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Innovative Techniques & Questions

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1 Innovative Techniques & Questions
Ministry of Education Farwaniya Educational Area ELT Inspectorate Reading Comprehension Innovative Techniques & Questions Prepared by: Ms Sakina Ali - Helen Mohamed - Mohamed Nagib

2 “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”
Joseph Addison

3 In this workshop The following points will be considered
*Definitions of “reading comprehension”. *Factors hindering understanding. *Some general information about the topic *Discussing some innovative instructional Techniques and activities concerning the teaching of the skill.

4 Our main aim: 1)To provide the learners with
strategies that would allow them to become efficient,fast and independent readers. 2)To make reading in the class similar to reading in real life.

5 What is Reading Comprehension?
1)Reading and understanding. 2)Connecting ideas. 3)An interactive process of communication. 4)Encoding and decoding.

6 Is the meaning in the text or in the reader’s mind?

7 Is the meaning in the text or in the reader’s mind?
Psycholinguistic Model: ( reader’s mind) – Prior knowledge Top down processing -Linguistic Model: (text ) syntax & semantics Bottom up processing -Interactive Model: Interaction between the two.

8 Elements of Comprehension
Elements of understanding: *Analysis. *Inference-making. *Event connection. *Prediction & generation. *Goal tracking. *Thematic relationship. *Beliefs. *Access & utilizing raw facts.

9 Reading sub-skills *Word recognition *Speed reading *Skimming
*Scanning *Prediction & generation *Summarizing *Anticipation *Inference *Analysis

10 Factors hindering Reading Comprehension (Reader)
*Limited perceptual span *Slow perceptual reaction time *Vocalization *Faulty eye movement *Regression ( habits of concentration ) *Lack of practice *Lack of interest *Poor evaluation of important and less important parts.

11 Factors hindering Reading Comprehension (Text)
*Incomprehensible language *Inaccessible content *Incomprehensible vocabulary

12 Types of Reading Letters Menus Invitations Timetables
Road names & signs TV guide Newspapers Instructions

13 Question Types Questions based on entire text.
Questions based on sections of the text. Questions based on words,phrases or sentences.

14 Conditions Needed to Improve Reading & Understanding
1)Create motivation & Interest By choosing texts that tackle topics which may interest learners

15 2)Texts should be accessible
Appropriateness of language level depends on Learners’ levels and tasks provided.

16 3)Teach reading strategies
-Eliminate the habit of pronouncing words -Avoid regression (re-reading) -Develop a wider eye-span -Scan and skim. -Anticipate & predict. -Build a good vocabulary repertoire

17 4)Encourage selective & intelligent reading
5)Tasks should encourage selective and intelligent reading. 6)Texts may contain different points of views. 7)Most vocabulary items are known to learners. 8)Provide a wider variety of texts and tasks.

18 9)ask learners to select their own reading materials.
10)provide a wide variety of texts and Tasks. 11)give interesting tasks before learners read.

19 Instructional Techniques
Presentation Discussion Reading (timed )

20 Instructional Techniques
Presentation *Webbing *T-bar *Brainstorming

21 KWL : ( Comprehension Technique )
- What you Know about the topic. - What you Want to know about it. - What you have learned.

22 The Role of The Teacher It should change from being a source of knowledge to someone who should.. *Organize the work *Facilitate the educational operation *Guide.

23 Conclusion The main issue raised :
* How to improve the learner’s reading comprehension *The lack of motivation in learners is due to the monotonous way in which teachers deal with texts. *The assigned tasks *Our main aim is only answering questions and scoring high marks.

24 In brief H.L.R. + I.T.Ts + S.I. = E.F.I Reader.

25 Task ( 1 ) 1-In your opinion,which visitor had the best guess as to what the painting represented? 2-What does the painting look like to you? 3-How would you describe Miss Culture? 4-Why do you think the curator decided to exhibit the painting?

26 Task ( 2 ) Democracy : Freedom , rights , individualism, vote election , respect and decision making Freedom: Alive , human rights , free opinion,press speech , religion , vote , elect , life style

27 Task ( 3 ) For discussion: This is obviously not a totally serious message. The author is trying to make some serious points, however. What might they be ? Task ( 3 )

28 Task ( 4 ) 1-The title of the story was fashioned to sound almost like …….. a-It’s so much fun. b-A snow ball. c-It’s no fun. d-Summer sand. 2-Why do you think the author did that?

29 Task ( 4 ) 3-Who would you prefer to be close friends with if you had to choose one of the four characters from this story? Why? 4-Why did Troubled think that Trogmire had been “very considerate”? 5-Why did Tantrum’s friends stare at him “in amazement”?

30 Task ( 5) 1-The days have kids altogether. 2-How many of their children are being home schooled? 3-What kind of person is Mrs. Day? Explain your answer. 4-Why do you think Mrs. Day is publishing her Website?

31 Task ( 6) 1-You are the author now. Write the rest of the story. Don’t forget to give the story a title? 2-You are the teacher now.Make up at least six questions about your story. The first word is provided for you. *How *Where *When *Who *What *Why

32 Task ( 7) 1-K: What you know about it (fear of flying) -a kind of fear related to flying -many people don’t like flying. -they are afraid of crashing. 2-W: What you want to know about it: -Definition – Causes and reasons -how to overcome it. 3-L: What you have learned: -Def.(Phobia =illogical fear. -Other types of phobia.

33 Task ( 8) Past 1-No rights 2-don’t work 3-meager pay 4-arranged marriages 5-limited education Today 1-equal rights 2-work in any job 3-almost same wages as men 4-equal education chances

34 Task ( 9 ) 1-What was the same about the way Mr. El’s students and Miss Joan reacted to the blue jeans? 2-What was different about the way Miss Joan and the students reacted? 3-Does it matter if jeans are blue instead of some other colour? Should it matter?

35 Task ( 10 ) 1-What do you think Trogmire should do? 2-What do you think he will do? Now you are the author. Write the final part of the story.


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