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Photography By Isabel Cajulis, Christine Yuen, Ravital Narkolayev, Fred Stark.

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2 Photography By Isabel Cajulis, Christine Yuen, Ravital Narkolayev, Fred Stark

3 Different kinds of photography Animal photography Fashion photography Scientific photography Newspaper photography

4 Newspaper Photography Kinds of photography in a Newspaper Sports photography Fashion photography Real estate photography Commercial photography Political photography Wedding photography Photographer of the year is Michael Macor. (newspaper photographer) Their salary ranges from $350-$1000 per week. Very few photographers earn over $100,000 a year. To be a successful photographer, you must have your Bachelors Degree.

5 Fashion photography Fashion photographers work for magazines, newspapers, and websites. The salary for an experienced fashion photographer is about $50,000 annually. A degree in Photography/Art is very helpful for getting the first job. Also, knowledge of fashion design can be very important.

6 Animal Photography Pet photography You should understand the behavior of animals Need a bachelor degree. Wildlife photography You have to know what the animals behavior is in order to get a good shot. The salary is $7,000-9,000 a year. You have to go to places to take pictures of different species Wildlife photography sell their photos to companies. You need a master degree.

7 Tips on taking pictures of Animals You have to move in closer to get a better picture. Zoom in if you can. If you know the animals movement, then it would be much easier. Understand how to use your camera. The shutter speed should be set 1/125 or faster Focus on the animals eyes Make sure you keep the picture simple. Take pictures early in the morning or late afternoon Try to attract attention to make the animal look at you.(make sure it wont harm you if you do this.)

8 Science photography The salary for a science photographer is about $4,000. Science lab degree Need a bachelor degree, physical and biological. You also need a four year degree. $25,000 to $35,000 salary annually.

9 Fashion photography pictures Taken by: Isabel Cajulis Fashion photography Taken by: Isabel Cajulis

10 Animal photography pictures Taken by: Christine Yuen

11 Science photography pictures Taken by: Ravital Narkolayev

12 Bibliography Fashion Photography Fashion Photography 2 Animal Photography Animal Photography 2 Pet Photography Pet Photography 2 Newspaper photography Newspaper images Photography

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