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Silver Award

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1 Silver Award

2 Have you ever wondered? What life would be really like as a scientist? How you would carry out your own scientific research.

3 Have you ever wanted to really do something in Science not related to the curriculum.......

4 We have the thing for you!!!!!!! There are exciting things happening in the Science department and I want you to be a part of it!!!!

5 It brings me great pleasure to introduce you to the CREST award

6 What is the Silver CREST award? - Open to all year 10 and year 11 students - Students in year 9 with a level of 6 or above - Research project or Designing project or Communications project - Approximately 30 hours of work - Explore career options and use transferable skills - Assessment to conclude project.

7 Why Should you be interested in the CREST award? Pursue interests Exploration UCAS – recognition, records of achievement Minor Cost Nationally recognised and accreditted Cross-curricula STEM

8 How is it going to run? Tuesday and Thursday evenings after school An hour after school (finish at 4:30) Come up with an idea, and run a project to answer and conclude it. Starting points in February and October There is a limited number of places – first come first serve basis Original research often not looked through the curriculum.

9 Video links

10 Fancy going into space?

11 Solve current problems

12 How clean do you feel?

13 Project ideas - Energy solutions to the future - Simulators - Build helicopters, hovercrafts, robots, - Genetics - Become a CSI - Efficiency of products - Improving the quality of people lives - Surveys and research projects - Fashion - Waste disposal - Sport

14 CREST bronze award - Open to all year 7, 8 and 9 students - Research project or Designing project or Communications project - Approximately 20 hours of work - Explore career options and use transferable skills - Assessment to conclude project.

15 What to do now? - Register your interest with Mr Rayson in Lab 6. - During February there will be a meeting for everyone who has registered their interest to find out more information and put their ideas forward. - We begin our projects after half term.

16 Plans for next year? Science fair at The William Allitt Entrance into the National Science and Engineering competition Links with local colleges and sixth form Mentor programme with CREST Participation in the big bang fair

17 Success of CREST at William Allitt during 2011 - Do hypertonic drinks actually work? - Inventing a method to solve identifying criminals using smart water - Testing the effectiveness of lipstick - Testing the performance of nail varnish - Investigating the design of different type of bridges - Using thin layer Chromatography to identify different drugs in blood.

18 More projects conducted during 2011 – 2012 during CREST at William Allitt Investigating how effective wind turbines are depending on wing design. Comparing the performance of different cleaners using bacteria growth. Building a hovercraft Completing a crack surveyance technique Inventing a magnetic fish cleaner Designing and building a water purifier for developing countries

19 Projects being conducted through 2011 - 2012 Comparing the effectiveness of hair shampoo on hair strength and structure. Testing the effectiveness of memory training games Conducting DNA gel electrophoresis

20 Plans for the future 16 projects to be completed by June 2012 30 students will obtain a CREST bronze and silver award. Plans in February there will be 10 new projects starting. Thursday 21 st June Science Fair will be hosted by the William Allitt School We will be competing in the Big Bang Fair

21 Thank you very much, I look forward to working with you next year

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