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Z100 Prospects: A “VBR” Report

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1 Z100 Prospects: A “VBR” Report
presented by: Jennifer L. Pricci December 12, 2006

2 Jennifer Pricci “VBR” Defined…
"Hi, I’m Jennifer Pricci, I help companies and brands engage with their target consumers by partnering with Z100, the most listened to radio station in the country drawing the majority of tri-state’s tween, teen and young adult trend-setters and tastemakers. Z100 goes beyond radio programming as a lifestyle choice and instead leverages it’s emotional connection with it’s listeners to provide fully integrated content across a variety of mediums including some of the most successful live music events in the nation. Do you have some time now to tell me a bit about your various marketing objectives?... and maybe I can share with you the solutions Z100 and ClearChannel offer that will align your brand with the activities your consumers are most passionate about?...”

3 Why Z100? An Integrated Content Provider…
WHTZ Z100 Top-40 Radio - “The most listened to station in the nation” Z100 Events Z100 holds more live music, community and experiential marketing events than any other station in the country Z100 Website – Listen Live Stream Music on Demand Online listener advisory panel Online contests Downloadable podcasts Videos on Demand and Z TV “Jump or Dump” - Online photo submission community Exclusive Artist Photos Buddy icons and ZVIP desktop News headlines, weather and traffic ZVIP Loyalty Program - free events, concerts, and music information delivered via exclusive info on Z100 concert events (Jingle Ball, Zootopia) and express sign-up for online contests Z100 on MySpace –

4 Primary Category Hit List

5 Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Target: General Mills
Brands: Milk ‘n Cereal Bars* Fruit Roll Ups Nature Valley Granola Bars “… there’s no better market than New York to drive awareness among hurried super-consumers for your (Milk ‘n Cereal) bars. The convenience of this on-the-go product will register with our target being we own more Moms & Kids than any other station in the country.” Rationale: Cereal companies have been introducing more convenient variations of their brands. Cereal bars and portable snack products have moved into the forefront of new product innovation. Leverage “the city that never sleeps” and Z100’s ownership of the super-consumer to push these “brands of convenience.” * In August, 2006 GM began a regional launch of its new Milk ‘n Cereal Bars on the East coast Contact: Mark Addicks, CMO Doug Moore, VP Adv & Branding Ann Carr, VP Promo Mktg Yoplait Smoothies Go-Gurt & Go-Gurt Smoothies

6 Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Target: The Kellogg Company
Brands: Pop Tarts & Go Tarts Snack Stix Fruit Flavored Snacks (Yogos, Fruit Streamers, Twistables) Eggo Line Nutri-Grain Bars (Cereal Bar, Yogurt Bars, Muffin Bars) New Mini Swirlz Cereal Line “… aligning with Z100 and our live music events will drive awareness, especially among your core target of kids aged nine to 16 and the super-consumer (Mom & Kid), and create top-of-mind-hype around your ‘cool’ brands through lifestyle association.” Rationale: Kellogg’s seeks partnerships that align with brand identity and support brand messaging. Pop Tarts and Snack Stix have previously sponsored the American Idols tour… what about the Idol off-season? Contact: Orinda Tims, Innovation Manager Kim Miller, Cons Mktg Dir

7 Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Target: Kraft / Convenient Meals
Brands: Oscar Meyer Taco Bell Dinner Kits Frozen Pizza California Pizza Kitchen DiGiorno Jack's South Beach Tombstone “… Kraft’s easy meal solutions for busy Moms are an American staple. Z100’s integrated content and events tap into the emotions of more Moms and kids than any other station in the country.” Rationale: Companies offering a variety of convenient meal solutions must reach young Mom’s AND their kid’s in effort to leverage the “nag factor.” (Reference Campbell’s marketing blitzkrieg each November… radio, television, PR, FSI’s as well as extensive in-store materials launch their holiday cooking season.) Contact: Jeri Finard, EVP CMO Ed Bayer, Dir Media Plng Packaged Food Combinations Handi-Snacks (JELL-O) Lunchables Macaroni & Cheese Kraft (The Cheesiest) Kraft Easy Mac

8 Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Target: Kraft / Snacks
Brands: Nabisco Ritz Line Oreo Chips Ahoy! Barnum’s Animals Teddy Graham’s Snack Well’s “… there’s no medium more emotional than radio. Radio’s emotional appeal is immediate, and radio’s immediacy is a powerful motivator. Aligning with Z100 programming, content and events will reach more of your targeted tweens than any other station in the country in an emotive state, ready to take action!” Rationale: Brands made Kraft what it is today. If you look at the history of the company, their best assets are their brand names. Kraft can leverage this competitive edge by aligning with the emotional medium of Z100 programming and associated events. Dig deeper into marketing initiatives for Kraft Snacks and you’ll see they’re already leveraging a music platform (i.e. Oreo Jingle Contest; Nabisco brands sponsorship of the Britney Spears Tour). Contact: Jeri Finard, EVP CMO Ed Bayer, Dir Media Plng Refrigerated Snacks JELL-O Handi-Packs Nilla

