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Public Participation Training Workshop Sponsored by the Iowa Department of Economic Development.

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1 Public Participation Training Workshop Sponsored by the Iowa Department of Economic Development

2 Today is just the start… This is a discussion…not a presentation! You craft the outcome Take away: new ideas, new resources

3 Public Participation Components of the Comprehensive Plan

4 1.Articulates ten Iowa Smart Planning Principles for application in local comprehensive plan development and public investment decision-making, 2.Provides comprehensive planning guidance for cities and counties, and 3.Establishes the Iowa Smart Planning Task Force with various responsibilities.

5 Public Participation Components of the Comprehensive Plan Iowa Smart Planning Principles Collaboration Governmental, community, and individual stakeholders, including those outside the jurisdiction of the entity, are encouraged to be involved and provide comment during deliberation of planning, zoning, development, and resource management decisions and during implementation of such decisions. The state agency, local government, or other public entity is encouraged to develop and implement a strategy to facilitate such participation.

6 Public Participation Components of the Comprehensive Plan 13 elements that may be included in a city or county comprehensive plan Public Participation Element Information relating to public participation during the creation of the comprehensive plan or land development regulations, including documentation of the public participation process, a compilation of objectives, policies, and goals identified in the public comment received, and identification of the groups or individuals comprising any work groups or committees that were created to assist the planning and zoning commission or other appropriate decision-making body of the municipality.

7 Importance and Benefits of Public Participation Transparency Engages new audiences Humanizes government Real-time feedback and response Compels and provides a basis for action

8 Guiding Principles of Public Participation Define the reason for engagement Clear articulation of the intent for engagement Whos listening? People identify with people, even through the web Context-sensitive participation Meet people where they are (mobile, location-based)

9 Guiding Principles of Public Participation Engage for the community we want, not the one we know Avoid falling into the gripe session Face-to-face will always matter Online networks are bolstered by offline networks and vice versa Design for distraction Work in the constraints of the busy world

10 Case Studies and Testimonials

11 Downtown St. Charles Strategy Plan Community visioning Guiding principles for design and development Susceptibility to change analysis First steps implementation strategy

12 Case Studies and Testimonials The downtown St. Charles plan's guiding principles and goals have remained useful even as situations have changed, and the action steps enabled us to set priorities and mark progress. - Bob Hupp, St. Charles, Illinois

13 Case Studies and Testimonials Main Street Iowa Market Analysis Changing techniques, tools and methods Engaging stakeholders and volunteers from start to implementation

14 Case Studies and Testimonials Groveport Market Analysis and Strategy Plan Stakeholder interviews and community forums Business survey Community survey

15 Case Studies and Testimonials Main Street Lansing Development Strategy Community roundtables Business survey Visioning sessions Jump Start Action Plan

16 Case Studies and Testimonials Omaha by Design – Environment Omaha 35 Person Core Committee Web, Facebook, Twitter & Discussion Blogs Guerilla marketing

17 Case Studies and Testimonials Nashville Flood Recovery Plan Equal parts online and offline More than 5,000 participants in 4-week period Context-sensitive participation

18 Take a Break!

19 Tools and Resources High Touch High Tech

20 Tools and Resources: High-Touch Surveys Collects large volumes of data in a short period of time. Less expensive than other participation techniques. Easy to create and administer, especially using web technologies.

21 Tools and Resources: High-Tech


23 Tools and Resources: High-Touch Focus Groups Groups are organized around a particularfocus (i.e. Downtown) Questions are presented to a group in an interactive forum Qualitative Input

24 Tools and Resources: High-Touch Fact Sheets Typically one sheet Contains key points and graphics – should be educational Easy to read and easy to understand

25 Tools and Resources: High-Touch Open Houses Requires physical presence Public walk through and gather information on a subject Held at a specific place at a specific time

26 Tools and Resources: High-Touch Public Meetings An event designed to solicit ideas and opinions from the public Anyone can participate in the discussion Avoid individual domination

27 Tools and Resources: High-Touch Charrettes Real-time input = Real-time design Continuous meeting over the course of 3-5 days Open to attendance at anytime throughout the period

28 Tools and Resources: High-Touch Mind Mapping A technique that visually identifies the relationship between ideas Employs lateral thinking

29 Tools and Resources: High-Touch Activity-based Engagement Photo inventory Community walkabouts Links to events Polling places

30 Tools and Resources: High-Tech Web Sites Top-Down information sharing Allows anyone to access the information at anytime, from anywhere Easy to administer (, Wordpress) Although internet access is widespread, it is not universal.

31 Tools and Resources: High-Tech Instant Key Pad Voting

32 Tools and Resources: High-Tech Mobile Participation Text-In / Call-In Participation Services Mobile Storm Tatango Text Voting Turning Technologies

33 Tools and Resources: High-Tech Social Media

34 Tools and Resources: Virtual Town Hall MindMixer MindMixer is the only virtual town hall service dedicated to municipal and government projects. The simple platform generates a broader audience and creates more effective community participation, leading to measurable results and invaluable insights for community leaders and elected officials. It really is, good for everyone.

35 Virtual Town Hall MindMixer measures and tracks individual participation. Identifying the most interested citizens helps sustain momentum from one project to the next. Ideas submitted by citizens are rated on the merit of the idea, rather than on the merit of the submitter. It truly democratizes the planning process. MindMixer increases the total number of ideas and decreases the cost of gathering those ideas, significantly reducing the cost-per- idea for the community.

36 Virtual Town Hall MindMixer disposes of location and time constraints allowing you to participate at anytime from anywhere. The online format allows for flexibility and the time and space for everyone to get their ideas heard. Ideas are rated on the merit of the idea, rather than on the merit of the submitter, truly democratizing the planning process.

37 MindMixer: Your City. Your Ideas. Your Rewards Nashville, Tennessee MindMixer Version 2.0

38 High-Tech Facts Internet and Cell Phone Adoption 53% of households under $30,000 household income have internet in the home 79% of all American households have internet in the home 70% of households under $30K household income have at least one cell phone 85% of all American households have at least one cell phone

39 Effective Facilitation Tools Creates an environment where people want to work together Enable and encourage participation Engagement vs. Persuasion Offline Facilitation

40 Effective Facilitation Tools Create areas for meaningful participation Enable participation within a 3-minute timeframe Minimize content policing Online Facilitation

41 In Times of Controversy Deal with the Issue Early Remain Respectful Truth will Eventually Prevail


43 Discussion & Closure

44 Thank you!

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