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Sevilla 2007 ChangeLAB - Changing Lifestyles, Attitudes and Behaviour Sevilla 2007 Hilary Lowson Surrey County Council.

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1 Sevilla 2007 ChangeLAB - Changing Lifestyles, Attitudes and Behaviour Sevilla 2007 Hilary Lowson Surrey County Council

2 Sevilla 2007 ChangeLAB – introduction Surrey

3 Sevilla 2007 ChangeLAB – the basics Funded by: INTERREG IIIC programme Total budget: 1,597,251 (ERDF 914,037) Duration: January 2005-December 2007 Partners: Surrey County Council and Hampshire County Council (UK), Regional Environment Centre Estonia (EE), Municipality of Sykies (GR), Head Office Regional Environmental Centre (HU), Regione Liguria (IT), Provincie Utrecht (NL), City of Solna (SE).

4 Sevilla 2007 We dont know enough about changing behaviour Many good projects on sustainable consumption and production But no systematic base of knowledge on how to influence lifestyles, attitudes and behaviour effectively Increasing interest in behavioural issues - not just related to environment

5 Sevilla 2007 Why ChangeLAB? Behaviour change strategies are often confined within particular sectors or specialities. Need to maximise the potential to use existing knowledge, encouraging transfer of experience not only between regions/countries, but also between sectors - transport, waste, water and energy There is little information on whether previous initiatives have actually changed behaviour and by how much

6 Sevilla 2007 What ChangeLAB does? Creates an interactive Knowledge Database on existing experience of changing behaviour Develops criteria for assessing successful projects Identifies and refines effective techniques with potential for transfer across sectors and to other target groups Tests the techniques further through 7 Pilot Actions in partner regions. Are they transferable? Devises a set of practical tools for local decision makers in authorities, organisations and agencies working on public participation initiatives

7 Sevilla 2007 How? Over 140 relevant projects collected from partner regions and entered in Knowledge Base with a focus on water, waste, energy and transport A Technique Planner which interrogates the Knowledge Base and suggests a mix of behaviour change techniques which fit a specific target group 7 Pilot Actions = a toolkit on behaviour change

8 Sevilla 2007 ChangeLAB toolkit Knowledge Base,Technique Planner, 7 Pilot Actions and… Guidance for practitioners – how to plan for success: timing, targeting, communication, monitoring, evaluation, transferability and follow-up, plus tips

9 Sevilla 2007 Developing the Technique Planner Initial research suggested four broad approaches Penalty/reward (e.g. congestion charging, prizes or awards) Infrastructure (e.g. cycle tracks, water-saving devices, car share schemes) Education/awareness-raising (e.g. role models, personal coaching, documentaries) Social learning (e.g. eco-teams, learning by doing) From these four, we have identified nineteen techniques

10 Sevilla 2007 Techniques for changing behaviour ChangeLABs Technique Planner uses 19 techniques* for behaviour change and helps you match these to your target group. *Laws and Regulations, Permits, Threat of Enforcement, Taxes, Agreements, Demonstrations, Subsidies, Incentives, Group Learning, Participation, Courses/Training, Personal Advice, Information, Labelling, Promotion, Comparisons/Benchmarks, Competition, Organisational Provision, Infrastructure Provision

11 Sevilla 2007 ChangeLAB Pilots Surrey – water saturation project with a primary school and its community on evidence of changes in behaviour on water use Sykies – composting project involving 600+ citizens REC Estonia – children from 42 schools participating in a week- long sustainable transport to school project Liguria – three six hours workshops for 110 building engineers on sustainable heating systems Hampshire – working with a group of retired people on energy and water saving activities with financial benefits Utrecht – 250 questionnaires on water saving circulated to local households in a new-build area - with 60 follow up home visits Solna – an exercise supporting and encouraging local authority staff to adopt sustainable travel to work behaviour

12 Sevilla 2007 Guidance for practitioners What behaviour do you want to change? How do you know whether, and by how much, you have succeeded? agreeing an action plan successful implementation measuring success practical advice and tips

13 Sevilla 2007 Behaviour change in action Surreys Golden Boot Challenge

14 Sevilla 2007 Keep in touch Surrey County Council Hilary Lowson: Vincent OConnell: Tel: +44 20 8541 8087 Fax: +44 20 8541 8612

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