufficient physical effort and balance the sport activities of well-known Sport for All principles; It is extremely important that the wish and need of having sport activities as a part of everyday life would develop at an early age and last through the whole life!!!

6 The main actors effecting sports activities (presented as areas) Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture 1.Appraising the existing sport sites, the principles of financing and planning further directions; 2.Developing of the information service, consultation and medical care system for recreational athletes; 3.Developing a training system in order to engage the principles of sport activities within the population; 4.Preparing the assets of knowledge and distributing it within the amateur athletes; 5.Supporting and organising sports activities through sub- programmes; 6.Developing the media and propaganda plan for introducing and popularising sport activities; 7.Promoting and favouring sports activities through legislation ( on the process).

7 Influence and implementation of the programme Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture 1)This specific programme was necessary in order to give an impulse to the development of improving awareness on the importance of physical effort, to policy implementation, development of attitudes, creating the needful environment for sports activities and improving material conditions; 2)The real value for starting of the specific programme is a good co- operation between the ministries, sport federations and sport unions. Local governments and the private sector also have an important role in this co-operation ; 3)Sports activities that are available to everyone request deepened attention and specific handling. Positive emotions from achievements of professional sport increase the popularity of Sport for All sector in Estonia ; 4)The influences of the program will be evaluated in the frames of the programme as separate actions as well as in evaluation defined in its operational programs ( monitoring, surveys ).

8 Sport for all strategical development programme 2006-2010 Estonian Governemnt Ministry of Education Ministry of Social Affairs County Governments Regional/local Sport federations Sport federations & associations Estonian Sports Council Sport clubs (health) Company sport associations Ministry of Defence Local governments Estonian Regional Sports Council Regional level Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry of Economy and Communication Estonian Olympic Committee Non-governmental sector Private sector Supportive organiztaions (Sport Medicine, research, development) Public sector Action coordinator associtaion Sport for All Ministry of Culture National Sport associations Local level Different sport unions, organizations Union of Local Authorities Local sport & health centres (15-17) Supportive private sector actions & programmes Local/private sport & health centres

9 What next? Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture Implementation in… …Ministry of Culture together with Sport for All Association & Estonian Olympic Committee; Estonian Sport Council – Co-operation in governmental level; Estonian Regional Sport level; European level (European Union, Council of Europe & non- governmental organizations); World level – Sport for All Congress, TAFISA; More attention (MEDIA) should be appointed to Sport for All and sportive activities at all levels starting forming of value judgements of the child and the home environment!!!

10 Kultuuriministeerium Ministry of Culture Thank You!

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