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Idea Generation And Synthesis for Writing Facilitation and Interaction IDENTIFY EVALUATEE ANALYZE ADOPT.

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1 Idea Generation And Synthesis for Writing Facilitation and Interaction IDENTIFY EVALUATEE ANALYZE ADOPT

2 Idea Generation and Synthesis Techniques Brainstorming Modified Brainstorming –Channels –Anti-Solution Brainwriting Synthesis –SCAMPER –Idea Box

3 Brainstorming Free flowing idea generation technique Write down all ideas as they are presented No judging or pre-selecting Encourage everyone to participate Work list to point of exhaustion Evaluate list on subjective and/or objective criteria

4 Brainstorming In Writing: Full Group Exercise 1.What Is The Purpose Of Brainstorming in Improving Student Writing? 2.What Are Some Rules for Developing Brainstorming Techniques for Improving Student Writing? 3.What Are The Key Challenges Of Using Brainstorming to Improve Student Writing? 15 Minutes Time Instructions Objective To Develop Awareness and Proficiency in the Use of Brainstorming in Writing

5 Modified Brainstorming Two Approaches Channels Anti-Solution A A

6 Channels List categories pertinent to the topic or issue on a flipchart or writing board As ideas emerge, place them under the most applicable (appropriate) category Approaches –Free form--Look for any idea, then categorize –One category at a time Variation –Use Post It Notes to allow more flexibility in changing category titles and/or idea location

7 Anti-Solution Fun approach to idea generation Good at breaking tension Process: –Brainstorm ways to make the situation worse –Once list completed, evaluate each idea –Consider ways to make it better Example: Real objective-- Develop better thesis sentences –Anti-solution Objective-- Develop weaker thesis sentences

8 Brainwriting

9 Brainwriting: The Concept Team approach to generate many ideas in short time Combines many aspects of traditional brainstorming except: –No open discussion-ideas are written –Reduces tangents, socializing, and other distractions –Reduces monopolizing effect of vocal members –Increases input from less assertive members Conflict/controversy management technique

10 Brainwriting: The Process Identify a topic or discussion area Each team member writes a single idea about topic on a sheet of paper--one idea per sheet (multiple ideas per person permitted) Place all sheets in middle of table Members take a sheet (not their own) from stack Examine the idea Make comments/suggestions/questions Pass sheets around the table until all have seen Evaluate ideas using some type of ranking scheme

11 Idea Synthesis Techniques SCAMPER Idea Box More sophisticated approaches to developing new ideas

12 SCAMPER SCAMPER Is A Checklist Of Idea-Spurring Questions* S=Substitute? C=Combine? A=Adapt? M= Modify or Magnify? P=Put To Other Uses? E=Eliminate Or Minify? R=Reverse? = Rearrange * Some Of The Questions Were First Suggested By Alex Osborn, A Pioneer Teacher Of Creativity. They Were Later Arranged By Bob Eberle Into This Mnemonic

13 SCAMPER: The Process 1.Isolate the challenge or topic you want to think about 2.Ask SCAMPER questions about each step of the challenge or topic and see what new ideas emerge. Asking the questions is like tapping all over the opportunity with a hammer to see where the hollow spots are.

14 Idea Box This is a integrated variation of the Channels modified brainstorming technique A way to automatically combine the parameters of an opportunity into creative ideas It is important to generate parameters and then list variations for each parameter Example - cards ParameterHeartsSpadesClubsDiamonds JackQueenKingAce FiveTwoEightSeven FourAceSixThree Variation

15 Idea Box: The Process 1. Specify Your Opportunity 2.Select The Parameters Of Your Opportunity 3.List Variations 4.Try Different Combinations

16 Idea Box: An Example Improve Design For Laundry Hamper MaterialShapeFinishPosition WickerSquareNaturalSits On Floor 1 PlasticCylindricalPaintedOn Ceiling 2 PaperRectangleClearOn Wall 3 MetalHexagonalLuminous Chute To Basement 4 Net MaterialCubeNeonOn Door 5

17 Idea Box: Improve the Writing Process Information MediumCommunicationStyle 1 2 3 4 5

18 Idea Generation and Synthesis: Putting it All Together Identify issues of substance Determine opportunities for creatively structured collaboration Pick a brainstorming approach Apply Evaluate Now, give it a try….

19 Improving Student Writing Through Brainstorming 1.Pick an issue around student writing difficulty(ies) that you would like to develop a strategy to improve in that area 2.Select one brainstorming technique for generating ideas, using the materials from this presentation as a reference 3. Gather (brainstorm) several possible solutions, focusing on the assigned root cause 4.Narrow your list to three top solutions and be prepared to discuss the challenges and benefits of the technique(s) you used Generate Possible Solutions Using Out Of The Box Thinking Techniques 25 Minutes Time Instructions Objective

20 Further References On Brainstorming and Other Tools of Creativity Games Trainers Play Thinkertoys By Michael Michalko Games, etc. – How To Improve Learning Performance And Productivity The Giant Book Of Team Techniques By Thiagi 812-332-1478 Frame Games By Harold Stolovitch

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