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VEMAG check weigher.

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1 VEMAG check weigher

2 VEMAG check weigher Continuous recording of weight:
- meat and sausage products - fish products

3 Its use - Climatic Maturing Installations CLIMAMAT STAR® series
- Climatic Storage Rooms CLIMAMAT LAGER® - Thawing Installations

4 Its function - Measurement of complete trolley incl. Product
Measurement during the whole process Trolley is lifted up by a pneumatic cylinder and the mechanics of the VEMAG check weigher - Release of lifting up and sinking directly at the check weigher

5 Its design - Effective range up to 500 kg
- As an option: effective range up to kg

6 Its installation - Installation on the ceiling
Check weigher in a room without opening - Weight of the check weigher is approx. 150 kg Pay attention to the load for the ceiling!

7 Its technique During the whole process the trolley stays in the check weigher: floating - distance to the floor: approx. 50 mm

8 Its technique - Measuring data are transfered to MICROMAT C7
reported displayed as a chart - It is possible to transfer data to a VEMAG LDS

9 Its technique - It is possible to follow the loss in weight without interrupting the process - Direct process optimization on the basis of measured data

10 Its material and quality
check weigher made of stainless steel - smoke-resistant parts

11 In case of failure - If compressed air fails the trolley remains in the check weigher Recording of measuring data will carry on - Irregular sinking of the trolley is not possible

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