9 Consumer Soft Drink (CSD) Target: Kraft / Ready-to-Drink
Brands: Capri Sun Country Time Crystal Light Fruit20 Kool-Aid Bursts / Jammers Kool-Aid Slushies Tang Veryfine “… the American consumer deflection from powdered drinks combined with our target audience’s need for ready-to-drink solutions for the lunch box and extra-curricular make partnering with Z100 and our properties a natural fit.” Rationale: Traditional powdered drinks are at odds with prevailing American consumer preferences for instant gratification and an aversion to time-consuming preparation. Contact: Jeri Finard, EVP CMO Ed Bayer, Dir Media Plng

10 Consumer Package Goods (CPG) Target: Pepsico / Fritolay
Brands: Baked! Products Cheetos brand Cheese Flavored Snacks Cracker Jack brand Snacks Doritos brand Tortilla Chips Fritos brand Corn Chips Funyuns brand Onion Flavored Rings “…the “Pepsi Generation” are today’s millennials and their BS meter is high. Z100 owns the millennials that define pop culture. Partnering with us is an opportunity for you to engage in a relevant lifestyle choice, foster a positive brand image and do it in a way that’s perceived as authentic.” Rationale: Much of Pepsico's success comes from the fact that it consistently stays in touch with changing trends and lifestyles. The lifestyle choice for these brands’ target consumer when it comes to entertainment is the content Z100 delivers, and the trend when marketing to them is to be authentic. Aligning with Z100 will yield an authentic association. Contact: Angelique Krembs, Dir Cons Mktg Cie Nicholson, CMO Mary Ann Power, Dir Media Lay's brand Potato Chips Lay's Stax brand Potato Crisps Munchies Snack Mix Rold Gold brand Pretzels Ruffles brand Potato Chips SunChips brand Snacks

11 Consumer Soft Drink (CSD) Target: Pepsico
Brands: Pepsi / Diet Pepsi Pepsi Lime / Diet Pepsi Lime Pepsi ONE / Pepsi ONE w/Splenda Pepsi Twist Pepsi Vanilla Wild Cherry Pepsi Aquafina Aquafina Flavorsplash Water “… the 18–24-year-old students you target are making Z100 an active lifestyle choice!” Rationale: If Coca-Cola is the all-American brand, PepsiCo must do something to stand them apart from “your parent’s soft drink.” Mountain Dew and SoBe have positioned themselves as action brands with an excitement and electricity backing the remaining Pepsico CSD’s as well. With soft drink sales already lagging due to the wellness crisis among America’s youth, and Pepsi being the constant #2, can they really afford to not align their brands, particularly their wellness brands, with Z100’s cool quotient? Plus, recent Pepsi initiatives such as making new music releases available first to their online loyalty consumers may make for the perfect partnership with Z100. Contact: Angelique Krembs, Dir Cons Mktg Cie Nicholson, CMO Mary Ann Power, Dir Media Scott Parker, Mktg Mgr (Pepsi) Mountain Dew / Diet Mountain Dew Mountain Dew Amp Energy Drink Mountain Dew LiveWire Mountain Dew MDX Mug Root Beer / Cream Soda Sierra Mist / Sierra Mist Free SoBe

12 Consumer Soft Drink (CSD) Target: Krumpes
Brands: Yoo-Hoo “…Z100 will deliver your target year-old-consumer in a manner which will allow Yoo-Hoo to align with their passions and make some noise!” Rationale: The folks at Yoo-Hoo take a different approach than other bev marketers. Instead of hosting focus groups they spend their research time online into the wee hours of the morning in chat rooms and on teen message boards tying to gauge what will get their finicky year-old target buying, asking for, and consuming Yoo-Hoo. With a high-tolerance for out-of-the-box thinking and a low tolerance for playing it safe...Yoo-Hoo strives to make noise (they have activated on the Vans Warped Tour.) Contact: Kristin Krumpe, Dir Mktg

13 Consumer Soft Drink (CSD) Target: Cadbury Schweppes
Brands: Dr. Pepper 7UP Snapple Squirt / Diet Squirt Squirt Ruby Red “… your brand’s positioning is the perfect message to identify with our aspirational tween and teen listeners.” Rationale: The CS beverage target market believe life should be lived in accordance with one's own set of personal values and not based on the expectations of others. Cola drinkers, on the other hand, try to win the approval of others. Dr. Pepper’s positioning, for example, speaks directly to the aspirations of the tween/teen segment because it’s “cool.” Sky’s the limit for this kind of brand in a market where it’s success is based on consciousness of image. Contact: Randy Gier, EVP & CMO – Beverages

14 Confection Target: Cadbury Schweppes
Brands: Bubblicious Trident – sugar-free gum White Fusion Splash Dentyne Dentyne Ice “… you have a distinct history of communicating your ‘cool’ factor to your multi-generational targets. Z100 is another way you can drive that point home.” Rationale: From youthful brands like bubblicious, to the best-selling gum brand out there touted for “4 out of 5 dentists…” to Dentyne, the gum for young singles that need to make the oh-so-important first impression... Gum chewing is a favorite past-time for tweens, teens and young adults stemming back generations. And, did I mention that Z100 owns that segment? Contact: Randy Gier, EVP & CMO – Beverages

