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Specification Type:Motor YachtBuilder:Azimut-Benetti Year:May 2006Registry:Cayman Islands Construction:Steel hull & Aluminum Superstructures Classification:

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1 Specification Type:Motor YachtBuilder:Azimut-Benetti Year:May 2006Registry:Cayman Islands Construction:Steel hull & Aluminum Superstructures Classification: LMC100 A1 SSC MonoG6 Yacht (P) UMS MCA Specification Type:Motor YachtBuilder:Azimut-Benetti Year:May 2006Registry:Cayman Islands Construction:Steel hull & Aluminum Superstructures Classification: LMC100 A1 SSC MonoG6 Yacht (P) UMS MCA Naval Architect:Espen Oino Interior Designer:François Zuretti Noise & Vibration consultants: Meccano, Van

2 This 2006 Benetti is a tasty effort indeed, flaunting a list of opulent materials that begins with solid cherry, teak, ash, maple burls, then blossoms into exotic mother-of-pearl, parchment, galuchat, goat skin, bamboo, buffalo hide, gold and silver leaf, as well as granite, alabaster, onyx and exotic marbles. Its foundation, however, is more than surface beauty; boasting the flawless build of this classic yacht, it is descended from a fabled history of excellence. The Yachts, food of the Gods, is an apt description of this excellent yacht, though its the third this owner has ordered to indulge his favorite taste. Italy is noted for its enjoyment of rich flavors, so carry the idea a step further... and paint her as your consummate yacht.

3 PWC Garage: The starboard garage door opens to reveal a pair of Kawasaki PWCs, standing ready for blast off. Rolling cradles allow the PWC's to be moved about, or stored out of the way as needed. Each of the garage doors, port & starboard, are operated by two massive hydraulic cylinders. When closed, the garage door is sealed shut via a rubber strip that lines the perimeter of the door and subsequently locks down with a system of hydraulic pins, much like an armored safe.

4 Stern Platform: The Yachts hydraulically operated swim platform doubles as a dock when deployed. Five specially built fenders are attached on the aft section of the platform. They extend down to the water line to provide protection for low freeboard craft such as PWC's or Ambrosia's Venetian taxi (seen in the following picture). Security railings to port & starboard are removable to allow the door to fold upwards, seamlessly integrating into the hull.

5 Tender Garage: At aft starboard, as The Yachts hull tender garage door rises, it reveals the ultimate convenience of a megayacht; storage and launch of its capable tenders; here a 28 runabout – air conditioned and built by Vikal to resemble a Venetian taxi – eagerly awaits for instant trips to shore, or to other fine yachts either in port or at sea. Gantry cranes mounted to the garage cieling facilitate tender launching. Ambrosia also totes a 7.5 meter Tresco tender.

6 Observation Deck: The base of The Yachts mast is a 3-prong arch, which supports a central radar dome that is so massive, it doubles as a sunshade over the observatory deck seating. Top-of-the-world views abound for passengers, as well as an eye-in-the-sky view for the captain via The Yachts arch-mounted cameras. Tinted windscreens line the perimeter of the deck for safety and keeping turbulence minimized.

7 Heli/Pool Deck: A spectacular view from the sun deck is aided and abetted by its sparkling jet swimming pool, just forward of the H helicopter landing target. All of the railings lining the heli deck are removed when a bird approaches. Seating a dozen or more, in striped lounges, The Yacht takes its sun-dancing seriously, with multiple choices for seating and sunning. Water Polo, anyone?

8 Upper Aft Deck: Charm is the apt word for The Yachts aft upper deck, where lovely outdoor parties and luncheons overlook the harbor in any exotic port. Heavily built teak tables are set with specially designed flatware and tableware. Seating is in Danish modern comfortable chairs. Choice is an option for sun or shade, while the ensign waves its courtesy approval.

9 Forward Deck Settee: A crescent shaped sofa for twelve is carved into the deck house forward of the bridge. With a split-oval dinette for serving up the catch of the day, it's arguably the best seat in the house... or is it? (read on)

10 Seafood Earning Station: If you're a fisherman, then you've found the best seat in the house! As if The Yacht didn't have every conceivable feature already, she's able to put dinner on the table too. The fighting chair is located on the main aft deck, well above water level. At this level, The Yachts heli might come in handy for hoisting in a big catch!

