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Presidents Assembly Monthly Webinar April 19, 2012.

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1 Presidents Assembly Monthly Webinar April 19, 2012

2 During the Webinar – Just Ask! Please use this question area to communicate with us throughout the webinar. Have a question…type it!!

3 Raise Your Hand There will be designated times to speak your questions. You can click on the Raise Your Hand button. When we are ready for your question, we will unmute you and call on you.

4 What Chapter do you represent? Please use your GoToWebinar Question box to type in the name of your Chapter…

5 Presidents Assembly Leadership Lola Kakes Greater Tucson Chapter Chair-Elect Rachael Bender Southwest Florida Chapter Chair

6 2011-2012 Presidents Assembly Steering Committee Sandy Spadaro NAWBO South Jersey PASC Northeast & Mid- Atlantic Region Deb Shea NAWBO Silicon Valley PASC Western Region Carolynne Mather NAWBO Lakeland Metro PASC Southern Region

7 NAWBO REGIONAL BREAKDOWNS Northeast & Atlantic Region Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, W. Virginia Midwest Region Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri Southern Region North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana Western Region Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii

8 Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities Presidents Assembly Steering Committee is responsible for: Serving as voice of the chapters on the National Board and facilitating communications between National and the chapters Facilitating chapter collaboration/information sharing via webinars Creating a community of chapter leaders Helping chapter leaders with strategic planning, problem resolution, etc.

9 The Presidents Assembly Steering Committee is currently recruiting NAWBO members for the 2012-2014 term (two-year commitment). This is a great way to get involved in a leadership role with National NAWBO. Expectations: Attend the PASC meetings at the National Conference each year Attend and participate in all PASC monthly teleconference calls Lead bi-monthly regional teleconference call Attend and participate in all PA monthly webinars (lead 2 per year) Work on other projects as assigned Requirements: Must have had a chapter board leadership role (does not need to be a president) Chair-elect & Chair of PA must be a past president or current president If you are interested in learning more, please contact us via email JOIN THE PRESIDENTS ASSEMBLY STEERING COMMITTEE

10 POLL Do you know someone who would be interested in joining the PASC?

11 WEBINAR SCHEDULE Mark Your Calendar NOW! Webinars will be held on the third Thursday of every month at noon Eastern time. Upcoming Webinars: May – Finding Corporate Partners June – Strategic Planning July – Building a Good Team August – To Be Determined Suggest a webinar topic by emailing

12 PA Facebook Page Use to share news and information; exchange best practices; ask for help; etc. All chapter leaders are welcome to join. Please do not use to market your business.

13 News from National Rachael Bender PASC Chair

14 Sample chapter documents from a variety of chapters to help you better manage your chapter. A few documents you will find: Policies & Procedure Manuals Chapter Business Plan Chapter Membership Survey Strategic Alliance MOU Nominating Committee Board Questionnaire Submit your chapters documents to CHAPTER RESOURCE CENTER: Best Practice Library NEW! Chapter Documents

15 Spring Membership Drive thru April 30! $25 discount off National dues New membership application form must be used if member is not applying online. Download form from Chapter Resource Center. Applications must be sent in by the end of April for the discount to be applied. Do not send in a late application! SPRING MEMBERSHIP DRIVE

16 Three chapters with most members each win a 2012 conference registration Currently in the Lead: Small: Central Illinois (tight race) Medium: Phoenix Large: Indianapolis Total of 313 new members to date during the 2012 Spring membership drive. SPRING MEMBERSHIP DRIVE CONTEST

17 NAWBO Public Policy Days Americas Small Business Summit 2012 When: Monday, May 21, 2012 - Wednesday, May 23, 2012 Where: Omni Shoreham Hotel 2500 Calvert Street, NW Washington, DC 20008 Still Time to Register –Registration $345 –Hotel $269/night

18 NAWBO Public Policy Days Americas Small Business Summit 2012 Public Policy Day on Wednesday, May 23 rd in Capital Visitor Center. Key Senate and House members have been invited to meet with NAWBO members from 10AM-12PM. Afternoon spend time with individual appointments on the Hill Special Session during the Summit Green Light to Growth: Driving Job Creation Begins With Increased Access to Capital moderated by NAWBO CEO Diane Tomb

19 NAWBO LEADERSHIP BOOT CAMP June 22, 2012 Email to get estimates of attendance goes out this week, please respond. GOALS To build stronger chapters through leadership training To share best practices amongst peers To support each others growth and success FORMAT One full day of group training, breakout sessions & best practice roundtables Networking & social dinner evening before Geared to presidents, president-elects and aspiring board leadership COSTS Summit Registration: around $50 (estimate) Hotel: $100/night

20 October 4-5, 2012 | Louisville, Kentucky Early Bird Registration open now through April 30 th Save $25 off regular registration rate ($325 Early bird). Leadership Training – Additional session includes breakfast $50

21 MEMBER RETENTION First - you get a new member! Then what? Moderator: Carolynne Mather NAWBO Lakeland PASC Southern Liaison

22 How Do We Compare? National NAWBO Average Renewal 2009: 46% 2010: 45% 2011: 49% So currently in order to maintain membership we must bring in HALF of your current membership every year. What if we could boost renewals to two-thirds?

