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In The Name of God.

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1 In The Name of God

2 Examination Techniques

3 Basic Technique Visual Inspection Diascopy Palpation Probing
Percussion Auscultation Aspiration Evaluation of Function

4 Visual Inspection Visual Inspection is the systematic observation of the patient. It begins at the first meeting with the patient in the form of a general appraisal.





9 Diascopy Diascopy is a specific examination technique whereby the tissue examined is compressed by a glass slide or a wafer of clear acrylic.



12 Palpation Palpation is a procedure wherein the examiner feels or presses the structures examined.

13 Bidigital Palpation Bimanual Palpation


15 Probing Probing is palpation with an instrument and is one of the most important diagnostic techniques used in dentistry today.


17 percussion Percussion is the technique of striking the tissues with the fingers or an instrument.


19 Auscultation Auscultation is the act of listening for sounds within the body. It does not necessarily imply the use of a stethoscope.


21 Aspiration is withdrawal of fluids from a body cavity.


23 Evaluation of Function
Several function need to be assessed in examination of the head and neck.



26 Examples of Application of The Techniques
Examination of a Nodule Examination of an Ulcer

27 Examination of a Nodule
Once a nodule has been located by visual inspection and palpation, it should be evaluated for its composition.

28 The Composition of the nodule can be estimated on the basis of certain physical signs:
Consistency Fluctuation Fluid thrill Translucency Pulsatility Compressibility Bruits

29 As the nodule is evaluated for its composition, other features such as its position, color, shape, size, surface texture, border and temperature and the presence of tenderness may be noted.


31 Examination of an Ulcer
Many lesions that occur in and about the mouth are ulcerative. Some ulcers are associated with innocuous conditions and some with highly contagious diseases, whereas others are the clinical manifestation of malignant disease.

32 Ulcers should be evaluated for the character of their:
Base Edge Depth Color Discharge Relation to surrounding tissues

33 The End

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