15 Confection Target: Hershey
Brands: Hershey’s Kisses Hershey’s Chocolate Milk / Milk Shakes (Licensed to Morningstar Foods) Reese’s Line Jolly Ranchers Jolly Ranchers Fruit Chews Twizzlers Ice Breakers Bubble Yum “… Z100 is a perfect opportunity for you to infiltrate the kid, tween, teen and Mom consumer segments.” Rationale: Tweens and Teens are tied with kids for candy’s biggest fan and this segment like their choice in music, is proud in their choice of confectionary brand. Additional opportunity exists with Morningstar foods to build upon Z100’s tween/teen segment which they’re hoping to grow… won’t Mom be happy that the kids are asking for a product that will give them all the benefits of milk. Exposure for Hershey’s all around! Contact: Toby Purdy, SVP Mktg for Morningstar Foods

16 Confection Target: M&M Mars / Masterfoods
Brands: M&M’s Snickers Milky Way 3 Musketeers “… Z100 is a perfect opportunity for you to engage in viral buzz-building public campaigns that will get your product right into the hands of the kid, tween, teen and Mom consumer segments.” Rationale: There are quiet brands, and then there is M&M Mars. The VP of PR at Masterfoods USA is known for returning media calls, announcing promotions, and pulling it all together under public events and grassroots campaigns. They love to get their product into the hands of consumers… combined with their lovable M&M characters and you have the makings for a great activation at a live music event! As a whole, M&M Mars position themselves towards their broad target in a socially responsible manner, fostering education and family fun. It is the #2 company in the US, and #1 internationally… stealing that top spot is a possibility, persisting at what’s currently working - viral and guerilla campaigns under a popular, public platform - can make this a reality. Contact: Scott Hudler, Sr Mgr Sponsorship Mktg, Masterfoods USA Michelle Weese, VP PR, Masterfoods USA Skittles Twix Starburst

17 Health & Beauty Target: KAO Brands Company
Bioré Line John Frieda Line Soft Sense Lotion “… partnering with Z100 will offer you the opportunity to speak directly to your image-conscious consumers who are consistently seeking beauty solutions. Our events draw more teen influencers among the ‘in-crowd’ from the biggest market in the nation.” Rationale: Regional, high-impact events are popular among the Health & Beauty category both because of the intimacy of their brands, the interaction required to relay the brand’s message, and the viral component inherent in marketing to teens and tweens coming of age. KAO, specifically John Frieda, has previously activated in music/entertainment because they know there’s only so much you can say in a TV spot or print ad. Contact: Cheryl Punk, Media Mgr Maria Mancabelli, Sr Brand Mgr (Bioré) Brigitte King, AVP Mktg (John Frieda) LeeAnn Silver, PR Mgr (John Frieda) Nikki Zellen, Brand Mgr (Soft Sense) Michele Messina, Brand Mgr

18 Health & Beauty Target: Avon
Brands: Color Trend mark. “…Z100 is a perfect opportunity for you to continue to drop the age of your average consumer and align with the lifestyle choice of your younger target, a strategy Mark and Color Trend is already clearly employing.” Rationale: Avon is going less Mom, more MTV (reference their ‘Let’s Talk Beauty Tour’). The average age of the Avon consumer is consistently dropping and while their target is national, the image of the Avon Lady is a regional component they won’t soon let go of. Recently, Avon launched an SMS and campaign to support the revamp of its youth brand, Color Trend. The campaign is part of a $1M marketing investment in the brand, incorporating endorsement from teen band Atomic Kitten (HELLO music platform!) aimed at driving year-old teenage girls. Contact: Deborah Fine, Pres Avon Future (Mark) Elizabeth A. (Liz) Smith, EVP / Pres (North America) and Glbl Mktg

19 Health & Beauty Target: Johnson & Johnson
Brands: Clean & Clear Line (tween target) Neutrogena Line Deep Clean (teen target) o.b. (18-24-year-old target) Stayfree / Carefree Line (female students) “…imagine an opportunity for you to create positive brand association and educate your hard-to-reach female students on the importance of skin care. Z100 owns female students in the biggest market in the country, and offers you the opportunity to reach them at a time where they’ll be most receptive to your message.” Rationale: J&J brands consistently seek opportunities to generate awareness and create positive brand association for their extensive lines of health care products among the hard to reach female student. Previous marketing campaigns have featured the opportunity to send “shout-outs” to consumers’ friends and family… sound familiar? Alcone Marketing is currently pitching J&J a huge marketing campaign that leverages the female student platform during the back-to-school season. Imagine the possibility for similar impact at a lower cost by partnering with Z100’s Zootopia this summer! Contact: J. Andrea Alstrup, VP Ad

20 Back-to-School Target: Bed, Bath & Beyond
Opportunity: Back-to-School promotions “… you understand the stress young adults and their Moms feel when preparing to go off to college. We have the perfect event where you can advertise your annual promotions geared to alleviate that stress and reach your target consumers, our core audience, at their greatest time of need.” Rationale: Bed Bath & Beyond understands how challenging preparing for college can be. This is a stress very familiar to core Z100 listeners. Bed, Bath & Beyond can partner with Z100 and our properties, particularly Zootopia which takes place during the back-to-school season, to leverage associated promotions geared to alleviate that stress. BB&B to the rescue! Contact: Rita Little, VP Mktg, Bed Bath & Beyond

