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Structures - RealistStructures - Realist Realist adverts is where the ad is based around things that happen in everyday life, they mostly start with a.

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2 Structures - RealistStructures - Realist Realist adverts is where the ad is based around things that happen in everyday life, they mostly start with a problem with their product helping to resolve this issue, which therefore gives the consumer a reason to purchase their product. This is used in many cleaning product adverts that include Vanish, Cillit Bang and Fairy Liquid. Our company chose not to use this form of structure, as it isnt suitable for the product Haribo Starmix or the target audience we decided on.

3 Structures - DocumentaryStructures - Documentary Documentary styled adverts are mainly used by charities, as they are the most powerful method the charities can use to get money donated to them. Haribo wouldnt use the documentary styled advert as their style of adverts are anti realistic. Here is a advert from the UK based charity WaterAid. The ad includes lots of sad facts and clips of sad African people struggling to survive to try and make anyone that is watching the advert to feel bad and donate money to the charity to feel better about themselves.

4 Structure – Anti-realistStructure – Anti-realist Anti realist does not focus on the everyday thoughts of society, and will focus on something that is so unlucky to happen. One example would be the Guardian advert where there are three little pigs and they get sent to jail for a murder. And this is important because it is never actually going to happen and its just there to advertise their product in this case the Guardian newspaper, the story line is based on a news report and this relates to he Guardian because they are a news paper. Most Haribo adverts are antirealist because cartoons cannot come to life in reality. And normally adults wont act like children when they are eating sweets. We as a production team wanted to keep to the same anti- realist approach of Haribo as well.

5 Structure - AnimationStructure - Animation Animation is used in Haribo adverts, but we havent used it. In the Haribo adverts, its used to bring to life their boy mascot adding an extra element to the adverts. We didnt feel the need as we wanted to keep all attention on our filming. On the other hand John Lewis did, with there latest Christmas advert, the whole video is animated, depicting animals going for a walk and finding a Christmas tree.

6 Techniques – EmotionalTechniques – Emotional Most adverts use emotional response as a technique in their advert this can be a humorous, guilty or happy response as by using this they help make their advert memorable. The companies that use the technique of emotional response as their main theme of their advert are companies that are trying to get to you donate money to their charity. Examples of this include the One Child advert created by the charity SaveTheChildrenUK and another is the No Choice advert produced by the charity WaterAid. Haribo doesnt use compassion as a emotional response for their adverts as this wouldnt make sense of their product and wouldnt help build of the reputation for their brand that Haribo is for everyone. CCHS stuck with this emotional response of humour of our advert trying to make our target audience take enjoyment out of watching a teenager act like a small child and also share his embarrassment when he discovers his peers have witnessed what he has been doing.

7 Techniques – Brand IdentityTechniques – Brand Identity All big brands have a brand identity. Big brands like Apple, Nike, Adidas, Haribo, Samsung and Ford. Brand identities give brands marketing and product advantage over other brands as they can be identified from their logo alone from their popularity and that customers feel they are trustworthy.

8 Techniques – EndorsementTechniques – Endorsement Some companies use celebrity endorsement to help promote their brand and products. They do this for more attention and it sends out the message that, if it is good enough for a celebrity it is good enough for me. An example of celebrity endorsement would be the Pepsi adverts where by David Beckham features in the adverts. Haribo dont have celebrities in their adverts and this is because they may find it hard to find a suitable celebrity that isnt going to age, and we had the same problem as well.

9 Techniques – Overt MessagesTechniques – Overt Messages With a brief looking over the messages appear to be overt because they obviously show you what they want you to think their sweets do, but theyre not. In none of Haribos adverts do they explicitly say to buy their product. An example of who does though is safe style window with their buy one get one free, bogof, campaign.

10 Characteristics - AdvantagesCharacteristics - Advantages Most companies dont use this form of advertising, as it can be difficult comparing many products, as they arent similar enough to be compared. However, the majority of companies who use this form of advertising are supermarkets as by comparing themselves as being cheaper or better value for money they hope to continue to keep their costumers by enforcing the fact that buy shopping which them the get the best deals and encouraging other supermarket costumers to switch to shopping with them as they will save money. Haribo however doesnt use this form of advertising as their product isnt similar enough to any other brands product to compare them too and the products within the Haribo brand are all also too different to compare themselves too. We also chose not to use this form of advertising, as we didnt feel it would be effective and appropriate for our target audience.

11 Characteristics - USPCharacteristics - USP A unique selling point is important for all products. If there is no USP or one that isnt clear then the product loses its goal. Marketing wont know what to do for the product and so produce ads that are vague. Haribos USP is that their sweets appeal to children and adults. This is a simple USP, which is effective. It makes it easy to produce ads with a clear message. We used Haribos USP but wanted to appeal to teenagers.

12 Characteristics – Life StyleCharacteristics – Life Style The type of lifestyle that people look to for can affect the way products are advertised, for example you may find a sports brand advertising people running or doing other sport activities. One example of this would be the Nike football adverts, where by certain football stars are taking key roles in the advert to help promote Nike football. The products advertised are Nike football boots and this will appeal to those playing football. For Haribo you will probably find that the actors used in the advert resemble the lifestyle choice of those watching the in the fact that they are also likely to have young children and buy them sweets.

