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Introduction to High School 2011-2012 School Year Parent Presentation The information in this presentation is subject to change.

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1 Introduction to High School 2011-2012 School Year Parent Presentation The information in this presentation is subject to change.

2 Registration Materials (given out 4/1/11 and 4/5/11) Freshman Course Catalog Registration Form 4-Year Plan

3 What do I do with all this stuff? Everything should be taken home and shown to your parents. They will play an important part of this process. Become familiar with the information located in the course catalog. Become familiar with the important dates that will be covered at the end of this presentation Make sure you and your parents discuss all decisions.

4 Scheduling Definitions Pages 3-4

5 Credit (page 3) A student earns CREDITS for successful completion of each course. Students will have the opportunity to earn 7 or 8 credits during their 9 th grade year.

6 Core Course (page 3) Those courses that are required for graduation English Math Science Social Science

7 Prerequisite (page 3) A course that must be passed to move forward in a sequence of courses. EXAMPLES English 9 must be passed before English 10 is taken. Algebra must be passed before Geometry can be taken. Biology is the prerequisite for every science course except Physical Science.

8 Teacher Recommendations Recommendations are made to provide each student with the best match for success in a specific course. Recommendations are based on the students performance during the school year. Students should get recommendations from their math, science and English teachers.

9 Recommendations Teachers will announce when they will be signing registration forms so it is the responsibility of each student to bring their form and get it signed. Recommendations must be gotten BEFORE you can start filling out the registration form or the 4-year plan

10 Recommendations If it is decided that a different course other than the one recommended will be taken then the parent should fill out the override section of the registration form. Please give overrides careful thought. Once a student is placed in an override course then they will not be able to drop that course.

11 Course Selection (page 4) Course selection is very important. Students planning on going to college are encouraged to contact several colleges in which they are interested to determine the academic requirements for admission. This should be done early and reviewed each year.

12 Course Fee A fee is required for certain courses to assist with the cost of maintaining equipment, and purchasing lab materials. No fee will be collected for courses required for graduation. Please check the course catalog to see if there is a fee attached to that course.

13 Points Of Interest Pages 4 and 5

14 Advanced Placement (page 4) Only offered at Bob Jones Accelerated in rigor and pace Allows students to complete college level studies while in high school. AP test is required

15 What background does my child need in order to succeed in an AP Course? The content of AP courses is more sophisticated than that in typical high school honors courses. Students should have had practice in analyzing content, drawing comparisons, and reasoning through problems. They must be able to read perceptively and independently.

16 AP Background Students will need to be proficient in writing clear, concise essays. Students who are not skilled in these areas must be even more highly motivated to make up the deficiencies at the same time they are taking more rigorous courses. The keys to success are motivation, self- discipline, and academic preparation.

17 Honors Courses Designed for the advanced college bound student Curriculum is covered in an accelerated pace They follow the Alabama Course of Study but also include enrichment activities, extra projects, research, and/or lab experiences. LMS offers English 9 Honors and Biology Honors and for those students successfully completing Algebra 1 in 8 th grade then Geometry Honors/Algebra II w/Trig Honors.

18 9 th Grade Testing PSAT- Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test This test measures verbal and mathematical reasoning Test is administered in October Open to all 9 th grade students Fee required

19 Testing ACT Explore- EXPLORE is the first part of a testing system that goes on to include PLAN and the ACT. Typically, students take EXPLORE in the 8th or 9th grade, PLAN as 10th graders, and the ACT as juniors or seniors. All three test you in English, math, reading, and science. However, the material tested in each program gets more difficult.

20 Testing AHSGE-Alabama High School Graduation Exam 8 th graders passing Honors Algebra 8 will test in the fall 9 th graders passing Algebra 1 and/or Biology first semester will test in the spring.

21 Procedures Related to Grades/Credits (Page 6-7)

22 Grade Placement Sophomore- A student must have earned a minimum of 6 credits. Junior- A student must have earned a minimum of 12 credits Senior- A student must have earned a minimum of 18 credits and be on track to graduate.

23 Progress Reports and Report Cards Students receive progress reports every three weeks during a nine week period. At the end of a nine week period a student will receive a report card. The grading calendar is published on the Madison City web site. Parents may use Inow daily to review grades, attendance, and homework for their student.

24 Attendance Good attendance enhances learning Almost all core courses are only 18 weeks in length. Excuses must be turned in within 3 days of returning to school After the 3 rd day the absence stays unexcused All unexcused absences result in zeros for any grade taken on those days. This could lower your grade and GPA.

