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The development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies.

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1 The development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

2 What is an environmentally friendly technology? They should protect the environment They are less polluting Use resources in a more sustainable manner Recycle residual wastes

3 The benefits of environmentally friendly technologies Reduce the use of raw material It leads to increased efficiency It creates new buisness opportunities Can be applied to most companies with long-term benefits.

4 Improving technology can be achieved by: Changing the process or manufacturing technique Changing input matreials Changes to the product Reusing materials

5 Recycling Recycling is processing waste into new products It reduces: energy usage, air and water pollution Key komponent of modern waste reduction

6 Recyclable materials Glass Paper Metal Plastic Textiles Electronics

7 Sorting Recyclates are collected and delivered to a central collection facility Then different types of materials must be sorted

8 All of these products are made of recycled materials

9 Green technologies A wind farm is a group of turbines at the same location They are used for production of electric power Several hundred turbines on one farm They can cover thousands of square miles The land between them may be used for cultivation Wind Turbines

10 Advantages It consumes no fuel Emits no air pollution Within a few months the building cost of a plant cleares by operating it Makes less impact on the environment

11 Photovoltatics(PV) PV is a method of generating electrical power It converts solar radiation into direct electricity It uses solar panels containing photovoltatic material Due to the growing demand for renewable energy sources, it became more advanced in the last few years

12 PV in houses Its often associated with buildings Usually mounted on the top of the roof or on the walls A well designed PV sytem can produce enough electricity to replace the grid

13 PV in transport Firts used for electric power in space It is being used increasingly to provide auxiliary power in boats and cars. Solar powered cars have been demonstrated

14 Geothermal energy Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth It originates from the radioactive decay of minerals

15 Geothermal energy First it was used for bathing but today it s better known for electricity generation Its cost effective, reliable and sustainable Earths geothermal resources are more than adequate to supply our energy needs

16 Lightning energy Scientist are trying to implement a lightning capturing scheme The idea is to capture and store and the transform the electricity of the lightning for later grid use It would be practical in areas with frequent thundersstorms such as Florida

17 Lightning energy One storm can discharge enough electricity to supply the USA for 20 minutes One single strike would be able to light 150,000,000 light bulbs

18 Sources html effect.16722.html

19 The End

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