13 Regulation The ASA are responsible for regulating advertisements, sales promotions and direct marketing in the UK, they can only act when they receive a complaint from the general public, it doesnt matter how many complaints are received, the ASA will always look into the ad and will investigate the ad to see if it has breached any rules of being misleading, harmful or offensive. OFCOM are the communications regulator. OFCOM regulate the TV and radio sectors, fixed telephone lines, mobiles and the airwaves, which wireless devices operate. OFCOMs main responsibilities are to make sure that: the UK has a big range of electronic communication services, including high speed information services.

14 Information - BarbInformation - Barb BARB provided the official viewing figures for television in the UK. This is a very important source of companies who will want to know the right time of day and on what channel to air their advertisement to get the most exposure for their product. Information like this is vital for any production company as if the advertised their product at the wrong time or channel they could have a massive profit loss. Depending on the size of a company and how wealthy they are will depend on the advertising spot they can afford which will therefore impact on the amount of exposure their product will get. Haribo tend to air their adverts before watershed, as most of their target audience will be in bed at that time. We as a company using BARB decided that the time we feel will be most effective for our advert to be aired is between 3pm and 6pm on channel 4 and ITV1 as between these times children will arrive home from school and be watching TV before they have their dinner. We also hope by airing it at this time in will encourage children to ask for a packet of Haribo Starmix after their dinner.

15 Information – TV research agenciesInformation – TV research agencies Lots of companies use TV research agencies for lots of different reasons. Companies use TV research agencies for research on advert research and target audience research for their ads. We did our own research using BARB to work out the best time to advertise out advert.

16 Information – Audience MeasurementInformation – Audience Measurement Some companies will send out a trial advert or show it to certain people and will ask them to rate the advert out of ten, or ask for any improvements. This is important because it means that a trial advert will be shown to a panel, and any improvements will have to be made to the advert in order for the company to fully reach its target market. We didnt use an audience measurement panel because we didnt have the time or the budget. However Haribo would use one in order to reach the right target market.

17 Information - QuestionnairesInformation - Questionnaires A questionnaires is a design series of questions aimed to gather information about a specific subject. We didnt use questionnaires as theyre designed to get information about people (such as hospitals asking for health information). We used a survey which was sent out to a wide variety of people and not targeted towards a specific person.

18 Sources – Rate CardsSources – Rate Cards A Rate card is where and what time an advert will be played. In some cases air times can cost a lot of money for example during the commercial break during the super bowl because of how many people are watching it. Haribo would try and get a time slot around school finishing time, meaning that there would be a lot of competition for places at this time of the day. We as a production team did not have the budget for this.

19 Sources – Research AgenciesSources – Research Agencies Most well established companies use research agencies to complete unbiased research into their target audience, product and even feedback for their adverts. By using these agencies they allow companies and brands to develop and grow. Haribo would use a research agency to help find out what their target audience wants from an advert, what types of advertisement are effective and what other companies have used in creating an advert for a similar product to Haribo. This allows a company to discover what direction will be most effective to take their advertisement in and what the general public responds well to when it comes to television adverts. Its important that a completely separate company gathers this information as the questions or information could be distorted to benefit a company or brand, which would make the evidence unusable. We created a survey on SurveyMonkey to gathered feedback data on our advert, we found this information very helpful and it will benefit CCHS if come to create another Haribo advert as we can use the information collected to change the parts of our advertisement that wasnt received well by our target audience.

20 Sources – Information PackSources – Information Pack An advertising information pack is something that commercial channels such as Channel 4 and ITV will give out to a company looking to place their advert on a channel. Haribo would and do use these to know how much it will cost them to place a specific advert at a certain time. If they didnt use these they may go over budget. If we were going to use one for our advert, it would cost us £480 to advertise in the Anglia region and £6,200 to advertise in all regions.

21 Classification - OccupationalClassification - Occupational Haribo would have a set class classification in order that they look to reach almost every time they produce an advert. It will vary from company to company and this is because of the target audience they are trying to reach. Our Standard Occupational Classification will be young children aged 13-17 and working class and skilled working class.

22 Classification - PsychographicClassification - Psychographic It is important for every production company to have a recognised psychographic profile for their product and advert. This is because each psychographic profile group will react differently to the structures, content and techniques of an advert. An example of this would be the psychographic profile of succeeders seek control an advert that was aimed this profile would mostly likely be structured using strong messages which are compiled using confidences and a higher quality brand would chose this profile. Haribos psychographic profile is mainstreamers seek security this is because this group makes up the majority of the population that will regularly purchase well known, trusted and family brands. As a company we chose to keep with this psychographic profile as we feel it suits our target audience bests as the age range we have chosen for our target audience will be unlikely to have developed their own psychographic profile and will their for emulate their parents which is going to be most likely mainstreamers.

23 Classification - GenderClassification - Gender Gender isnt something that Haribo have to take into account as their sweet is a gender neutral product, because of this you cant see any gender specific attributes in their adverts. When we made our advert, we didnt feel the need to change this. So our advert also doesnt have anything specific to gender in it.

24 Classification - AgeClassification - Age Haribos target age range is 7-13 year olds. Lots of different companies have different target age ranges to make it suitable to their product to increase product sales.

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