25 Weighted Grading Scale Students electing to participate in the rigorous academic courses such as Honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment are given additional weight on the grading scale. The weighted GPA will be recorded on the students report card, transcript and included in the students overall GPA calculation.

26 Grading Scales RegularHonorsAP & Dual Enrollment A90-100 (4)90-100 (5)90-100 (6) B80-89 (3)80-89 (4)80-89 (5) C70-79 (2)70-79 (3)70-79 (4) D65-69 (1)65-69 (2)65-69 (3) F0-64 (0)

27 Final Exams Final exams are given the last two days of each semester. Final exams will count 20% of the final grade. PLEASE do not make travel plans during final exam dates. The 2011-2012 school calendar is already published on the Madison City web site.


29 Diploma and Endorsements Options for the State of Alabama Pages 9 and 10

30 First Choice- The State Expectation Under First Choice, all 9 th grade students will automatically be enrolled to pursue the Advanced Academic Endorsement. Having the Advanced Academic Endorsement puts all students in position to strive for a higher standard.

31 Madison City Schools Graduation Requirements No Endorsement vs. Advanced Academic Endorsement

32 English - 4 Credits Alabama High School Diploma Advanced Academic Endorsement English 9 (1) English 10 (1) English 11 (1) English 12 (1)

33 Math - 4 Credits High School Diploma High School Diploma Advanced Academic Endorsement Algebra A /B (2)Algebra 1 (1) Geometry 1 and 2 (2) Geometry (1) Additional Math (2)Algebra II w/Trig Additional Math (1)

34 Science - 4 Credits Alabama High School Diploma Advanced Academic Endorsement Biology (1) Physical Science, Chemistry or Physics (1) Additional Sciences (2)Advanced Sciences (2)

35 Social Studies - 4 Credits Alabama High School Diploma Advanced Academic Endorsement World History/Geography (1) Early US History (1) Modern US History (1) Government (.5) Economics (.5) Government (.5) Economics (.5)

36 World Language Alabama High School Diploma (0) Advanced Academic Endorsement (2) No Foreign Language is required *Language Level 1 Language Level 2 *Must be 2 credits of the same foreign language.

37 Other (2.5 Credits) * Substitutes for the state requirement (.5) Health course are the following: Health and The Foundations of Health Science. **A Substitute for the state requirement (.5) computer applications is the (1) credit Business Tech Applications. Alabama High School Diploma Advanced Academic Endorsement LIFE PE (1) Health (.5) Fine Arts (.5) ** BTA (1) or Computer Applications (.5)

38 Additional Electives Alabama High School Diploma Advanced Academic Endorsement 7.5 Additional Credits Required to Graduate 5.5 Additional Credits Required to Graduate





43 Freshman Course Descriptions

44 English Core – page 18 English 9 -18 weeks/1 Credit English 9 Honors- 18 weeks/1 Credit Weighted Honors Credit Awarded Recommendation for Placement Teacher recommendation 80 average in Adv. Language Arts 8 or 85 in Language Arts 8 Score in the 80 th percentile or higher on Total Reading on the SAT10 A teacher recommendation alone does not guarantee placement in to English 9 Honors.

45 Who should take Honors English 9? Students who are motivated, have a strong work ethic, and who have at least an 80 % or above on your SAT scores in reading. This class requires quite a bit of reading and studying outside of class in comparison to English 9. We read and write more than is required in the basic curriculum, and we will work hard!

46 Honors English The class is designed to challenge students who excel in and have a passion for language arts. You are really encouraged to consider work habits as well as test scores when signing up for honors classes.

47 Who should not take Honors English 9? Students who do not enjoy reading, Students who struggle with reading comprehension, Students who struggle with language, or Students who struggle with writing skills compared to their peers, and students who are not intrinsically motivated to do well in school.

48 Summer Reading- English 9 ENGLISH 9 (Rising 9 th Graders) REQUIRED: Animal Farm by George Orwell CHOICE: (choose 1) The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Somewhere in the Darkness by Walter Dean Myers, Drivers Ed by Caroline B. Cooney

49 Summer Reading- Honors English 9 HONORS ENGLISH 9 (Rising 9 th Graders) REQUIRED: Animal Farm by George Orwell AND All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque

50 Math Core - Option 1 Algebra 1A - 18 weeks/1 Credit- Teacher recommendation- First of a two part course sequence that satisfies the Algebra 1 requirement. Algebra1B -18 weeks/1 Credit- Teacher recommendation. Second of a two part course sequence that satisfies the Algebra 1 requirement. Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra 1A

51 Algebra 1A/1B 8 th Graders that have struggled in pre- algebra (less than a 75 average), or who have not mastered basic math skills may want to choose this course. These courses are a sequence for students that need a slower paced, more in depth study of Algebra that will yield a total of 2 math credits.