23 Poll The average retention rate for 2011 was 49%. Do you track your chapters retention rate?

24 Current Members: 90 First Quarter 2012 Retention Rate: 82% Patsy Foxworth NAWBO San Antonio Chapter President San Antonio Chapter

25 Chapter Retention Tips from San Antonio Membership Chair and Membership Committee act as Chapter Ambassadors They greet members and guests at monthly membership luncheon. Membership Ambassadors also introduce New Members and Guests to others at the function. They call renewing members and have a conversation with them in addition to emails and hand written notes. They follow-up with calls to guests who come to monthly functions; welcome them and answer any questions they have; and invite them to become members. With each follow-up call we find out what that particular member or prospective member wants to attain through their association with NAWBO.

26 Chapter Retention Tips from San Antonio GOOD Programs – we have had a variety of programs this year. The most popular: Past ESA Winners Panel Discussion; Holiday Event at SAKs 5 th Avenue; Social Media with Top Level Local Guest Speakers; Holiday Themed Fashion show featuring Entertaining Ideas and Gift Giving Ideas (using our NAWBO Members to present); San Antonio Mayor & City Manager speaking Round Table Discussions.

27 Chapter Retention Tips from San Antonio Emphasis on Member Benefits from Corporate Partners –Complimentary meeting rooms; –Free Legal Hotline; –Discounts from CPs; –Introductions to key business owners

28 POLL Does your chapter provide mentoring of any kind to your members?

29 NAWBO Louisville Chapter Rose Wyman NAWBO Louisville Chapter Chair, Marketing Committee Current Members: 115 First Quarter 2012 Retention Rate: 65% Victoria E. Boggs NAWBO Louisville Chapter Co-Chair, Membership Committee

30 NAWBO Louisville: Strategies for Boosting Membership Retention Determine goals for the chapter for membership – what type of businesses will you target, and what is the # goal for new memberships/renewals? Provide value for members through events and committee participation. Cultivate relationships with those who are approaching renewal by contacting them prior to renewal to discuss their business and challenges, listen, and suggest how NAWBO might help, and has helped your business. Find out what members look for in membership – networking, business resources, advice, referrals – and direct them to people/committees for further involvement. The more involved they are, the more value they get.

31 NAWBO Louisville: Strategies for Boosting Membership Retention Make sure membership has a strong presence at every meeting and event – have a membership table and have committee members greet members. Membership committee should meet regularly and get members involved! Great way to promote their own businesses and make connections! Make sure all members (esp. approaching renewal) are aware of resources available so they can find value in their membership.

32 POLL Does your Chapter provide opportunities for members to know the value of retaining their membership through: –Surveys –Networking –Education –Economic Statements –None

33 Current Members: 240 Second Largest NAWBO Chapter First Quarter 2012 Retention Rate: 65% NAWBO Indianapolis Chapter Stacy Shew NAWBO Indianapolis Executive Director

34 WWW.NAWBO. INDY. ORG RECRUIT, RETAIN, RECLAIM What is the value proposition? Chapter Brand Become Paramount in Your Community Member 2 Member Diverse Membership Review Committee What do members want? Ask! Conduct Surveys Continue to Realign

35 WWW.NAWBO. INDY. ORG RECRUIT, RETAIN, RECLAIM Engagement of Members Volunteer on Committee(s) Utilize as a Resource Involve in the Process Diverse Membership Event Participation Board Lead Diversity Committee New Member Programming New Member Receptions Events – inclusion of members, corporate partners and community leaders Strategic and Intentional

36 WWW.NAWBO. INDY. ORG RECRUIT, RETAIN, RECLAIM Membership Committee Composition of Committee – experienced, diverse, committed to mission Chaired by Board Member Active Members Commitment to Mission New Program Launch Lifetime Client Value – LCV WOW Campaign – 10 steps to engagement Orientation – new member on-boarding Board Involvement Committee Events / Workshops Recruitment Community Outreach


38 POLL Do you conduct exit surveys to determine why a member is not renewing?

39 Questions?

40 Thank you for participating in NAWBO Presidents Assembly Webinar! We look forward to talking to you next month. The webinar will be on May 17th at noon Eastern on Membership Retention. To share this information with your chapters leadership, visit NAWBO Presidents Assembly Community for the slides or the Facebook Presidents Assembly Page for the link to the recording.

41 CONTACT NAWBO Member Services: Chapter Services: Presidents Assembly: News/Article Submissions: Website/Technical Support:

42 Your Feedback is Welcome! Please send feedback to

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