11 Main Deck - Looking Aft: A night scene looking aft from Ambrosias main deck presents the wherewithal for a gigantic party, space for a jazz band, ballroom dancing, mix and mingle, or simply to entertain your audiences in the evening breeze. Also a wonderful space for midnight snacks in the open air, or daytime relaxation as well.

12 Main Aft Deck - Looking Forward: The same venue, from the opposite point of view, the upper deck looking forward provides a gaily lighted glimpse into the brightly arranged main salon. Gigantic glass sliding doors open to engulf one person at a time or the entire soiree, if it so moves. What a glorious circumstance for a reception.

13 Skylounge - Looking Forward & Port: In the panoramic saloon, ease and quietude reigns, with cozy and comfortable sofas, deep-cushioned easy chairs, splashed with an overall light ecru-pink motif. At one end is the 42 plasma TV accessible to all. Cocktail and gaming tables, in cherry-wood, are at beck and call, while overhead lighting is unobtrusively designed as small squares laid out in a checkered pattern.

14 Skylounge - Looking Aft: Looking aft from the port side, a wet bar divides the panoramic saloon from the Stargate. The arrangement of seating, tables and small study to port all lend to an elegant, relaxed atmosphere.

15 Skylounge Dining: Glamour exudes on the upper deck in the Stargate Room, a masterpiece orb of excitement and scrumptious taste, unique so far in yachting. The circular ceiling glistens with heavenly constellations of both northern and southern hemispheres, displayed with a thousand fiber-optics. Driven by electric motors linked to the vessels GPS, it revolves to show the heavens in place at that moment in the sky, over the yachts position. (No need to go outside to view the heavens). The glass-topped dining table seems to float over a lighted bas-relief of the moons surface – molded in glass – by artist Astolfo Turelli, based on satellite photos of the moon.

16 Skylounge Foyer: Trompe loeil is a phrase that means fools the eye and in The Yachts SkyDome stairwell is a mural that unfailingly hues to that mark. The elegant works of art decorating these walls, also by Turelli, were inspired by a series of gilded panels recovered from the 1930s luxury liner S.S. Normandie. The actual gilded panels now grace the halls of the Carnegie Museum of Art.

17 Main Deck Foyer: The main deck foyer becomes a gathering place to witness the staircase mural as it winds down in golden splendor, showing the marvelous color and detail of Turellis exacting art.

18 Main Deck Dining: From spectacular to extraordinary, The Yachts dining hall resounds with wonderment at each turn. Entering the hall through two sliding glass doors, the art patron is greeted with the superbly etched glass, also by Turelli, representing designs of the Copernican Universe. Full beam width, a dozen perfectly positioned, upholstered chairs are situated beneath yet another graceful art expression in the multi-layered geometric glass chandelier. Every repast is dining in an art museum.

19 Salon Seating: In the main saloon, an eclectic flavor rebounds in soothing quiet, amid well-lighted space. Large glass windows illuminate the airy, open room, as clustered tables and chairs underline the expression of conversation, relaxation, and peacefulness. At the beam, a long stretch of couches engages the warmth of togetherness. Four classical alabaster lamps sculpted by local artisans add to the atmosphere of grace.

20 Main Salon - Looking Forward: With a mirrored ceiling and reflective finish, the eye-candy is doubled in the Veranda Main Saloon. Finished with a full complement of libations, a set of chairs post for service before the sculpted bar. Abeam, a cluster of chairs and tables awaits a rare treat… a grand piano. In this day of digitally piped music, The Yachts opulent fashion would be shallowed by a soundtrack.

21 Galley - Left: The Yachts well appointed galley is set up to inspire the most dedicated chef and serving crew, with stainless steel equipment and the latest in culinary fashion. Storage and preparation areas are set to feed a party of near- unlimited capacity.

22 Galley - Right: The typical commercial-grade, yacht galley means lots of stainless and walk in fridges. The Yachts galley, in contrast, was lifted straight out of restaurant, with line cook grilles, stainless back-splashes, heat lamps over the island station and floor drains to wash the residue away!