52 Math Core- Option 2 Algebra 1 -36 weeks/1 Credit- Teacher Recommendation. This class will go more into the application of Algebra 1 8 th graders who are stronger math students should sign up for this course. These students will likely take MORE math courses that just the 4 required for graduation. Therefore, getting only 1 credit should not be an issue.

53 Math Core- Option 3 Geometry Honors – 18 weeks/1 Credit Prerequisite: Algebra 1 8 Honors Weighted Honors Credit Awarded Algebra II w/Trig Honors - 18 weeks/1 Credit Prerequisite: Prerequisite: Algebra 1 8 Honors and Geometry Honors Weighted Honors Credit Awarded

54 Math Core- Option 4 Geometry Honors – 18 weeks/1 Credit Prerequisite: Algebra 1 8 Honors Weighted Honors Credit Awarded Algebraic Connections* Prerequisite: Algebra 1 8 Honors, Geometry Honors

55 Science Core Biology- (18 weeks/1credit) Biology Honors- (18 weeks/1credit) Teacher recommendation Recommended final grade of 80 in 8 th grade Science Score of 85+ percentile on the reading section of the SAT10 Weighted Honors Credit awarded

56 COURSE OVERVIEWHONORS BIOLOGY Students should realize there is an obligation to do a considerable amount of work outside of the classroom, both in individual studies and in group work. Students must read nightly so as to be daily prepared. The rigor of the Honors Biology curriculum is intended to better prepare students for more advanced high school courses as well as to begin their preparation for college.

57 Higher order thinking activities will be included in daily activities. Students will do research, writing, and a science fair project. Other short term projects will also be assigned. Highly motivated students who enjoy challenging work tend to do very well in the class. Good study skills need to be developed for success.

58 Social Studies Modern World History and Geography- 18 weeks/1Credit

59 Elective Courses Pages 20-22

60 World Languages French 1- (36 weeks/1 Credit ) Spanish 1- (36 weeks/1 Credit) French 2 - (36 weeks/1 Credit) Prerequisite- Successful completion of French 1 (taken in 8 th grade)

61 World Language Suggestions Students should have made a B or better in English 8 in order to have a strong understanding of grammar rules of English since a foreign language sort of undoes what they learned in English. Students need to have self discipline to study the vocabulary every night. If not then the volume of new vocabulary will be overwhelming at test time.

62 World Languages A course in world languages is cumulative. Each chapter builds on the previous chapters. Students need to understand that words and structure that is learned in August will still be required to be used in May along with everything in between. Speaking in a foreign language class is a must.

63 Air Force ROTC AFROTC1- Fundamentals of Aviation History ROTC teaches citizenship, leadership, and aerospace science. This is NOT a military recruitment program; students have no military service obligation This course counts as a LIFE PE credit.

64 Physical Education Lifelong Individualized Fitness Education, LIFE- (36 weeks/1 Credit) The focus of this state required course is enhancing physical activity. This course satisfies the state requirement for the LIFE PE credit needed for graduation. The middle schools do not offer athletic PE.

65 Business/Finance/Marketing Business Technology Applications – 36 weeks /1 credit This course is designed for only those students that did not take the 8 th grade computer applications class. This course is a more-in-depth version on Computer Applications. Students will master skills in word processing, database, spreadsheet, presentation and Internet use. Topics also include business document writing, career choices, communication and ethical issues. This course satisfies the state requirement for graduation.

66 Summer School Opportunity Computer Applications (.5 credit) will be offered during summer school at LMS. This course is open to current 8 th or 9 th graders that have not earned their required computer elective (computer apps or BTA)

67 Summer School Early registration begins on May 16. You may register at the LMS office Cost: $250.00 (cash or money order only) When: June 6-July 1 from 8-12 (attendance everyday is REQUIRED to earn the required credit)

68 Business/Finance/Marketing Personal Finance This course introduces students to the management of personal and family resources to achieve personal goals and financial literacy. Course content provides opportunities to explore consumer behavior, consumer protection, rights and responsibility, decision making, individual money management, banking services, use of credit and income tax. This is a good class for those students that have completed the 8 th grade computer applications class.

69 Biomedical Science Principals of the Biomedical Sciences 18 weeks/1credit Will be taken instead of Freshman Composition Will be taken at Bob Jones High School This is the first course in a sequence of 4 required courses.