21 Back-to-School Target: Master Lock
Opportunity: Back-to-School promotions “… Z100 delivers more of your target 8-16-year-old consumers engaged in activities they’re most passionate about during your critical back-to-school selling season. Align your promotions with our content and events and you’re aligning with your target’s lifestyle choice, a great motivator!” Rationale: Each year Master Lock tries to drive preteens and early teens to seek out and buy Master Lock combination locks in the critical back-to-school season. They often launch exciting promotions around this objective. They also employ appeal-enhancing design techniques such as colorful "lock wrap" stickers created for kids to customize their locks. The #1 lock and the #1 station… a great combination! Contact: Steve Quinett

22 Back-to-School Target: Microsoft
Brands: OneNote (dedicated note-taking software) “… Z100 delivers more of your target consumers, particularly those about to embark or currently enrolled in college, during your critical back-to-school selling season. In addition, our emphasis on online content and social networking are the perfect driver to your many online components associated with the purchase of OneNote.” Rationale: Microsoft needs to find opportunities to drive awareness for their new note-taking software. There are many components of OneNote purchase that involve online activity, perfect for Z100’s emphasis of integrated content provision. Additional opportunity exists with Toshiba who has partnered with Microsoft and placed OneNote on all of their laptops. Hit a dead-end, call on MAC’s version “NoteTaker” (AquaMind). Contact: B. Kevin Turner

23 Back-to-School Target: Staples
Opportunity: Back-to-School promotions Teen-centric supplies “… Z100 content and events deliver more of your back-to-school target than any other station in the country. The perfect push for your teen-centric supplies among your aspirational tween and teen sets, our brand aligns your much needed fashion-forward organizational products to a group who cares about that most. It’s these kids who will ask Mom to take them to Staples for all their back-to-school needs.” Rationale: For years, the teen segment wasn't an obvious one for Staples. Instead they catered to grade school children and their parents believing that this age group spent more on school supplies. But research the chain conducted found that teens ages 15 to 17 spend $76 on average for back-to-school supplies, compared to about $55 for children ages 8 to 11. Moreover, about 47 percent of parents say that teens ages 15 to 17 decide where to shop. Research aside, Z100 reaches this super-consumer across kid, tween, teen and young adult demos. A perfect solution for Staples who can sell many more product by targeting our tweens/teens. Plus, they’re currently leveraging the music platform to reach this target having signed their first celebrity spokesperson, Ashley Tisdale (“High School Musical," “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody.“) Hit a wall?... Staples biggest competitors are Office Depot and OfficeMax and they’re also going after the tween/teen set. Contact: Petter Knutrud, VP / Merch Mgr

24 Back-to-School Target: Texas Instruments
Brands: Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Silver Edition educational handheld “… Z100 as total integrated content providers may be the perfect partner for your TI-83 and all of the engaging online components you’ve launched surrounding it’s sale. Our delivery of your core year-old students combined with our expertise in engaging online content and social networking provide an excellent opportunity to leverage your detailed website offering product information, college prep and interactive flash product demos.” Rationale: Millennials are being marked by it’s embrace of community-enhancing services such as social networking and accompanying creativity in user-generated content. Z100 as a brand taps into this, as does TI, offering a highly creative online destination for their target consumers. Our ownership of this set can deliver TI’s target straight to the website they built for them. Contact: Kevin P. March, SVP

25 Back-to-School Target: Newell Rubbermaid
Brands: Sharpie Sharpie Mini “… Z100’s ownership of students during the back-to-school season is the perfect opportunity to align Sharpie brands audience passions that extend beyond those of tweens, teens and Mom shopping for back-to-school. Our integrated content and events surrounding popular culture make the connection between Sharpie and autograph seeking relevant and ‘cool.’” Rationale: Sharpies and autographs go hand-in-hand. Combine that with Z100’s ownership of students during the back-to-school season and you have a natural connection. The opportunities for engaging on-site activation strategies, promotions, contests, etc. are limitless. Contact: Julie Hermes, Sr Brand Mgr Sharpie

26 Apparel Target: Victoria’s Secret / Limited
Brands: Pink Line “… Z100’s hot, Z100’s cool, Z100 is sexy. A great potential partner for your VS Pink line as we’ll deliver your year-old female target. Presence at our events and among our integrated content will continue to brand Pink a fun, irreverent line and it will certainly grab the attention of our image-conscious college-bound crowd.” Rationale: Victoria's Secret’s Pink collection of lingerie, loungewear and sleepwear designed for the dorm-bound crowd has previously launched single-market campaigns with viral potential and has also leveraged a music platform (fashion show to a live concert by No Mercy). Pink is the first collection designed exclusively for the college-going customer, with associated unique marketing ploys to tout the line (i.e. “Team Pink”). Contact: Anthony Hebron, PR (VS parent Limited Brands)

