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Exercise and Sport Science Careers

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1 Exercise and Sport Science Careers
Mike Ramsey Department of Kinesiology, Leisure, and Sport Science ETSU

2 Exercise and Sport Science
Exercise Science: Application of scientific principles to better understand and improve the outcomes of exercise Sport Science: Application of scientific principles to better understand and improve sports performance

3 Exercise and Sport Science
Major Areas of Study Cardiorespiratory Physiology Aging/atherosclerosis Space flight/microgravity Diabetes Sports performance Neuromuscular Physiology Aging/sarcopenia Bone Physiology Aging/osteoporosis Biomechanics Ergonomics

4 Exercise and Sport Science
Why is this important? Many of the leading causes of death are related to lifestyle (chronic diseases). Heart Disease Cancer Stroke Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (emphysema) All of the above related to smoking! Lifestyle changes include: Physical Activity Diet Sleep Stress reduction Smoking cessation

5 Exercise and Sport Science
Major career paths: Fitness/Wellness (40%*) Corporate Hospital University Cardiac Rehabilitation (5%*) Physical/Occupational Therapy (50%*) Strength/Conditioning Coach (5%*) *% of Exercise Science majors going into field from our program at ETSU

6 Exercise and Sport Science
Corporate Fitness/Wellness (University) The main goal: save $$$ Jobs: Administrators, exercise specialist, fitness instructors, nutritionist Duties: Increase activity levels, educate, reduce time-off due to injury or illness Where: Nation wide (Health and Fitness Corp) Eastman, 3M, ChevronTexaco, DaimlerChrysler, FedEx, Ford Motor Company, General Electric, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Texas Instruments, and Verizon

7 Exercise and Sport Science
Hospital Wellness The main goal: Improve health of patients, employees, and community, save $$$ Jobs: Administrators, exercise specialists, fitness instructors, nutritionists Duties: Increase activity levels, educate Where: Nation wide Most major hospitals will have a wellness program

8 Exercise and Sport Science
Salaries: Corporate Fitness/Wellness, University Fitness/Wellness and Hospital Wellness Wellness Program Administrator $32,491 – $67,836 Exercise Specialist $27,669 – $43,183 Fitness Instructor $26,461 – $75,596 Personal Trainer $22,737 - $66,008 Nuritionist $37,558 - $53,186

9 Exercise and Sport Science
Cardiac Rehabilitation The main goal: Improve survival from cardiovascular diseases Jobs: Administrators, exercise specialists Duties: Administer exercise stress tests to patients Supervise inpatient and outpatient exercise programs Where: Nation wide Most hospitals will have a cardiac rehab program Salary: $24,583 - $46,810

10 Exercise and Sport Science
Physical/Occupational Therapy The main goal: Improve mobility and quality of life of patients Jobs: Physical Therapists ($51,100 - $67,168) Physical Therapy Assistants ($32,716 - $43,785) Duties: Diagnosis and treatment Where: Nation wide Most cities will have a multiple physical therapy clinics

11 Exercise and Sport Science
Strength/Conditioning Coach The main goal: Improve athletic performance and reduce potential for injury Jobs: Head Strength Coach ($26,351 - $64,642) Assistant Strength Coach ($22,485 - $43,973) Duties: Create and administer conditioning programs Where: Nation wide Most colleges and universities will have a strength and conditioning program

12 Exercise and Sport Science
At ETSU Only program in the country with a direct relationship with the intercollegiate athletics program Mike and Meg Stone SPEC Lab

13 Exercise and Sport Science Lab

14 Exercise and Sport Science Lab



17 Exercise and Sport Science
Thanks to: Dr. Mike Stone Coach Meg Stone Grad Students: Ann Kinser Jon Keller Jenna Kraska Daniel Duckworth Regional salary info from

18 Exercise and Sport Science Lab

19 Exercise and Sport Science
Thank you very much for your time Any questions? Presentation and program info available at:

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