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Bosna i Hercegovina, Republika Srpska

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1 Bosna i Hercegovina, Republika Srpska e-mail:
Javor PRIJEDOR “Javor-Masiv” d.o.o Bosna i Hercegovina, Republika Srpska Rudi Čajaveca br.3, PRIJEDOR tel , fax Next >>>


3 Storehouse of semi finished products.

4 Rapidness, exactness, efficiency…

5 We are very proud on our production line for linear jointing of the wood, by the well known brand Weinig – Grecon. The joints produced on our production line are perfect.

6 All of our components are going through several phases of processing and selection until the perfect quality is reached. For us, the quality is always on the first place.

7 Flexibility of the production is enabled by CNC technique
Flexibility of the production is enabled by CNC technique. We are using it to gain extreme exactness, hardness of the joints and fast adaptability to new products according to your requests. Refined and rounded edges guarantee your safety and modern look.

8 Core beech. Oak. Beech. Kern beech.
“FINGER JOINT” We are producing linear and width glued boards and width glued boards made out of oak and beech.


10 Long term experience in the production
Dalija beech kern Grand Patina oak Grand Natur oak Napoleon dark oak Long term experience in the production of kitchen fronts - guarantee for the quality.


12 Our products guarantee long time usage and hard joint.

13 Special technique of jointing...

14 100% SOLID WOOD! Commode Elena.
COMMODE “ ELENA” made out of beech tree, designed just for you, adopted according to your needs. Varnished with oils and waxes, that makes it 100 % natural. Next >>>

15 DESK BOARDS. The most common desk used for making of our kitchens is made out of massive laminated oak or beech, protected with bio – oil in 3 layers. That way it becomes waterproof and dust resistant. WHY TO CHOOSE WOODEN BOARD? It gives a familiarity and warmth to the kitchen. Microorganisms have a 5 times shorter life than on the ordinary desk. This type of board is simply renewable, with sanding and repeated varnishing with the bio oils, which makes the period of usage practically unlimited. Kitchen Rustikana. PRODUCTION ON ORDER: TOGETHER WE ARE GOING TO PRODUCE KITCHEN YOU’VE BEEN DREAMING OF. For every order, our technicians devote time and listen to customer’s wishes and needs. For every kitchen we are making separate drawing, with its special design and characteristics, which makes our kitchens RUSTIKANA unique. This way, the kitchen is from the very beginning till the very end designed only for you, your needs and wishes. Made out of high-quality oak, protected with the special technique of varnishing consisted of 5 manual layers performed by our experts, so that the kitchen can gain unique and warm rustic look. We are specialized for the production of kitchen fronts, which makes feasible all your wishes, including design and colours. Next >>>

16 Kitchen Grand. KITCHEN GRAND is made out of the best quality and careful selection of oak. Mildly rendered edges, made by technique of patination is the work of our experienced experts. Their effort and devoted work are rewarded with the fantastic antique look of the final product. DESK BOARDS on the kitchen GRAND is made out of stone which gives top of the range look to the kitchens. According the wishes of the buyer, stone desk can be constructed in the number of different colours. KITCHEN DEVICES give complete freedom in the organization of the kitchen, suitable to your wishes and necessities of your family. SIMPLE DRAWERS system TANDEM. TANDEMAX BLUMOTION is a system of hidden, full sliding drawers. A complete system of drawers is a base for optimal utilization of space, with the full overview of the drawer’s content.. Next >>>


18 100% SOLID WOOD! Room Extra Dalija.
ROOM “EXTRA DALIA” is made out of carefully selected beech components. Sensible lines, modern design and mild tones of cherry will turn your room in the oasis of peace. Next >>>

19 100% SOLID WOOD! Commode Gracija.

20 Garniture Lotos.

21 100% SOLID WOOD! Commode Rustikana.
COMMODE “RUSTIKANA”. Inspiration of the nature and source of beauty. The warmth of the touch is a base of domestic environment. Master shaped details are proof of the nobleness of its kind. Products in the rustic design are made according the samples of the best traditions from the past and they are excellent answer on the challenges of the present and future. Commode Rustikana. Next >>>


23 100% SOLID WOOD!

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