27 Wireless Target: T-Mobile USA
Brands: Motorola RAZR V3t Dolce & Gabbana Motorola RAZR V3i Samsung SGH-T629 Samsung SGH-T519 “…by aligning with the programming and content that Z100 provides, you’ll be positioning yourself as a ‘cool’ wireless solution to the huge population of tween and teen cell phone users we draw. Plus, local T-Mobile stores can join in the fun of our exclusive live events by designing promotions around ticket acquisition that will drive retail traffic and increase awareness for your designer line phones.” Rationale: Wireless in general is huge among the Z100 core listener… Nearly half (48 percent) of year-olds own a wireless phone, with those numbers skewing toward the majority in the more affluent, tapped-in Z100 market. T-Mobile is leveraging the music platform with flash concerts at grassroots venues using text messaging technology for tickets. As a whole, when it comes to music marketing brands are being choosier about which acts to sponsor, with many latching onto affordable next big things in effort to boost street cred. Z100 acts are the pinnacle of what’s hot. Contact: Michael Butler, EVP / CMO Sidekick 3 Lifted Research Group Sidekick 3 (skaters) Diane von Furstenberg Sidekick 3

28 Wireless Target: Verizon / Amp’d Mobile
Brands: Motorola Hollywood for Amp'd Mobile Motorola RAZR Amp'd Edition Motorola RAZR Amp'd Edition Camera Phone Motorola V120t Motorola V60it “…where else but New York does your target year-old-consumer need an ‘on the go’ all-in-one multi-media solution? Verizon already sees the benefit in our draw of wireless consumers, but your unique offerings will resonate with the early-adopters in our audience and bring this partnership to the next level!” Rationale: A new wireless carrier for young people that's piggybacking on Verizon's high-speed EVDO network ("mobile virtual network operator“). In order to create a "mobile entertainment service for the 'on the go' wireless user." Prepaid and postpaid payment plans are teen/young adult and hesitant tween Mom-friendly. Amp'd Live is similar in principal to VCast. Songs on Amp'd Live are usually $0.99, compared to $1.99 on VCast. Contact: Seth Cummings, SVP

29 Wireless Target: Firefly Mobile
Brands: Firefly Handheld “… Z100 content is a great way to engage with your target consumers in a relevant manner that will deliver a credible ‘on-brand’ message to tweens and their Moms entering the wireless market.” Rationale: Z100’s tween and teen listeners are all pocketing cell phones, but what about their younger siblings? And how is Mom to handle the “it’s not fair” nag factor? Firefly Mobile is a solution and they’re looking to drive awareness among kids 8-12 and their parents in relevant venues. Driving sales of the Firefly phones is currently a secondary goal. Contact: Antonia Werner, Dir Mktg

30 Tech / Gaming Target: Microsoft
Brands: The Zune XBOX 360 XBOX Entertainment Platform (PC-Centric Hub) XBOX Software titles “… Z100 reaches more of your core target than any other station in the country. With exclusive events during the critical back-to-school shopping season you can reach kids, tweens, teens and their Moms with your various entertainment products at a time where motivating and reward-related purchasing is high.” Rationale: The trend in gaming is moving toward a PC-Centric Hub that will run all entertainment components for the home. Leverage the Z100 audience and their interest in gaming to get an all-in-one entertainment solution into the home. (College students spend an estimated $2.3 Billion on gaming each year.) Microsoft also has a history of reaching consumers at a place of play for the family unit (theme park sponsorships, destination sponsorships, etc.) Contact: April McKee, Sr Event Mgr (XBOX)

31 Tech / Gaming Target: Sony COA
Brands: PS3 Sony Software titles “… Z100 attracts the majority of listeners in the NY market by offering an immersion in total entertainment, a strategy close to the heart of Sony. With the chance to activate at two huge events each year you can engage your marketing-savvy entertainment consumer-set and keep them salivating for more.” Rationale: Z100 programming and content immerses audiences in a total entertainment experience at a great value, an approach part of the PSP marketing plan. PS3 is also moving toward a comprehensive entertainment solution for the home and should thus leverage Z100 audience to influence Mom toward purchase. Sony’s consumers demand authenticity and respond only when marketers pitch to them and not at them. Z100 delivers more than the PSP target consumer, but the PSP desired psychographics as well: Early influencers and trend setters with peers Early adopters Purchase influencers Contact: Tim Baxter, SVP Strategic Marketing

32 Tech / Gaming Target: Konami Gaming, Inc.
Brands: Dance Dance Revolution Karaoke Revolution Castlevania Frogger Metal Gear Silent Hill Yu-Gi-Oh! “… Z100’s market is a perfect place to reach your aspirational tween and teen target consumer and their Moms.” Rationale: Konami has previously partnered with major market radio stations to promote it’s line of games. It’s core target appeals to aspirational tweens and teens and their peer group. Additional opportunities exist with their partner consoles PSP and XBOX. Contact: Deron Hunsberger

33 Tech / Gaming Target: EA (Electronic Arts)
Brands: PSP platform titles XBOX platform titles “… EA games have executed some very exciting regional tiered events. We own your target consumer in the largest market in the country and can offer some exciting events in which you can engage with your target face-to-face.” Rationale: EA has previously initiated marketing campaigns that took place on a regional level. Additional opportunities exist with strategic partner Mazda. Contact: Warren C. Jenson, EVP

34 Tech / Retail Target: Gaming
Opportunity: GameStop EB Games “… You’ve previously taken part in some very exciting promotions with software manufacturers designed to drive consumers to your stores. Let me tell you about a way you can bring your store to consumers instead.” Rationale: These retailers have previous history of getting involved in marketing initiatives. Perhaps there’d be more in it for them to activate at Z100 events.

