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Glennysha Jurado-Moran Spanish/Special Ed. Teacher Edison Public Schools iPod, uPod, wePod… ANYONE CAN PODCAST!!!

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1 Glennysha Jurado-Moran Spanish/Special Ed. Teacher Edison Public Schools iPod, uPod, wePod… ANYONE CAN PODCAST!!!

2 Goals What is a podcast How to use podcasting for instruction and assessment How to create & publish a podcast

3 Differentiated instruction-audience Experienced podcasters I hope to give you more ideas to add to your teacher tool box. Novice podcasters I hope to inspire you to play with this technology & add it to your teacher tool box

4 How it began… Sunday Star Ledger – Summer 2006 I didn't even own an iPod Aware of the love affair between todays youth and iPods World Language classroom offered a natural fit for this technology Applied for FLENJ mini-grant Was fortunate enough to receive it Thus began the journey

5 What is a podcast? A web-based form of broadcasting that allows anyone with a computer and/or digital media device to download and listen to content (Secrets of Podcasting, Bart G. Farkas) A digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the Internet for downloading to a personal audio player. (New Oxford American Dictionary)

6 More… Combination of the words iPod and broadcast It can be a radio show, new music release, monologue or anything else in an MP3 format. A way to selectively subscribe to audio and/or video content over the internet. Can be automatically added to your iPod Its like having DVR/TiVo for your iPod

7 In simple terms, a podcast is… an audio recording (mp3 file) posted on the internet that anyone can download.

8 Interesting fact…. The editors of the New Oxford American Dictionary declared "podcasting" the 2005 word of the year.

9 Reasons to use podcasting??? Highly engaging Easy to use Fun way to inspire students Delivers authentic language Can be easily incorporated to what you are probably already doing Your students will think its cool to have an iPod in class

10 My personal reason for using podcasting… Engages the students! Tell me and Ill forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.

11 From Wikipedia Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular in education. Podcasts enable students and teachers to share information with anyone at any time. An absent student can download the podcast of the recorded lesson. It can be a tool for teachers or administrators to communicate curriculum, assignments and other information with parents and the community.

12 More from Wikipedia Teachers can record book discussions, vocabulary or foreign language lessons, international pen pal letters, music performance, interviews, and debates. Podcasting can be a publishing tool for student oral presentations. Video podcasts can be used in all these ways as well.

13 Podcasting Instruction & Assessment Podcasting can be used in all three modes of communication. It can be used for instruction and assessment. Easiest way to incorporate podcasting in to your classroom is by using familiar strategies.

14 Interpretive - TPR Approach Thematic unit on food and the restaurant Free podcast on iTunes Had a lot of translating Just use what you need

15 Interpretive - TPR Approach (cont.) Taught vocabulary ahead of time (using clip art) Listened to podcast using speakers Stopped podcast occasionally and asked oral comprehension questions Gave them ditto with clip art of vocabulary had students circle the pictures of the vocabulary they heard Gave them written comprehension questions to answer.

16 Interpretive Use audio podcast the same way you would use authentic interpretive reading materials Instead of pre-teaching vocabulary, use podcast as an opportunity to listen for context clues, cognates, identify words they know and perhaps make lists of words they would like to know

17 Interpretive Thematic unit-Around the city Create podcast where students follow directions on a map of a city Create your own lessons for students to listen to

18 Interpretive Thematic Unit – School Life Create podcast about what school supplies they need for the school year Students make a list of the supplies that were mentioned

19 Interpersonal As a springboard for conversations Similar to information gap - Give students different podcasts on the same topic and have them interview each other Jigsaw puzzle – students listen to different podcasts and then need to speak to a variety of people to get all the information they need to complete a task

20 Interpersonal Thematic unit – Las Vacaciones Show Time Spanish – Marc & Alba talk about the seasons. Students were assigned to listen to a specific speaker and then had to interview each other to find out information about the speaker they didnt listen to

21 Presentational - assessment Probably the easiest way to incorporate podcasting Create a presentation and record GIMMICK- Tell students its to post on a website

22 School Life Students create a podcast to post on their school website Audience For ESL students Next years 6 th grade class (or 9 th grade class)

23 Presentational - instruction Evaluate assessments -play a presentation and analyze it as a class -Why is it good? -Why does it need improvement? -How can we make it better? -students can record their presentation and use their rubrics to self assess

24 Presentational podcasts Create their own podcast (video podcasts) news report weather report fashion show celebrity homes commercials/infomercials real estate ad restaurant review

25 Other ideas for podcasting World Language Clubs Have members become reporters. Find out what is going on around the school and post a weekly, biweekly or monthly podcast in your target language on your schools website. Homework Post listening assignments on a website ( I like wikispaces)

26 The technical stuff! Where do we get podcasts? How do we make them?

27 You do NOT need an iPod in order to podcast!!! An MP3 player will do Just using a computer works too Digital Voice Recorders - Easy way to start Podcast is just easier to say than MP3cast

28 Where to find podcasts Podcast directories are growing every day. iTunes Podcast Directory - requires iTunes Yahoo! Podcasts - allows playback right from the web ODEO - has nice playback and subscription options GarageBand Radio Network - hundreds of podcasts with great music! Podcast Alley NPR Podcast Directory Universities/Colleges

29 BE PREPARED TO SEARCH FOR THE CONTENT YOU WANT!!! It can be time consuming…but worthwhile Great summer project

30 American culture vs. target language culture What other cultures see as acceptable may not be in sync with American culture Screen content carefully

31 iTunes Apple music store on the internet Software is a free download ipod + itunes You do not need an iPod to use iTunes iTunes

32 iTunes Store On Left-look for podcasts 2 categories - audio & video (new) Click on Education Scroll down to More Education Language Courses

33 Subscribing to podcast Makes things easier Currently subscribe to about 17 podcasts Coffee Break Spanish Show Time Spanish Noti Uno-newscast Sycamore School

34 Began with a search podcasts en español Other languages Yahoo!France Yahoo!Italia Yahoo!German

35 Universities/Colleges World language/Foreign Language Dept. Some sites have podcasts you can use You can also find these on iTunes

36 Using the technology Listening to podcasts You can attach speakers to an iPod or MP3 player. Speakers vary in size and price If you have access to the internet you dont even need an iPod. You can play a podcast right from your computer. Class set of iPods

37 Tips for class set of iPods Number your iPods Assign students to numbers and have them sign out Pair two students to iPod Use baby wipes to keep earphones sanitary

38 Create & publish a podcast…MAC attach a microphone to iPod (Brands-Belkin & Extreme) use Garage Band to create and send your podcast directly to your iTunes library

39 Create a podcast…PC Use digital voice recording software to create podcasts (audacity – free download) Use a digital voice recorder

40 Publishing a podcast…PC Load podcast on to website that supports audio files. I like wikispaces!

41 Publishing a podcast…PC Takes care of everything for you Make a podcast (even by phone) Add music to podcast Creates RSS feed that allows listeners to tune in Its FREE!

42 Summary Find podcasts that align with your curriculum Incorporate them to something you already doing (i.e. make a presentation in to a podcast) Use them for all three modes of communication Use them for instruction as well as assessment Have fun with this technology

43 Useful resources - BOOKS Secrets of Podcasting, Bart G. Farkas KidCast-Podcasting in the classroom, Dan Schmit KidCast-Creative Podcasting, Dan Schmit Educators Podcast guide, Bard Williams

44 THANK YOU!!! Hope you have been inspired Glennysha Jurado-Moran

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