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Chapter 3 Using the Scuba Equipment

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1 Chapter 3 Using the Scuba Equipment
Assembling the Scuba Unit Donning the Scuba Unit Pre-Entry Diver Check Using the Mask Using the Second Stage Regulator Using the Weight System Exits Disassembly and Maintenance 3-1

2 Objectives Demonstrate the proper assembly of the scuba unit.
Demonstrate the proper donning of the scuba unit. Define a pre-dive entry checklist. Demonstrate the proper usage of the dive mask, second stage regulator and weight system. Discuss safe entries and exits. Demonstrate the disassembly of the scuba unit. 3-2

3 Assembling the Scuba Unit
Hands on Assembly 3-3

4 Assembling the Scuba Unit
Tank Position Attach BCD to Tank Check the Regulator and Attach to Tank Attach Low Pressure Inflator Hose Pressurize System 3-4

5 Putting on the Scuba Unit
Sitting Position Standing Position In the Water 3-5

6 Pre-Entry Checklist 3-6

7 Using the Mask Mask Clearing Equalizing Pressures Mask Ears Sinus 3-7

8 Second Stage Regulator
Breathing “Never Hold Your Breath” Clearing the Regulator Retrieving the Regulator Snorkel vs Regulator 3-8

9 Buoyancy Control Device
Adjusting Buoyancy Buoyancy Check Descending Ascending Surface Usage 3-9

10 Weight Systems Removal “Texas Quick Draw” Replacement Surface Depth

11 Shore Entries and Exits
Gradually shuffle backwards with fins on until able to swim. Follow bottom contour on exit crawling if need be till you can safely stand. Keep mask on in order to see and snorkel or regulator in place to breathe. 3-11

12 Boat Entries and Exits When using the ladder to enter or exit wait until the boat dips into the wave trough. Remove weight belt and fins. This will keep you positively buoyant. Keep mask on in order to see and snorkel or regulator in place to breathe. 3-12

13 Disassembling the Scuba Unit
Shut off tank and bleed off pressure Unhook power inflator Remove regulator yoke Reinstall a clean and dry dust cap Remove, invert and empty BCD Lay tank down 3-13

14 Discussion Questions/Review
Name and describe the two methods of regulator retrieval and clearing. Describe the function of the BCD while descending, ascending and at the surface. Describe and name the method for “ditching” the weight belt. Describe the steps in disassembling the scuba unit. Describe the steps in assembling the scuba unit. Discuss the positions and describe the methods used for donning the scuba unit. Name the items on a pre-dive entry check list. Describe the steps in clearing the mask. 3-14

15 Summary The more familiar you become with assembling your gear, its function, and proper technique for its use, the more comfortable and effective you will become as a public safety diver. The underwater environment demands a certain respect that can only be accomplished by mastering your gear and the proper ways in which to use it. 3-15

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