35 Tech / Retail Target:
Opportunity: Rent or Buy Video Games Online for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance “… Z100’s market is a perfect place to increase awareness for You offer a perfect solution for busy Mom, and a value with your try-before-you-buy program. Gamers of all ages will love you.” Rationale: Netflix for gaming. Currently advertising on Sirius Satellite Radio. Provides a convenient solution for Mom, rewards program, easy usability, cancel any time, and try-before-you-buy benefits. Contact:

36 Tech / Retail Target: Best Buy
Opportunity: consumer electronics “… Z100’s programming and content will allow you access to critical tween, teen and young adult consumers who not only have a lot of purchasing power, but are very influential on Mom and Dad. Get them in your stores now, as they’re brand adopters, and they’ll most likely stay with you.” Rationale: Consumer-electronic retailers used to rely on music to draw the tween, teen and young adult segment but, due to radio, music videos, music downloads, and online pirated opportunities this peek buying time isn’t what it used to be. Thus, consumer-electronic superstores need to draw in other ways. Contact: Karen Maurice, Dir Relationship Mktg Omer Artun, B2B

37 Auto Target: Toyota Brands: Yaris
“…Z100 can help you reach your sales goals with the youth segment by delivering your message at a time and a place where it’s completely immersed in your consumers’ world.” Rationale: The youth-oriented economy car Yaris is using integrated entertainment content (“mobisodes”) as a marketing campaign so they will likely see the value in partnering with Z100. Toyota wants a third of the sales to be to people under 30 years old, and for the Yaris to have true youth credentials, the behavior of the brand is even more important than what the brand says about itself. In other words… Yaris has to show up on the of the customer's world. Additional opportunity with FOX’s Prison Break and Sprint as they’re providing content and medium, respectively. Yaris is also leveraging the gamer platform through sponsorship of gaming tournaments. Contact: Junko Tokuda, Asst Mgr Corp Adv/Mktg Mark Simmons, Adv Strategy/Media

38 Auto Target: Saturn Brands: Sky
“… Saturn is consistently taking part in grassroots music events bringing along the Sky to regional hot spots in the New York market. We own the very consumer segment you designed this car for and can provide you many more opportunities to put the sky in front of their salivating eyes.” Rationale: Consumers asked, they answered. Saturn has directly met the youth demand for an economical, responsible, HOT choice with room for their friends and their stuff. Contact: Sherrie Childers, Dir Comm Sam Mancuso, Dir Mktg

39 Auto Target: Volkswagon
Brands: Jetta Beatle “… VW has built a stellar reputation among it’s young target consumers. Keep tapping into their emotions with your messaging through Z100 programming and content.” Rationale: Volkswagon has the youngest demo of driver’s among foreign car makers in the US (#2 is Mitsubishi). There are few brands more emotional than automobile brands. Align with target consumers using another emotive medium… music.

40 Auto Target: Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
Brands: Eclipse Eclipse Spyder Galant Lancer Lancer Evolution “…music and peers are the common threads across your already successful ad campaigns. Continue to reach your critical youth set with the same messaging that will also resonate with the Z100 audience.” Rationale: Mitsubishi has the second youngest demo of driver’s among foreign car makers in the US. They are currently employing a campaign aimed at young driver’s and those about to begin driving (16-20) with messaging that makes you look and feel “alive.” Continuing to successfully reach this group is imperative to their growth. Contact: Ian Beavis, SVP Mktg

41 Auto Target: Vespa / Piaggio USA
Brands: Vespa Scooters Vespa LX “… we own the affluent trend-setting youthful target prepared to buy and ride your scooters in the Hamptons and in the anti-auto-friendly New York market. Can I tell you about some of the ways Z100 programming and integrated content can raise awareness for your brand and create a legion of admirers?” Rationale: The marketing objectives for regional Vespa dealers is to increase awareness of their brands and drive traffic to their locations. They do this via buzz marketing, seeking out the trendsetters in each community and subtly pushing them into talking up their brand to their friends and admirers. Z100’s reach to the affluent trendy Hampton’s market, home to a key Vespa retailer, is a great opportunity for the brand. Plus, key timing that overlaps the summer Vespa-impulse-buying season with Zootopia ticket sales can make for some exciting promotions at the dealership. Contact: Federico Musi, VP Mktg (Piaggio USA) Gary Pietruszewski, VP Sales and Dealer Development (Piaggio USA)

42 Entertainment / Media Target: AOL / TimeWarner
Brand: AOL’s Music on Demand (formerly My Music Channel) “… Z100’s avid consumers of all things entertainment are going to love your bucked trend toward free content on your website... and I bet they’ll tell all their friends! Partnering with us now could be the exact tool you need to increase awareness in your new market.” Rationale: AOL Music on Demand recently entered the NY and NJ markets. The channel is used as a marketing tool to drive non-AOL users to their online destinations to generate advertising revenue under their new free business model. They currently promote AOL Music videos and original programming on the channel carried by Time Warner Cable, hoping to entice viewers to find more material on its free Web site Contact: Ron Grant, Pres / COO

