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Sport as a Service Carole Beckford Jamaica Journalist/Author.

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1 Sport as a Service Carole Beckford Jamaica Journalist/Author

2 Sport Definition Covers all form of physical activity that contributes to physical fitness, mental well being and social interaction. These include play, recreation, organised, casual or competitive sport, indigenous sport and games (United Nations Task Force, 2003)

3 Considerations Sport has to be considered along the following plains: Role in Regional Policy Education and Training Role in the Regional Economy Sport Tourism Role in the Environment Role in Social Culture Nation Building

4 Rules to be enforced to support training Common Policy Make Physical Education mandatory in all schools curriculum up to grade 10 Boost the training institutions with the necessary resources – human, financial and physical areas Certification process has to take place Monitoring mechanism has to be enforced

5 Regional Policy (Conditions) Quality indicators for physical education and sport programmes (this influences policy development) Evaluate teacher training Evaluate facilities Encourage physical education at all levels Build on the capacity

6 Sport and the Economy Establishing opportunities geared towards earning Put structures in place to capture statistical data relevant to trends and international performance Brand equity Resources – finance, personnel, facilities Areas of competitiveness

7 Sport and the Economy Employment Income Generation Sustainability Investment Opportunities Major Event Attraction Programmes Legacy Media

8 Sport and the Economy Regional initiatives Corporate participation Volunteer involvement and development Tourism Opportunities Integration with the Creative Industries (linkages) Film, Fashion, Entertainment

9 Sport and the Environment Natural sites for practice of sport Use of artificial spaces instead of natural ones Holistic approach to the teaching of physical education Promotion of unique aspects of the destination for sport tourism

10 Sport and Social Culture Anti doping Values (fair play) Sport for Peace Integration and Partnership Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle Diversity and human rights Knowledge Sharing

11 Packaging for Financial Support Important to identify the value chain Return on investment Value of the brand Result oriented Estimated value of publicity Stick to rules and guidelines, according to policy Align public and private sector activities

12 Initiatives for public & private sector Investment in education Investment in community development Investment in technology to support research to promote development Sporting faces of the Caribbean

13 Opportunities for careers, jobs Athletes (in any sporting discipline) Teachers Coaches Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Massage Therapists Designers Event Managers/Promoters Journalists

14 Sporting Competitions in the region AthleticsCARIFTA Games BadmintonCAREBACO BasketballCARICOM Boxing Cricket Junior, youth and senior level Football Caribbean Cup, Gold Cup GolfHoerman Cup Lawn Tennis NetballCARIBBEAN (female) Rifle Shooting

15 Sporting Competitions in the Region RugbyCaribbean SquashCaribbean Table TennisCaribbean VolleyballJunior, Youth (CAZOVA)

16 Tools for effective communication Books, Magazines Website Research Papers (to be driven by the Universities) New technology Social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, My Space…

17 Way forward/Recommendations Regional policy on Physical Education and Sport (Due by October 2010) Outline to be determined Budget to be approved Mandate each member state to create or rejuvenate Physical Education associations CARICOM to meet with Ministries of Education in April 2010 to present draft policies (six months before the final copy is due Appoint a CARICOM champion to assist in monitoring


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