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FLIPPED CLASSROOM Lovejoy August 1, 2013 Randy Brooks FAD, FICTION, or FUTURE?

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1 FLIPPED CLASSROOM Learning @ Lovejoy August 1, 2013 Randy Brooks FAD, FICTION, or FUTURE?

2 Before we delve into a Flipped analysis, lets briefly discuss a few current teaching challenges… Differentiated Instruction Homework at home Best Lecture Tutoring Missed Classes--- Illness Extracurriculars Student Programming Homebound Curriculum Load

3 And before we spend time considering the future, lets take a look at our past… Like some of the benefits of the one-room schoolhouse in the early 20 th century…? Student-focused instruction Learning-based progression Extensive Student Mentoring Integrated Curriculum Multi-year Student-Teacher Interaction

4 Is Flipping a FAD… FAD - A temporary manner of conduct adhered to and followed by a very enthusiastic group. In some cases, Flipping the Classroom may be considered a fad… …yet it will ultimately be described as a critical step in digital classroom evolution.

5 Is Flipping FICTION… FICTION – Something feigned, invented, imagined, or postulated for the purpose of argument or explanation. The teaching technique existed before our current digitized iteration. Flipping the Classroom was coined to sell how we can do this digitally, and more expansively.

6 Is Flipping the FUTURE… Digitizing content delivery and advancing the evolution of support is a current, high- growth industry segment… Digital Natives query the web for everything from how to tie shoes to the latest unlock codes to which formula to use… To see a next step in the future beyond Flipping a Classroom, check out some MOOCs…

7 Fully online courses taught by university professors at no or low cost with no class size limitations. Venture Capitalists are pouring money into providers that house classes from many different universities. Profit is derived from ads, support material sales, and college promos.

8 The Path for Today… Discuss a few issues impacting learning. DONE. Discuss the one-room school benefits. DONE. Address Fad, Fiction, and Future. DONE. Intro MOOCs. DONE. Students research MOOCs of interest. NEXT. Discuss Flipped Classroom characteristics. Students apply Flipped vision to a lesson and describe.

9 Top MOOC providers: Coursera Over 400 courses from 80+ partners to include: Columbia/Princeton/Rice/Rutgers/Yale Hebrew U. in Jerusalem National Museums University of Melbourne Edx Non-profit founded and managed by MIT and Harvard. Almost 60 courses with nearly 30 partners. Udacity In-house productions with a focus on Math and Computer Science. The MOOC

10 Browse the various MOOC sites and identify a course for you to take this school year. Extension: Find a course to suggest that some of your students take…maybe along with you. The MOOC Challenge

11 Non-digital flips: Summer reading assignment with focus questions. Building a bug collection over the summer. The initial driver for digital flipping was content delivery for students missing class. FLIPPED CLASSROOM

12 When determining what to provide as the Video/Lecture component… …know your competition and keep elements under 20 minutes. What multimedia did the student just view?…that is your competition. FLIPPED CLASSROOM

13 There are a wide array of digital content delivery options: - Filmed lectures, - Customized tutorials, - Online games/applets, - Lectures of others, - Self-produced episodes. Digital delivery is more like a personal tutorial than a class lecture. FLIPPED CLASSROOM

14 Consider submitting a great lesson to be digitized and illustrated via TedEd. Consider video lessons from others such as Thinkwell, Brightstorm, Khan, or Bozemanscience. Or work with team members to create your own series of digital deliverables. FLIPPED CLASSROOM

15 Spend significant thought and effort on what the class environment and the classwork look like. Differentiated extensions during this in-class worktime are a key area for learning advancement. FLIPPED CLASSROOM

16 Construct a short assessment activity as an incentive for students to complete the digital pre-work. Experiment with student grouping designs to best support student interaction, work flow, and extension pursuit. FLIPPED CLASSROOM

17 What questions regarding flipped classroom have we not addressed sufficiently to prepare you to flip lessons? FLIPPED CLASSROOM

18 Now it is your turn: Select a concept, Build a lesson plan outline, Identify out-of-class support, Design in-class activities, Add differentiated extensions, Complete assessments, Finalize and Flip! FLIPPED CLASSROOM

19 In conclusion: FAD? – for some… FICTION? – it already exists… …now digitally FUTURE? – Most definitely a stepping stone to the digital, student-centered knowledge acquisition now growing among us. FLIPPED CLASSROOM

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