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Phone number: 02 35 06 93 40.

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2 Phone number: 02 35 06 93 40

3 Dieppe Dieppe is in the west north of France, next to English Channel,

4 The High school is in Chemin du Golf, 76372 Dieppe CEDEX FRANCE

5 The facilities in my school and specialized classrooms In my school there are sciences lab for the sciences technologies health and care and, lab sciences technologies and vocational courses

6 There is a library and sewing machine for the job of fashion, commerce, logistic. There is a library,computer for everyone from the hight school. There is a kitchen for different classes.

7 Sectors There are 4 sectors. 1 sector for boys, and 3 sectors for girls We are in rooms of 3 persons Showers are collective We have a TV room

8 The students Boarders8610% Half-boarders52361% Non Boarders24229%

9 The members of the staff The headmistress is Veronique HAUCHARD then Thierry DROUARD. The Librarians are Mrs Ribeiro and Mrs Baudouin. The docteur of the school is Mrs Lamy, and the nurse is Mrs Dereviers.

10 PROFESSIONAL SECTIONS BEP(VOCATIONAL DIPLOMA) Health and care diploma Vocational high school diploma - Accounting(accounts department) - Secretarial department(secretariat) - Business - Logistics - Hygiene and Environment - Jobs(businesses) by the Fashion - Convenience service and Local Life TECHNOLOGICAL SECTIONS (High school diploma) - Sciences and Technology of Laboratory, option Biochemistry Biological Genius(Engineering) - Sciences and Technology of the Health and the Social Different curicculums and subjeccts taught

11 Extracurricular activities It is place where we can enjoy ourselves. We have 1 table- football. We can listen to some music. There is an organisation to practise a sport ( UNSS ).

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