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The Dune Preserve.

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1 The Dune Preserve

2 The History of Moonsplash
The first Moonsplash Music Festival took place in 1991 Moonsplash was founded by Bankie Banx and his friend Sheriff Bob Moonsplash began as a roving music festival There have been Moonsplash performances on several islands including: Anguilla Scilly Cay Sandy Island Prickly Pear Pinnel Cay, St. Martin St. Barths The Dune Preserve became the permanent home of Moonsplash in the late 1990’s

3 Bankie Banx And The All Star Band – Moonsplash 2005

4 Moonsplash Honor Roll Moonsplash started as an annual island showcase for Bankie Banx, and included local acts including longtime performer Kinayah. In the early years, several of Bankie’s friends in the business made cameo appearances at the festival. As momentum grew, Moonsplash became the festival that consistently provided headlining acts to the region. Although the festival has a reggae flavor, the performers have come from diverse musical genres. Performers Bankie Banx Bacon Brothers Benjy Myaz Black Uhuru Cat Coore Culture Freddie McGregor John Holt Junior Jazz Kinayah Lloyd Parks and We The People Performers Marcia Griffith Omari Banks Pam Hall Pat McKay Rita Marley Ritchie Havens Sheriff Bob Tahirah Banks Third World Toots & The Maytals Volunteers Oluwakemi Linda Banks Richard Hickson ( ) Uncle Shep Yanchie Richardson

5 Why Moonsplash? Part I Moonsplash is hosted annually at the Dune Preserve on Anguilla around the March full moon. Moonsplash serves an important function of exposing the Anguillian community to a wide variety of excellent live music performances. The festival also brings vital tourism activity to the island each year. Although the festival does not engage in paid international advertising, the reputation of the festival, it’s venue and it’s founder all attract coverage in various travel magazines. “The Caribbean side’s endless beach, Rendezvous Bay, lays out a stunning 2 1/ 2 - mile arc of sand facing St. Martin. One of the world’s great walking strands—with Dune Preserve, the region’s most artistically eclectic beach bar, conveniently located at the midpoint—Rendezvous is also a superb swimming beach when the water is calm.” – Beach Lovers’ Guide “Reggae ambassadors, the Third World Band and roots rock reggae dynamo, Culture will this year headline Anguilla's long-running music festival, Moonsplash. The weekend festival, which runs from April 1 to 4, will also feature Jamaican Benjy Myaz.” – Jamaica Observer - March 15, 2004 “The Moonsplash Music Festival an annual music festival hosted each year by Anguilla’s reggae king Bankie Banx.” – “Now going into it’s eleventh year, the Moonsplash Music Festival is a relatively small affair but it is set in one of the coolest bars in the Caribbean, the Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay.” - (2002)

6 Why Moonsplash? Part II Beyond the economic impact on Anguilla, Moonsplash is most proud of it’s legacy of social consciousness. Through it’s relationship with The Anguilla National Trust, The Anguilla Tennis Academy, and the newly created Project Stingray – Moonsplash is raising awareness two vital issues on Anguilla. Through the Anguilla National Trust, Moonsplash is bringing the issue of coastal conservation into the public consciousness of Anguilla. Due to the effects of sand dredging and shoreline construction, many of the sand dunes that once lined the beaches of Anguilla have been destroyed. Although the beaches remain clean and beautiful, the absence of sand dunes increases the potential impact of hurricane storm surges. Bankie attended and performed at the Wise Coastal Practices Conference hosted by The Department of Physical Planning and the Anguilla National Trust. – September 14, 2000 – Bankie has performed in support of the Anguilla Tennis Academy at the Country Across America spotlight on Anguilla, in February 2005 and again at the Country Music Festival on Anguilla in July Both events featured country stars and songwriters from Nashville, TN. As seen internationally on the Great American Country Television Network.

7 Why Moonsplash? Part III
The Anguilla Tennis Academy - through sport - and Project Stingray - through music – provide youth on the island creative alternatives to crime and violence. The Anguilla Tennis Academy was founded by a young enterprising Anguillian – Mitchell Lake – and provides lessons and will eventually provide scholarships for youth on the Island. Project Stingray will teach music and songwriting to children on Anguilla.

8 Festival Format - Overview
Thursday - Cocktail Party & Meet and Greet The Cocktail Party is usually hosted by Callalo Peninsula on Thursday evening.  Expect to meet many of the Moonsplash performing artists and enjoy impromptu performances.  The after party is held at the beautiful Dune Preserve and will feature an open mic and new artist showcase. Friday - Local Night Friday will feature an assortment of talented local and regional artists performing on the Moonsplash Stage from 9p.m. until dawn. Saturday - International Night Saturday night's performances will be headlined by a well known international artist/group and will also include Bankie Banx and his Allstar Band. Performances will begin at 9p.m. and continue until dawn. Sunday - Grand Beach Party Sunday's activities kick off at noon.  The day's highlights will include local food and drinks, live music, traditional boat races, beach volleyball and the annual Moonsplash Fashion Show.

9 For More Information Sponsorship
Anguilla: Bankie Banx Enterprises – P.O. Box 85 – The Valley, Anguilla B.W.I. (264) United States: Bankie Banx Enterprises, Inc. – Ocotillo Drive – Houston, TX (713) Bands and Artists (713) Press Kits: Bankie Banx Enterprises, Inc. – Ocotillo Drive – Houston, TX 77095 Press Caribbean: (264) or (264) United States: (713)

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