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2012/2013 School Year Mass Media in France Lyçée Collège St-Joseph.

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1 2012/2013 School Year Mass Media in France Lyçée Collège St-Joseph

2 Here are themain french radios Here are the main french radios

3 Radio : The main radio stations in France are : Skyrock: rap and r&b. RTL: techno,rock and french music. Fun Radio:dancefloor,techno and the first hits. France Info. Energy:all kinds of music except classical music ; France Inter:news at the radio. We have two types of radios in France : The news at the radio. The music on the radio. Those who mainly listen to the radio in France are teenagers ; The radios France Info and France Bleu Breizh Izel are the news at the radio. France Bleu Breizh Izel is a regionnal radio of Brittany because the presenters speaks Breton on the air. France Info is the national radio because the station of France Info is located in Paris. France Info and France Bleu Breizh Izel belongs to the state because it is the main shareholders. The famous radio in Brittany are : Tempo:all kinds of music except classical music Radio Bohneur:french music Variation:all kinds of music France Bleu Breizh Izel Variation is located in Lannion (town in North of Brittany). Some radios have political side.This is conservative Party or Socialist. France Info and France Bleu Breizh Izel are socialist because the governement is socialist. France Inter radio is conservative so the main audience:share is opinions. And that's all I present the radios in France and In Brittany.

4 Now the main french TV emissions

5 T.V Program : In France we have got many different sorts of T.V news programme which talk about sports. News,satirical,reality shows,culturalprogrammes,etc. For « news at 8.00 »,there is a presenter who tells us news in the world and the country on different channels. Claire Chazal is one of the most famous presenter on channel (TF1). There are also specialized channels about news like BFMTV,LCI.These channels broadcast news and politics all day long. There are sports channels too,like Equipe T.V,Infosport,with sports T.V programs like Automoto and Telefoot. The most famous satirical program is « Les Guignols de l'info »(Horn).Some stereotypied puppets caricature politicians.They make fun of them.There are reality show too,like « Secret Story » and « Dance with Stars ».Sometimes there are programmes in Breton language.

6 And the main french magazines and newspaper

7 Newspaper and Magazines : In France we have got many types of newspapers and magazines : Regionnal newspaper like « Le Parisien » in Paris and « Ouest France » in all West of France. « Le Monde » et le « Le Figaro » all over France.Sometimes newspapers take part in political life or scoff of this one « Charly hebdo » and « Le Canard Enchainé » arev two of them.Newspaper and magazines about sports like « L'équipe », »Midi Olympique » on rugby. « Hand mag » about Handball, « So foot » about Football and many other specific magazines for each sport.Also on history or culture like « Histore » and about religion for exemple « Le Pelerin ».Children also have their own magazines:there are « Pomme d'api » for little children and « Okapi » for older ones in France,primary schools I advertize show many magazines to children to encourage them to subscribe.An other important thing,therze are fashion magazines,gardening and cooking magazines,medical or decoration magazines,and also professional magazines.

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