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Confirmation. Question & Answer Techniques 21 CTT.

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1 Confirmation. Question & Answer Techniques 21 CTT

2 INTRODUCTION Why Confirm? Confirmation is necessary at all stages of Instruction to make certain that students are learning.

3 When to confirm During period of Instruction (Lesson). At the Beginning of the Lesson with Revision. At the end of each Stage. At the end of the Lesson.

4 During Cadres and Course of Instruction Test at the beginning to assess Standards. At Intervals, when Revision is Necessary. At Breaks in Training Such as: – Weekends. – Holidays. Ie: Mid-Course Test. At the End of a Course.

5 Methods of Confirmation Oral Test for Theory. Written Test for Theory. Performance Test for Skills Only.

6 Different Methods of Confirmation Revision. Quizzes. Discussions. Exercises. Competition.

7 Questions ?

8 Question Techniques To Test. Teach. Achieve Maximum Activity.

9 Rules for Asking Questions Dos. Use the Correct Sequence : – Question, Pause, Nominate. – Pose, Pause, Pounce. Be Clear.

10 Rules for Asking Questions Cont Donts Use 50 / 50 Questions. Questions on a Skill.

11 Answering Questions Is the Question Relevant. Do I know the Answer. Put the Question back to the Squad.

12 Irrelevant Questions Answer Briefly or at the End. Squash Red Herrings.

13 Answers Not Known Admit you dont know. – Let them know during a later Lesson. Dont Bluff.

14 Any Questions

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