43 Entertainment / Media Target: Broadway
Opportunity: Annie (Kathy Lee Gifford) Blue Man Group The Lion King Rent The Wedding Singer (American Idol “Constantine”) Spring Awakening (Dunkan Sheik) Kids’ Night on Broadway Annual Event “… Z100 owns your core target. We’re the best way to reach lovers of music and entertainment as a family/peer unit in the NY market!” Rationale: Regional opportunities that need audience. Z100 integrated content also bridges the gap between the online Broadway community (… because eventually art and commerce must merge. Contact: The League of American Theatres and Producers Jan Svendsen, Dir Mktg / Events Tahra Millan, Mktg Mngr / Ad & Promo

44 Entertainment / Media Target: Tween / Teen Magazines
Opportunity: CosmoGIRL! Seventeen YM SI for Kids “… by leveraging our fun, edgy, entertaining and compelling content you can gain the attention of our community-engaged youth and increase your readership.” Rationale: Targeting year-olds, these publications could benefit from the community-feel of the Z100 audience which is a consistent destination for big sisterly/brotherly insight into the many facets of a teen life.

45 Entertainment / Media Target: Nick / MTVN Properties
Brands: The N Network Neopets “… partnering with Z100 is a great opportunity to increase awareness surrounding your acquisition of Quizilla and associated N Network. Your relationship to your target is already strong, they just need to know there’s a new way to experience your content, and share their own… a benefit that will resonate deeply with this audience.” Rationale: MTV Networks has purchased teen-oriented community site Quizilla from Gorilla Nation Media for an undisclosed amount. The site will be managed jointly by Nickelodeon and the MTVN Kids and Family Group. MTV wants to leverage the synergies between Quizilla, and Neopets, the online virtualpet universe. Contact: Cyma Zarghami, Pres (Nickelodeon / MTVN Kids & Family Group)

46 Entertainment / Media Target: MySpace
Opportunity: MySpace “Black Carpet” (user-initiated advertising model) “… Z100’s socially networked core consumer base is the perfect audience to grow your new “Black Carpet” program. Movie studios will be banging down your door looking for the kind of success you created for Gnarls Barkley and The Killers with your ‘Secret Shows’ model.” Rationale: MySpace has launched "The Black Carpet," an opt-in group on the site that will alert MySpace users to preview screenings of new movies. (The program is modeled on MySpace's "Secret Shows" group, which gives MySpace members access to local shows… over 250,000 members have signed up for the group, which has been used to promote shows by Gnarls Barkley and The Killers). Contact: Colin Digiario, SVP International Corporate Development

47 Entertainment / Media Target: WWE
Brands: PPV WWE Programming WWE in market events “… Z100’s kid, teen and young adult listeners are highly charged for that which they’re most passionate about. It’s no doubt this group will be begging Mom and Dad to subscribe to WWE programming and take them to live WWE events.” Rationale: WWE consistently uses high-energy marketing campaigns to generate cable and satellite pay-per-view sales for Wrestlemania LIVE events. Previously they’ve chosen programs that activate in local markets of WWE’s growing fan base. Additional opportunity exists with Velocity Sports & Entertainment who runs the WWE Wrestlemania tour. Contact: Kurt Schneider, EVP Mktg

48 Cause Campaigns Target: American Legacy Foundation
Brands: TRUTH Campaign “…partnering with Z100 is a great way to get your anti-smoking message in front of tweens and teens in a way that they’ll find ‘cool’ and ‘hip’… and will thus be more apt to listen.” Rationale: Aligning with the emotional power of radio presents an opportunity for such cause-based campaigns to invest in experiences that are not invasive. The target consumer of this type of brand is going to have to find value in their message. They can do this by gaining credibility through aligning with their passions... Z100 integrated content. Additional opportunities exist with TRUTH Campaign Corporate Partners: Time Warner Bally's Blue Cross Blue Shield Condé Nast Publications The Hearst Corporation Avon / mark. Contact: Anthony Thomas O'Toole, EVP Becky Steinmark, PR

49 Cause Campaigns Target: VH1
Opportunity: VH1 “Save the Music” Campaign “… Z100’s market and audience is a perfect place to increase awareness for VH1’s ‘Save the Music’ Campaign. Can I tell you about some of the amazing events and integrated content we offer our consumers that you can use to leverage interest and donations?” Rationale: VH1 Save the Music is always looking for creative ways to generate awareness and instrument donations in the New York market. Contact: Bill Kramer, Sr Dir Development

