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Propaganda techniques

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1 Propaganda techniques

2 Why do we use propaganda?
To persuade people to think or behave a certain way. To appeal to emotions and opinions of people

3 Bandwagon To do something because other people are doing it. Example:
Because the Raven’s won the Superbowl, everyone thinks Joe Flacco is the greatest quarterback.

4 Example of Social Media Bandwagon

5 Fear Technique If you don’t conform to an issue or agree with a statement, something bad will happen to you. Example: If you drink diet soda, you will get cancer.

6 Fear propaganda

7 Glittering Generalities
Using emotionally appealing words associated with values or beliefs. Uses words that appeal to consumer like “Fresh”, “American Pride”, and “New” Example: “Pure, fresh, mountain spring water. Bottled especially for you in Utah from only our purest mountain springs.”

8 Glittering Generality

9 Name Calling Calling out other people, brands, or products in a negative manner Example: Calling members of the other political party names like “incompetent” or “dumb”.

10 Name Calling Technique

11 Plain Folk Technique Appealing to the common man, woman, or family.

12 Plain Folk Technique

13 Reward Technique If you use a certain product or act a certain way, good things will happen to you Example: If you take diet pills, you will look like the models on TV.

14 Reward Technique

15 Testimonial Technique
Using a famous person to endorse a product Example: Jennifer Hudson endorses Weight Watchers

16 Testimonial Technique

17 Transfer Technique Using words or symbols to portray someone in a positive o negative manner

18 Transfer Technique

19 Red Herring Technique Presenting data or issues that, while compelling, are irrelevant to the argument at hand, and then claiming that it validates the argument.

20 Red Herring Example I shouldn’t be punished for staying out past my curfew tonight because I did the dishes earlier today. these two arguments have NOTHING to do with one another.

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