23 Master Office: The Owner's study is situated on the main deck, as a prelude to the master stateroom. Fashioned with burnt- orange Mexican tile floors, ideal for high traffic use, the office is opulent yet business-like. The owner's desk is located adjacent to one of Ambrosia's master port windows, providing a view for pondering or serious decision- making. To keep up with the latest in world affairs, a flat screen television is built into the wall directly in front of the desk.

24 Master Stateroom: Fittingly decorated, the owners suite makes use of the finest materials and rich handcrafting to provide his home away from home at sea. Beam wide, the suite, decorated with a decided Art Deco elan, locates an island king-size berth in the center, facing aft. A mirrored ceiling adds spirit as well as doubling the already ample visual space. Directly across from the copious berth is a wall-inserted 42 plasma TV, which dominates the entertainment module. Rich with hand-crafted, cherry-wood upholstered furniture, the interior glows with expensive fabrics. There are double walk-in closets.

25 Master Bath: His and hers bathrooms in the owners suite feature separate clear-dish wash basins set in light gold onyx marble, but meet in the middle with an oversized Jacuzzi jet tub, also set in onyx. There is a step up to the glass-enclosed shower-for-two, mirrored ceilings, as well as tile flooring.

26 Lower Deck Staircase: The Yachts gold railing twists and turns in sculpted splendor as it escorts guests down the final churn of the spiral staircase – expressing Turellis dramatic illustration. Ending at the Guest Lobby, the entrance to various staterooms and cabins on the guest quadrant, the foyer also features a more modern variant of stairs... a hydraulic elevator.

27 VIP Stateroom: For VIP guests, The Yacht presents accommodations as spacious as a top notch resort hotel, featuring queen size berths. Well decorated, with luxurious fabrics, there are easy chairs, plus a breakfast table and chairs. The VIP quarters sport closets and a movable hassock. Clever Art Deco touches include tulip stem reading lights over the headboards. The ceilings follow décor, with banded and recessed valances, plus overhead lighting.

28 VIP Bath: Luxury for VIP guests doesnt pause at the staterooms, but continues into the spacious and elegant baths. Following the Art Deco motif, deep cherry-wood vanities are edged with polished bass railings, topped with pale onyx countertops. Each bath shows twin washbowls with brass fixtures and room-width mirrors over the vanities. Double-size showers echo the décor, with touches such as brass pop-open wastebaskets.

29 2nd VIP Suite: Classically reminiscent and with the same posh appointments, the second VIP suite is no less inviting. Both VIP's are slightly less elaborate then the master, yet they are still on the level of fine quality resort boudoirs. The queen- size berths are flanked by antique night lights, a pair of swiveling reading lamps, and of course... Benetti's wonderful woodwork forming the pedestal and trimming carefully selected crevices throughout of the room.

30 2nd VIP Bath: The granite countertop in the 2nd VIP bath is lined with a towel rack that also serves as a leaning bar. Dark woods stand in contrast to stainless fixtures and cream wall appointments. The sumptuous use of granite on the wide sinks and counters, as well as the bathtub tops, make this a spectacular bathing/dressing area.

31 Sun Deck Reading Room: When the weather turns tepid, sunbathers and the like can escape to a waiting area and gymnasium located on the sundeck. This upper lobby of sorts includes a day head, an icemaker, refrigerator, plus a library to pass the time. Between the gym and lobby is a staircase that leads to the bridge deck.

32 Crew Mess: Set up to feed the entire crew (up to 21) the atmosphere is one of a very well regulated small restaurant. Furnishings are cherry-wood tables with ultra-leather seat coverings. Four double bunk beds (total of 8), each with ensuite heads, are located immediately forward of the crew mess. Additionally, an officers cabin is located just aft.

33 Engine Room - Repair Shop: Though every ship merchant fully expects his work to be flawless and has every intention of it lasting forever, there may be times – even in the most well prepared product, such as The Yacht – that some small item needs to be repaired. Benetti equipped The Yachts engine room repair shop with the equivalent of a Snap-On Tool Truck, including the equipment necessary to fashion custom-made parts, such as a mill, a lathe, a hi-speed grinder and workstation vise.

