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Proper Toothbrushing Techniques

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1 Proper Toothbrushing Techniques
By: Carole Steidl

2 Toothbrushing Techniques
The Bass Method The Rolling Stroke The Stillman Method The Charters Method

3 The Bass Method Position the filaments up toward the root at a 45° angle to the teeth. Place the brush with the filament tips directed into the gingival sulcus. Bass Method

4 Bass Method cont. Using a vibratory stroke brush back and forth with very short strokes for the count of ten. Reposition the brush to the next group of teeth.

5 The Roll Method Direct the filaments toward the root of the tooth.
Place side of the brush on the gingiva and have the plastic part of the brush even with the tooth.

6 Roll Method cont. When the plastic portion is even with the tooth press the filaments against the gingiva and roll the brush over the teeth. The wrist is turned slightly and the filaments follow the contours of the teeth.

7 The Stillman’s Method Like the Bass Method the filaments are placed at a 45° angle to the tooth. Unlike the Bass Method the filaments are placed half in the sulcus and half on the gingiva. The same stroke is used as the Bass.

8 The Charter’s Method Position the filaments toward the chewing surface of the tooth Place the sides of the filaments against the enamel and angle them at a 45° to the tooth.

9 Charter’s Method cont. Vibrate the filaments gently but firmly, keeping the filaments against the tooth. Reposition on the next set of teeth.

10 Toothbrushing Techniques
There are several different acceptable tooth brushing methods because each patient has different needs. Not one method is perfect for all patients. Some patients may use more than one method.

11 Toothbrush Methods The important thing is to brush thoroughly for at least two minutes each time and two times a day….

12 Quote from Soupy Sales “Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you” By: Carole Steidl

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