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What is Sport Management? PHED 210 Principles of Sport Management.

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1 What is Sport Management? PHED 210 Principles of Sport Management

2 Todays Topics: Defining Sport and Sport Management Nature and Scope of the Sport Industry Unique Aspects of Sport Management Competencies and Career Planning Professional Preparation Future Challenges and Opportunities

3 Sport Managers Are Glue Sport managers are the wonderful glue that binds successful sport organizations, sport events, athletes, health clubs, and virtually every sport industry-related business. (Davis, p. 5)

4 Defining Sport Sport is any activity, experience, or business enterprise focused on fitness, recreation, athletics, or leisure. …sport does not have be competitive, nor does it always require specialized equipment or rules; in fact, sport includes activities such as working out, running, and dancing. (Parks & Quartermain, p.7)

5 Sport Management is any combination of skills related to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading and evaluating within the context of an organization or department whose primary product or service is related to sport and/or physical activity. (Parks & Quartermain, p. 8)

6 In essence, sport management is the application of management processes to sport environments. Sport Managers need: management skills and experience AND an understanding of both the sport system and the value of sport in society.

7 Sport Industry- all sport-related products offered to customers Sport Performance Sport Production Sport Promotion Sport Industry Segmentation ParticipationProducts/InfluencePromo Tools

8 A View of the Sport Industry by Setting Sport SettingExamples of Organizations Professional SportBlue Jays, MLS, NFL Amateur SportNCAA University Athletics Ohio State, Iowa, USC Municipal Recreation City of New York Parks and Recreation, etc

9 A View of the Sport Industry by Setting (continued) Sport SettingExamples of Organizations Government (Federal and Provincial/Territorial) Sport Canada, Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Culture Private ClubsGranite, Toronto Cricket Club, Osler Ski Club Social/Charitable Organizations Heart and Stroke, Kids Help Phone, YMCA Sport Marketing/Consulting Firms International Management Group, GEM Group

10 A View of the Sport Industry by Setting (continued) Sport SettingExamples of Organizations CorporationsPepsi, Labatt, Rexall Sporting GoodsNike, Fila, Adidas Sport MediaTSN, The Score, Sun Sports Health/Physical Activity-Related Goodlife, Sport Medicine Clinics Sport Law/AgentsJerry McGuire Tourism Tourism Ontario


12 What makes the sport product unique? 1. Aspects of the sport product are intangible. VS.

13 What makes the sport product unique? 2. Sport is subjective and heterogeneous.

14 What makes the sport product unique? 3. Sports are inconsistent and unpredictable.

15 What makes the sport product unique? 4. Sport is perishable.

16 What makes the sport product unique? 5. Sport evolves emotions.

17 Sport Marketing Sport Enterprise Financing Sport Industry Career Paths Sport as a Social Institution Unique Aspects of Sport Management Sport is a distinctive social activity that is frequently the basis of an individuals social identity.

18 Sport Context

19 The Old Rules of Employment (Bridges, 1994) Employee was located at a particular level of a vertical hierarchy Employee was located within a department or functional unit Employee had a job description Employee career paths involved moving up the vertical hierarchy toward greater power and financial reward

20 New Rules!!!! Everyone is a contingent worker Everyone is an entrepreneur Everyone may not have pensions or benefits More and more work will be done by project teams Managers will facilitate teams reaching objectives Long term employment with one organization will be the exception

21 If you dont know where youre going any road will do.

22 Professional Preparation Sport management programs available in the USA Getting experience in the field before you finish school Having a professional attitude and image Business etiquette

23 Career Planning Values are the qualities, attitudes, beliefs, traits and concepts that have special significance or meaning for a person Interests are those activities in which you enthusiastically engage and find most enjoyable Skills are the developed aptitude, ability or personal quality needed to perform a task competently.

24 Skills Needed to Succeed in Careers in the 21 st Century Computer literacy Flexibility/adaptability Ability to work with people of different ages, cultures, work styles Language skills Personal career planning skills Technology skills Global awareness Oral and written communication skills Self starter Self comfort Strong ethical framework Environmental scanning skills

25 What It Takes to Enter the Sport Management Field =

26 The Workplace is The Challenges Technology Ethics Social Responsibility

27 Future Trends in the Field Health and Fitness Industry: Growth in family markets Growth in niche markets (women, older adults) Growth in spa settings Growth in personal training

28 Facility Management: Growth in domes and multi-pad arenas Growth in golf courses Growth in parks and trails Sporting Goods: Growth in diversity of products … Growth in use of event management Professional Sport: Growth in number of franchises …BUT

29 Top 10 Sports (2007) Golf (participation way up 1992-1998) #2 for men and women Hockey (up) #1 for men Baseball (up) Swimming (down) #1 for women Basketball (up) Volleyball (down) Soccer (up) Tennis (down) Downhill Skiing (way down) Cycling (up)

30 Boom, Bust and Echo Boomers born 1947-66 39-58 years Busters born 1967-79 26-38 years Echoers born 1980-95 10-25 years

31 Foots Sport Predictions: Hockey: demand for facilities will peak in 2002 and decline thereafter Skiing: no growth potential for boomers Tennis: limited growth potential Golf: still growing but this does not mean that any investment will succeed!

32 Demographic Shifts (Foot, 2007) Hockey, skiing, & tennis Dance, swimming, golf, walking, bird-watching, cross-country skiing, personal health promotion Spectatorship (pro sport) Theatre … travel

33 So What Does This Mean For Your Career Interests Team A:Owners of A Resort Team B:Starting a new business in the New York area Team C:Marketing Department of the NFL

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