34 Engine Room - Engineer Stations: The Yachts state of the art electronics control room would be a match for the most modern computer preceptor station. All ships functions are regulated and trafficked through here, including electromagnetic logs, black box radars, satcom, navtex, autopilot, scanning sonar's and radio telephones, and much more.

35 Engine Room - Port: The Yachts massive engines – twin Caterpillar 3512B main generator drives and two Caterpillar 3408C silent generators, plus her twin 1070 kW Compact Azipods – drive the vessel to a top speed of 15.2 knots, yet with a comfortable cruise of 12 knots she will span a range of 5,500 nautical miles. The diesel-electric thrust features silent operation by the azipods.

36 Engine Room - Starboard: That latest innovation in private yacht propulsion provides the dominant force here; as Compact Azipods supplied by ABB. They are managed by an integrated control system whose functions include remote impulse control, power management, alarm and monitoring as well as data trending. Since the pod thrusters are underwater, the system provides precise and smooth speed control, lessens equipment stress, plus a major advantage of low noise and vibration levels.

37 SPECIFICATIONS: LOA: 213 Beam: 41 Draft: 118 Classif/Certification: LMC 100 A1 SSC Mono G6 Yacht (P) Disp: 1448 tons Fuel: 183 cu m Water: 58 cu m Max Speed: 15 knots Cruising Speed: 12 knots Range, Cruise: 5,500 nm Power: 2x ABB azipod size 2, 1070kw Generators: 2x CAT 3512B / 2x CAT 3408C at 690v

38 Upper Three Decks... Left: Observation/Fly Deck Center: Heli/Pool/Sun Deck Right: Bridge/Skylounge Deck

39 Lower Three Decks... 1. Left: Main Deck 2. Center: Lower Accommodations/Upper Engine Room 3. Right: Crew Accommodations/Lower Engine Room

40 Safety equipment Fire Systems Ultra-fog suppression, Autronica fire alarm Alarm and security system ABB Marine Navigation & Communication: ECDIS system: 2 x Furuno FEA-2307 chartplotters Dynamic Positioning System: Kongsberg cPOS Circle scanning sonar: Furuno CH-250 Radars: Furuno IMO ARPA Black Box FAR-2837S Furuno IMO ARPA Black Box FAR-2827 Gyrocompass: 2 x C Plath Navigat 2100 (fiber optic) Magnetic compass: C Plath Jupiter 1 Autopilot: 1 x C Plath, 1 x Kongsberg Electromagnetic Log: C Plath Naviknot III Wind and weather: B & G Searchlights: 2 x Sanshin Anti-piracy: 1 x LRAD (long range acoustic device), 1 x Gyrolight non lethal deterrent Radio Telephone: Furuno FS-2570 with DSC VHF Radio: 2 x Furuno FM-8700 with DSC, 2 x Sailor RT 4801 Satcom Inmarsat F77: 2 x Furuno Felcom 70 Satcom Inmarsat C: 2 x Furuno Felcom 15 Satcom Iridium: 2 x Sailor SC4000 Airband VHF: 2 x Icom IC-A 110 Weatherfax: Furuno Fax-30 blackbox Navtex: Furuno NX-500 Telephone exchange: Panasonic PABX TDA 200

41 Machinery : Main Generators :2 x Caterpillar 3512B DITA Auxiliary Generators :2 x Caterpillar 3408C DITA, with catalyser and particle filtered exhaust Emergency Generator :1 x Caterpillar 3304 Propulsion :ABB, diesel electric Azipod size 2 drive, 1.070kw (1.435hp) each Electrical System design :ABB Marine, 690v 400v 220v, 50hz Shore power converter :A C accepting 520-170v 40/70hz Bowthruster: Brunvoll 280kw (375hp) variable pitch propellor Black/Grey water system :Jets Fuel Purifier: Alfa Laval, Racor Air conditioning: Heinen Hopman twin duct system Water treatment: Heinen Hopman, Oktopus Water maker: Hydromar 2 x 15.000 liters (3.963 USG) per day Fuel capacity: 190 (50.192 USG) Fresh water capacity: 58 (15.322 USG) Stabilizers: Quantum 4 blade 1563, Zerospeed stabilization at anchor Tank testing, hydrodynamic modeling:FORCE, Danish Maritime Institute One of the Azipods >

