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Lifes eXchanges Nadim Sadek Inspired by George Homans Theory of Social Exchange.

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1 Lifes eXchanges Nadim Sadek Inspired by George Homans Theory of Social Exchange

2 V > (C x W) X

3 If the Value I get out of something… Is greater than… The Cost of my investment in it Moderated by my view of how the World should work Implies…Ill have a positive eXchange

4 V < (C x W) X Equally, if the Value I get out of something is less than its cost, its a poor eXchange and I probably wont enter into it…

5 So, what are these eXchanges? …they range from the trivial to the profound

6 Everything is an eXchange

7 Quid Pro Quo leads us to evaluate what we give (Costs) and what we take (Value) all the time

8 So, how do we make sense of Values and Costs?

9 We need a more forensic system… …to help us

10 We evaluate eXchange with… Seduction Persuasion and our Minds our Hearts

11 Seduction causes Want Societal decent, fair and just? Social have social approval? Personal appeal to me emotionally?

12 Persuasion gives Permission Situational easy for me to engage with them? Functional has a benefit to me/us?

13 So how come not everything is logical? We build our own idiosyncratic World view… Values Personality Social norms Expectations Experience

14 Some eXchanges are simple, others complex!




18 Tax dodge tips the balance Lots to love... But poor Corporate behaviour hurts... negative eXchange And a 7% sales boost for Costa Coffee

19 Guilt-free fast fashion positive eXchange 20% sales increase post Bangladesh Im getting what I want, with almost incredible ease... And my moral discomfort is allayed by clear policies

20 Improve my pulling power? positive eXchange Number 1 male deodorant brand in 120 countries Selling young men the dream of effortless appeal to women! Will it work? Do we believe it? For an edge in the mating game, its worth a shot!

21 When we decide its not worth it Any channel, any device, anytime – cool! So we suffer mediocre customer service... negative eXchange 80% of people believe their fees are too high Unless they put prices up!

22 Footballs most Successful Manager Strong leadership made Manchester United the most successful & globally famous club DD Despite lack of personal likability and questionable influence over referees positive eXchange Resulting in worlds fastest selling non fiction book

23 Fails to deliver on promises The high expectations we thought we had… vs. the reality… Not the inspirational leader and visionary people elected? negative eXchange Lowest approval ratings since 2009

24 Talentless painter uses extreme world view as political philosophy DD Appeared to offer the middle-class an alternative to the political establishment positive eXchange (at his election) Resulting in the worlds greatest tragedy A paranoid obsessive who nevertheless presented a utopian vision to a disaffected electorate

25 eXchange wisely!

26 Nadim Sadek – Partner & CEO

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