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SBAR Technique for Communication

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1 SBAR Technique for Communication
Information obtained from Kaiser Permanente of Colorado Evergreen, Colorado

2 Guidelines for Communicating with Physicians and other Health Care Providers

3 Prior to Calling the Physician
Assess pt. Have all relevant information available Discuss situation with supervising nurse Know the admitting diagnosis, date of admission, and date of birth Know pts. pharmacy and pharm. phone number Read most recent progress notes or notes from clinician who last saw the pt.

4 Prior to Calling the Physician
Have available the following when speaking with the physician: List of current meds, allergies, IV fluids, and labs ordered/results Most recent VS, Blood Sugar, Pulse Ox reading DNR status

5 Physician Preference Modalities
It is preferable to est. with the physician the best way to communicate with him/her prior to having to call due to change in pt. status Wait no longer than 4 hrs between attempts (if the situation can wait that long).

6 Physician Preference Modalities
Call Physician office Call Physician’s call service Direct page (if known) Call Physician’s Cell Phone For life-threatening situations call 911 before calling physician

7 SBAR PROCESS (S) Situation: Describe the situation that you are calling to report Identify yourself; your unit or home health agency, and the patient Briefly state the problem; what it is; when it happened or started; how severe it is

8 SBAR PROCESS (B) Background: Give pertinent background information r/t the situation. Include: Admitting date and dx. for home care, LTC, etc. DOB, any recent hospitalizations List of currents meds, allergies, IV fluids, labs, tx. Most recent VS Lab results: provide date/time test was done Other clinical informatin DNR status

9 SBAR PROCESS (A) Assessment: relay the clinician’s assessment of the situation (R) Recommendation: Recommend what action you would like the physician to take. Change the level of care, frequency, duration Request an extra PRN visit to do _______ (lab, follow up, assessment of lung status, etc.) Change, add, delete a medication Implement agency disease management protocol

10 SBAR Process Leave a call back number and contact name
Document the change in the patient’s condition and physician notification

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