70 Electives Concert Chorus- 36 weeks/1 Credit This course meets the requirement for Fine Arts needed for graduation Beginning Art – 18 Weeks/.5 Credit This course meets the requirement for Fine Arts needed for graduation Art Survey- 18 weeks/.5 Credit Art Survey is an appreciation of music class that covers music from the beginning of time till the present day. This course meets the requirement for Fine Arts needed for graduation

71 Electives Wind Ensemble- 36 weeks/1 Credit This course meets the requirement for Fine Arts needed for graduation Concert Band- 36 weeks/1 Credit This course meets the requirement for Fine Arts needed for graduation

72 Other Electives Introduction to Drama (.5 credit) This course does NOT count as a fine arts credit. Broadcasting (1 credit)- Application required- See Mrs. Yeske Yearbook Production- Application required- See Mr. Combs

73 Frequently Asked Questions

74 May students receive high school credit for courses taken prior to 9 th grade? Yes, s tudents may carry 2.5 credits into 9 th grade. one math credit one credit of foreign language.5 credit of computer applications

75 No. A student can meet all of the requirements of the advanced academic endorsement without taking Honors or AP courses. Does a student have to take Honors or AP courses to earn an advanced Diploma?

76 Any required course that is failed MUST be repeated until the credit is earned. Summer school may be required. What happens if a student fails a class?

77 The last line of the course description says this course fulfills one of the Additional Advanced Science credits for the Advanced Academic Endorsement. How do I know what sciences qualify for the additional advance sciences for the advanced academic endorsement?



80 Any course under The Arts Speech Creative Writing. What courses meet the Fine Arts Graduation Requirement?

81 LIFE PE, Athletic LIFE PE, Marching Band, Marching Band Percussion, AFROTC and Marching Band Color Guard all satisfy the LIFE PE state requirement. LMS does not offer athletic LIFE PE. What courses meet the LIFE PE graduation requirement?

82 Health (.5 credit) Foundations of Health Science (taken as a junior as part of the Health Science Program) What courses meet the Health Graduation Requirement?


84 Medical Academy Biomedical Science- A 4-course sequence Health Science- A 3-course sequence Emergency Medical Technician- Dual Enrollment at Calhoun Community College

85 Academies Engineering Academy- 3 course sequence IT & Computer Science- 8 different courses offered Business Academy Marketing Sales and Service – 3 courses offered Business management and Administration- 4 courses offered

86 Academies Human Services Fashion and Interior Design Family Studies and Community Service Education and Training Hospitality and Tourism

87 Academies Agri Science Building Science Plant Systems Dr. Finley, Assistant Principal BJHS

88 If I am moving over the summer do I still need go through registration? If you think or know you will NOT be attending the 9th grade at a Madison City School you still need to go through this process. Your new school will want to know what courses you were recommended Keep a copy of your registration form BEFORE turning it in. Just in case plans fall through we will be able to issue you a schedule.

89 4-YEAR PLAN Does the whole 4-year plan have to be filled out? Yes, it is a state requirement that all 8 th graders complete a 4-year plan. The plan should be completed in pencil because this is a document that is updated each year. For grades 10-12 the BJHS course catalog (beginning on page 25) is to be used


91 Important Dates Parent Dates, Student Orientation, Turn In Dates and Make-Up Days

92 Important Parent Dates Individual Conferences will be held April 11- 19. Appointment can be made starting Tuesday, April 5 @ 9:00 by calling the front office and talking with Sherry White. These appointments are not required. Are on a first-come first-serve basis. Students are welcome to attend. Make- Up Day for Parent Orientation- Thursday, April 7 @ 10:00 in the lunchroom.

93 Turn in Dates Language Arts Teacher

94 J. Siefert Language Arts Classes Monday, April 25 will be the day they turn in their registration forms during their Language Arts Class.

95 K. Combs Language Arts Classes Tuesday, April 26 will be the day they turn in their registration forms during their Language Arts Class.

96 Haithcock Language Arts Classes Wednesday, April 27 will be the day they turn in their registration forms during their Language Arts Class.

97 L. Hughes Language Arts Classes Thursday, April 28 will be the day they turn in their registration forms during their Language Arts Class.

98 A. Johnson Language Arts Classes Friday, April 29- will be the day they turn in their registration forms during their Language Arts Class.

99 Turn In Make-Up Day Monday, May 2 will be the last opportunity to turn in forms and have request put directly into the computer.

100 Last Date to Change a Course Request Friday, May 6- will be the last day to change your mind about a course request without the $20.00 penalty. Any changes after this date will incur the course request change fee.

101 Questions????

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