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On Demand Writing S.P.A.T. Technique

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1 On Demand Writing S.P.A.T. Technique

2 What is the S.P.A.T. Technique?
When you are presented with a writing topic or prompt, this is the best way to get your thoughts organized and focused. Each letter stands for a word.

3 S stands for SITUATION – What is in the background information?
P stands for PURPOSE – Why are you writing? ….to inform, narrate (entertain/express), or persuade? A stands for AUDIENCE – To whom are you writing? T stands for TASK – What form are you supposed to use – letter or article?

4 Let’s Get Started This is an example of a writing prompt you might encounter. Situation: When facing a new experience, everyone tends to react differently. Some people become anxious, some get frightened, and some people face new experiences calmly. Knowing how others have dealt with new experiences can better prepare us for similar situations. Task: Write an article for the school newspaper narrating a time you faced a new experience and how you dealt with it.

5 Situation: Purpose: Audience: Task:
Let’s apply the S.P.A.T. technique to the writing task on the previous slide. Situation: Dealing with a new experience Purpose: Narrate Audience: Readers of the school newspaper Task: Article

6 More Practice Situation: Your friend is moving to your town next month and will be attending your school. He is curious about your school and a little nervous. Task: Write a letter to your friend. Inform him about your school so he will look forward to attending it. ****************************************************** Situation: There is a contest in the state of Kentucky to choose a teacher of the year. Think of a time when a teacher made an impact on your life. Task: Write a letter to nominate a favorite teacher, explaining why the award should be given to him/ her. Reflect on an experience with this teacher that made an impact on your life.

7 Situation: Your school is taking part in National Safety Week. During this time, students will focus on safety issues at school. Writing Task: Write a letter to inform your principal about a situation at school that you think is a safety problem. Be sure to include specific details about the problem.




11 The End

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