42 Galley Equipment : Galley: 2 x Rational Combo ovens, 1 x Zanussi Combo oven, deep fryer, flat grill, 2 x plate hob Electrolux, salamander Zanussi, Carpigiani ice cream machine. Pantries:3 x Eurocave wine cellars, built-in climate controlled wine cellar, 5 x Foster ice makers, 2 x Faema espresso machines. Fridges/Freezers: 4 x walk in cold rooms day fridges in galley and all pantries. Dumb-waiters: Food lift galley to lower and bottom deck Trolley lift main deck to upper and sun deck Galley Equipment : Galley: 2 x Rational Combo ovens, 1 x Zanussi Combo oven, deep fryer, flat grill, 2 x plate hob Electrolux, salamander Zanussi, Carpigiani ice cream machine. Pantries:3 x Eurocave wine cellars, built-in climate controlled wine cellar, 5 x Foster ice makers, 2 x Faema espresso machines. Fridges/Freezers: 4 x walk in cold rooms day fridges in galley and all pantries. Dumb-waiters: Food lift galley to lower and bottom deck Trolley lift main deck to upper and sun deck Audio Visual: Entertaining System: Tower systems, Linn, Crestron, Yamaha Clavinova Grand Piano Satellite Television: SeaTel 9497, C Ku Band with global decoders Digital Video Server: Kaleide-scape distributed in six areas High Definition Stabilized Camera: Current Corp, Gyro-Cam

43 Tenders & Toys: Limousine tender:Vikal custom 8.5mt (28ft) GRP, Volvo KAMD300, duoprop Multi-purpose tender: Tresco custom 7.5mt (24.6ft) carbon/fiber.nomex/prepreg, Volvo KAMD300, Kamewa Jet. Jetskis: Kawasaki Ultra 150 Kawasaki STX 15 with Smart-Steer safety steering system Garages, cranes: Two garages aft for both tenders and jetskis, 1 ton capacity crane on foredeck for further jet-skis/sailing dinghy's etc. Spa pool: 3 cubic meter spa pool with counter current generator Fishing chair: Nautical Design marlin chair Diving Equipment: Bauer dive compressor and 4 sets Scuba-pro dive equipment

44 Accommodation: Guests: 12 Crew: up to 20 The full-beam master cabin From the central king sized double bed three full height oval portholes look out each side onto the ocean. The bathroom is divided from the bedroom with an opaque glass screen that can be made translucent at the touch of a button. A large Jacuzzi tub divides the bathroom into His and Her sides with a steam shower also in the middle.

45 The VIP cabin and bathroom on the upper deck: The upholstered Baker furniture piece at the foot of the bed serves as a coffee table. Both cabin and bathroom are characterized by very large windows to take advantage of the plentiful natural light of the upper deck. The bathrooms inner window is made of frosted glass for additional privacy. The countertops in the bathroom are of Azzuro dOriente marble with a white Egeo marble splashboard.

46 Double stateroom and twin guest cabin on the lower deck: The Yachts accommodations include two double and two twin cabins with almost identical layouts. The double cabins also feature walk-in wardrobes, though the fabrics and fittings vary from room to room. The elegant Art Deco theme, however, is maintained throughout the accommodations. To further personalize each cabin, the stone finishes in the bathroom vary and include rose quartzite, China Green and Giano Siena marbles. Many of the Zimmer & Rhode, Jagtar and Verel de Belval upholstery fabrics are custom-designed.

47 The double cabins also feature walk-in wardrobes



50 Formal Dinning



53 Disclaimer The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.

54 Thank you for your interest in this State of the Art new generation Mega Yacht. Please advise us of your travel plans to inspect And how many will be in your party. Please provide copy of travel plans. I remain in Service, Cordially, Mathew Moen

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