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Matrix and Compensation Plan

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1 Matrix and Compensation Plan
WorldWide Solutionz Matrix and Compensation Plan August, 2013

2 Matrixes can be confusing. Let’s fix that.
In very simple terms, a matrix is just an organized method of keeping track of each member’s place as they enter an organization. Generally, the significance of these placements is the relationships to the surrounding members for determining values in assigning commissions or other compensation within the structure. The WWSz KickStart is one GIANT matrix that just keeps growing and growing and growing and growing. Inside of this giant matrix, you have your own mini giant matrix that will also keep on growing and growing.

3 Your KickStart Matrix When you sign up in WorldWide SolutionZ, you become the head of your very own income-generating matrix. As people sign up using your affiliate link, or the links of your downline members, they will fill the empty spots in your matrix in a very orderly fashion. That will be their spot forever. There are no tricky moves or changing places or advancing to different levels. It’s all very simple and straight forward; the new guy goes into the first empty spot nearest to the top, left to right.

4 WWSz Matrix: How It Works
The KickStart is a 5 x 8 matrix. This means that there are 5 spots on your first level, and there are 8 levels included in the compensation plan. This illustration shows only the first three levels. You can imagine how big this screen would have to be to show you all eight!

5 Your KickStart Matrix See, there you are, at the top of your amazing matrix. Oh my goodness, you look rather lonely, AND a little blue! You need some friends!

6 Look! Here they come! But hold on a sec before we let them in.
There’s a couple things you need to know as boss of this matrix. Thing Number One: Every person that signs up with YOUR affiliate link is your Direct Referral. This means YOU are their SPONSOR. Thing Number Two: Every person in your matrix is your DOWN LINE. This means YOU are their UPLINE. Every person, in all 8 levels.

7 So let’s get these guys organized.
Direct Referrals are Golden because they earn bigger $ $ $ for you! Members brought in by your direct referrals and their direct referrals and their direct referrals (and sometimes by the magic of spillover) earn you money too!

8 We said orderly. Okay guys, take your places.

9 There are 5 spots on Level One

10 Level Two has room for 25 members
Level One Level Two

11 Hey! Level Two is not full yet. What’s going on?
Level One Level Two Level Three You are getting help filling your matrix! People above you and below you are adding members to YOUR matrix!!!

12 Your Matrix Is Not Your Own
Ok, we need to talk. Remember when we said that as soon as you sign up in WorldWide SolutionZ, you get your own matrix? It’s true, you do. But it is more accurate to say that you get your own matrix “space” within the giant matrix. Your spots were there before you arrived. You’re just going to use them now. AND you are going to share. Not just if you want to, not just if someone says “please”, not just if you’re having a good day – you are going to SHARE. Period. AND your neighbors are going to share with you, too.

13 Sharing Makes Magic Happen
Here’s how the sharing creates magic: When you signed up with your sponsor’s referral link, you became that member’s direct referral, and you were placed in their matrix according to their next open spot. It might have been in their 1st or 2nd level, or even in level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8. No matter which spot you landed in, your spot - the head of your matrix - is actually in someone else’s 1st level. And it’s in someone else’s 2nd level. And it’s in someone else’s 3rd level. And 4th, and 5th and 6th and 7th and 8th.

14 The Team Concept Every spot in your matrix also belongs to a bunch of other people who want to fill it just as much as you do. So you see, you are not alone. You do not have to do all the work yourself to fill the spots in your matrix. There are 5 different ways that your spots can be filled. People in your upline add new members that fall into your matrix. Your upline’s referrals add new members that land in your matrix. You sign up Direct Referrals. Your referrals (and their referrals) bring in new members. Company spillover adds new members to your matrix.

15 WWSz Terminology Member: Anyone who registers an account with WorldWide SolutionZ Upgraded Member: A member that has paid the $25 registration fee Sponsor: The person you signed up under Upline: Your sponsor and their sponsor and their sponsor, etc. Downline: All members in your matrix Direct Referral: A new member who signs up with your link Referral: Anyone in your downline Compensation: Money paid and /or Benefits awarded for work and achievement Commission: Money you can earn based on your downline Benefits: Non-monetary compensation Angel Bonus: Additional compensation paid upon qualification Spillover: Members who land in your matrix due to the efforts of others

16 Understanding Spillover
It is important to understand that there are two kinds of spillover in KickStart. You should know the differences and how each type of spillover works and affects your matrix. Upline Spillover: As your upline brings in referrals, some of those will land in your matrix. How many members you get in your matrix from this type of spillover depends on how active your upline people are with their recruiting efforts. Company Spillover: Members entering the program directly without signing up under an existing member’s affiliate link are evenly distributed across the membership base in a controlled manner, working from the upper left in the overall matrix to the lower right in one full pass before beginning from the top again. How many members you get in your matrix from this type of spillover depends on the number of people entering the program in this fashion, and how many empty spots are eligible in each spillover pass. As the membership numbers increase, so will the number of eligible spots. Keep in mind that even when there are thousands of members creating this spillover, the number of referrals assigned to any one individual’s matrix may accumulate quite slowly. Think of this spillover as a bonus. While spillover is the feature that makes it possible for people to benefit from KickStart without ever recruiting or signing up any members themselves, estimates suggest that it could take up to 3 years or more to complete all 8 levels of the program if you rely solely on spillover.

17 Compensation Qualification
KickStart compensation applies to the entire downline in your matrix and is based on several factors: 1) Is the member upgraded? 2) Is the member your Direct Referral? 3) Which level is the member on? Let’s take these one at a time. 1) If there’s no money, there’s no money. Members must pay the registration fee in order to generate commission for you. 2) You earn a Sponsor commission for each direct referral. In addition, you earn Upline commission for every member in your downline. 3) Commission amounts differ depending on where a member is located in your matrix.

18 Compensation Chart Level Members As Sponsor* As Upline* Angel Bonus**
Potential Income 1 5 $2.50 $25 2 25 $1.00 $0.50/$0.50 $75 3 125 $375 4 625 $0.50 $1,250 Cell Phone Benefit: Value $200 5 Life Jackets: Value $125 3125 $6,520 Holiday Package Registration and 3 Months Payment 6 15625 $31,250 5 Life Jackets: Value $125 Medical Benefit: Value $5,000 7 78125 --- $78,125 Vehicle Benefit: Value $15,000 Housing Benefit: Value $30,000 8 390625 Holiday Benefit: Value $10,000 Total Cash Income Potential: $117,350 Level benefits are awarded when level is full of paid members * Paid instantly to your wallet as members upgrade. **$0.50 paid when member upgrades + $0.50 per member paid upon Level Completion

19 Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I earn commissions if I am not upgraded? Yes, but you can not withdraw any money or get benefits until you have upgraded by paying the $25 registration fee. Note: Commissions cannot be used to pay for registration. Q. What can I do about members in my downline that have not upgraded? You can contact them and discuss the benefits of upgrading. You also have the option to contact them and offer to Pay It Forward via eVouchers you purchase with your own funds. Q. How can I possibly ever fill all those matrix spots? Remember the description above; everybody does their part and so we all work together, meaning you are not responsible to fill the whole matrix by yourself. Q. What happens after I complete level 8? Is that it for me? After completing level 5 you are automatically reentered into the matrix for a reentry fee of $25 and you will then qualify for even more cash bonuses and more and exciting benefits.

20 Click now to start your own Matrix!

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