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2 Why StreetGames was needed Prosperity 42% 16-24 year olds are coached 38% compete 43% are club members 70% achieve 1 x 30 mins on average over 4 weeks 10% volunteer Poverty 21% 16-24 year olds are coached 17% compete 20% are club members 40% achieve 1x30 mins on average over 4 weeks 4% volunteer

3 Want to do more sport (16-24 year olds) Source: Sport England Active People Survey 4

4 How StreetGames works Network of partners delivers weekly doorstep sport to thousands of young people and young adults: -Right time, Right place, Right price, Right style -Partnership is formal but voluntary and free - Influenced the 10 key delivery principles for Doorstep Sport Clubs

5 StreetGames track record to date Start of StreetGames (Oct 2006) Sept 2008Dec 2011 Number of projects079 171 Total participants0 50,352 196,686 Sport attendances0 288,774 1,945,281 Coaches used0 1,763 7,022 Volunteers recruited01,134 8,665 Qualifications gained 02,029 6,413 Female Participants020,140 70,806 (36%) Black and Minority Ethnic Participants 010,070 53,105 (27%)

6 Right Activity… Range of sessions offered by projects SportSessionsSport Session s SportSessions StreetCheer and Dance 3052 Handball 128 Rugby Union 38 Athletics 101 Rock Climbing 30 Multi-Sport 1674 Netball 95 Tri Golf 20 Football 1885 Boxing 91 Badminton 14 Basketball 549 Fitness 69 Swimming 11 Other 211 Rugby League 58 Judo 10 LTA Tennis 135 Cricket 46Roller Sports8

7 6000 School to Club links 1000 Doorstep Sport clubs Satellite clubs Get on Track Change4Life clubs 150 FE Sport PROGRAMMES Youth Sport Strategy

8 New products suitable for doorstep sport £450m (2013-17) Over 20 plans expected to mention Doorstep Sport Clubs 45 sports chasing new markets NGB WHOLE SPORT PLANS

9 Girls 2012 Inspired Events Training Volunteers StreetGames on-going services/products Doorstep Sport Clubs

10 StreetGames for the girls 30% of doorstep mult-sport are girls Us Girls found out why Very different offer for rising 16s Fun, fitness, friends

11 Doorstep Sport Clubs Overcome adolescent drop off Create habit for life (1x30x52) Doorstep Sport - Right time, right place, right style for disadvantage youth market (best methodology) 14 -25 years Transition and destination clubs

12 Plans for Doorstep Sport Clubs (2013-2017) - Many more deprived areas will benefit from doorstep provision - YearNew Clubs per year Year 1300 Year 2200 Year 3300 Year 4200 Year 50 TOTAL1,000

13 Doorstep Sport Club Principles 1x30 minutes for 14-25 age group in deprived areas (menu of multi sport and single sport) Youth Action and Youth Volunteering Equity Specific sports in partnership with NGBs Life long participation – arrest drop off Evidence base through robust data and research Useful Brands Financial sustainability Partnerships and collaboration Workforce development

14 What a Doorstep Sport Club will achieve STOP DROP OFF AND INCREASE 1X30 (for 14-25) Use successful formula – doorstep sport style works for disadvantaged young people More than one sport on offer – always !! Meet huge demand - more multi sport and single sport sessions Fun competition - New teams, leagues, competitions, events, New partnerships– coordinate with CSP, NGBs and local authority Stronger sports organisations - more and better community organisations, clubs, leisure centres, coaches, volunteers, increased resources

15 Participants journey in a Doorstep Club Joins informal multi-sport session with friends Also plays in new central venue league Learns to use a gym and book a raquetball court Sometimes goes to Aquatic Youth Club with mates

16 StreetGames Doorstep Sport Club Offer Add to your current youth sport provision Status of delivering a doorstep club 3 years of Cash (lottery funding via StreetGames) All clubs will look different Must address 10 principles – stretch yourselves Doorstep Sport Advisers High quality monitoring system – Substance Views

17 Next steps and timeline 17 6 month testing period involvling 8 pilots (trailblazers) Detailed year one programme expected to be agreed in February for April 13 – March 14 4 year programme in principle run 2013-17 in tandem with NGB WSPs

18 CONTACT KERRY MCDONALD 07947 042152 KIM CLARK 07792 731052

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