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Projective Techniques Creative Research Meeting 6.

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1 Projective Techniques Creative Research Meeting 6

2 Projection Psychological technique to get answers without asking a direct question Participants project their unconscious beliefs into other people or objects Reduces threat of personal vulnerability Consists of a stimulus and a response

3 Associations Uncovers a brands identity or product attributes Word association for a product/brand Draw brands as people

4 Construction Process allows participant to construct meaning Participant constructs a story or picture from a concept Collages are developed on a topic Bubble drawings or cartoon tests ask participant to construct a dialog

5 Completion For insight into participants need-value system. Sentences, stories or conversations are completed Ie When I think of beer…..

6 Expressive For situations when participants cannot describe their actions but can demonstrate them. Participants role play or act out a story Themes are developed based on participants personal interpretations of pictures House where brand lives (Bud vs Guiness)

7 Choice Ordering Useful for rank ordering characteristics associated with a brand, product or service Participants lists benefits from most to least important Used with probing techniques to gather insight into consumer benefit choices

8 Projective Techniques Zaltman metaphor elicitation technique (ZMET) Metaphor elicitation Collage building Brand stories Video Elicitation Parasocial relationships Non-intrusive interviewing Point and counterpoint

9 Data Analysis Quantify by classifying content into categories that are given numerical values Qualify what is meant by the projections Participants elaborate on meanings Multiple tests allow patterns to emerge Triangulation of multiple methods brings authenticity to data analysis

10 Creative Development Research Elicits consumer response to advertising ideas Requires creatives to understand response Creatives must seek ways to improve response of future viewers Utilizes groups for comments that stimulate other comments Requires experienced moderator / planner

11 Assignment Pick a brand: Starbucks, Sprint, Nissan, Eminem Cut images from a magazine that best describe your feelings about the brand Past the images together into a collage Explain what these images mean to you and why they apply to the brand Compare your responses with those of another with the same brand

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