50 Cause Campaigns Target: American Institute of CPAs
Opportunity: “Catch Me if you Can” Campaign “… The American Institute of CPAs has demonstrated real out-of-the-box thinking to benefit their cause. We own high-schoolers in the financial capital of the world. Perhaps tapping into our audience and aligning with their passions will further your campaign?” Rationale: The CPA association is three years into a five year plan to woo high school and college students to consider a career in accounting. Its challenge: to show accounting as creative, lucrative and people oriented. An online gaming contest let students solve 12 forensic accounting mysteries to vie for cash prizes. (Games followed the exploits of fictitious rock stars, Wall Street traders and computer geeks). Contestants earned points for solving each case (tougher cases awarded more points); after three weeks, the top 20% went into a random drawing for 17 cash prizes (from a total prize pool of $10,000). The random drawing (rather than cash prizes to top scorers) encouraged all players to complete the game, and discouraged high level cheating. Contact: Navin Chaddha, Sales & Mktg Anne Sittmann, PR Shirley Twillman, PR

51 Career Target:, Inc.
Brands: “… we own college students getting ready to enter the work force in the most competitive market in the country, and, they trust us. Partnering with Z100 will increase awareness for and earn you street cred.” Rationale: is for those ready to leave their dorm rooms behind. The company's Web site is used by college students and recent graduates to search for entry-level positions and internships. The site also provides advice on such topics as resume-writing, interviews skills, and job search strategies. Rationale is obvious considering the Z100 audience and market, and the online outlet may not have major TV network dollars like the other recruiting sites powered by the big search engines. Contact: Brian Krueger, President

52 Financial Services Target: Astoria Financial
Opportunity: Astoria Federal Savings Education First (comprehensive banking curriculum hosted in their 86 branches) In-School banking program Online Newsletter "Kids, Teens, and Parents Too!" (savings learning tool) “… Z100 speaks to the kids, teens and parents in the community you’ve built your business model around. Aligning with Z100 integrated content is a great way for AFS to increase awareness for your financial planning services and drive traffic to your online resources.” Rationale: The AFS mission is to help teach students of all ages the importance of savings and other money management principles that will remain with them throughout their lives. From the first day of kindergarten, to opening the first savings account, to planning for college... AFS is committed to supporting the needs of the kids, teens, parents and teachers in the community they serve. Contact: Arnold K. Greenberg, EVP

53 Financial Services Target: Capital One Financial
Brands: Capital One cosigned MasterCard “… Increasing awareness for your cosigned MasterCard among Z100’s core tween and teen consumers is a great opportunity for you to take it to the next level. By leveraging ‘the nag factor’ you’ll be reacting to sales instead of needing to track parents down and sell them.” Rationale: More teens are working full- or part-time jobs and spending their own money as well as a little more of mom and dad's. In 2006, youngsters shelled out $195 billion of their own green, compared with $94 billion in In addition, the increase in online shopping combined with the increase in trust parents have for their teens making purchases on behalf of the family, makes the market ripe for pitching credit cards to tweens/teens. Initiating the quest for kids under age 18 is Capital One, one of the nation's leading credit card issuers. They are targeting high school juniors and seniors with a cosigned MasterCard that is solicited through the Internet and mailings addressed to their parents. Contact: Diana Don, PR Gregor S. Bailar, EVP / CIO

54 Travel Target: Jet Blue Airways Corp.
Brands: Jet Blue “… complimenting your multi-media advertising campaign with Z100 integrated content and live events will be an exciting way to reach Spring Breakers, students and young travelers who are sky bound. We own the upper-income portion of this segment in the biggest market in the nation and with the connection your consumers feel toward your brand, the intimacy of radio is an obvious choice.” Rationale: Jet Blue is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite brands. Competitive pricing, state-of-the-art in-flight tech and superior customer service is building strong brand favor. Z100 is a natural choice for this “cool” brand to reach young travelers at peek travel times such as spring break, holiday and back-to-school. Contact: Tracy Sandford, Dir Ad Promo David (Dave) Barger, President / COO / Director

55 Food Services Target: Burger King Corp.
Brands: Burger King “… your marriage of your brand to social networking and entertainment is the perfect message to resonate with the Z100 audience. We know you want to reach your core youth target in their favorite environment, and the Z100 audience is highly engaged with our integrated content across many mediums.” Rationale: Last spring Burger King sponsored a branded "Have It Your Way" MySpace page where users can download free episodes of Fox's 24. The goal of Burger King's sponsorship was to give young Internet users another reason to think about the Burger King brand and to marry that association to popular TV shows and entertainment. (NOTE: MySpace saw traffic increase a whopping 367% in year-over-year growth with 38.4 million unique visitors in 2006.) Contact: Gillian Smith, Sr Dir Media

56 Toys Target: Retailers
Opportunity: Kay Bee Toys Toys’R’Us FAO Schwartz (flagship) “… Z100’s core audience of kids, tweens and teens is the perfect opportunity to leverage ‘the nag factor’ and get Mom into your store with her purse.” Rationale: Chain exclusives make for competition in this category. The connection of youth to toys is as obvious as youth to candy… only it’s healthier…

57 Appendix: Additional Support and Closing Arguments

58 A Trend Defined… In recent years marketers have awoken to the simple fact that the world of music is the rhythm of life… It impacts fashion, politics, the economy — every aspect of the consumer’s every day… it is the essence of emotional branding. Music is the here-and-now medium, tone-setter, passion-producing attitude-former, and the ultimate catalyst for marketing relevance. Make marketing matter… connect passion to your brand!

59 Added Value: Supplementing Ads with Events
Z100 provides an opportunity to mirror radio spots with branded live experience… By cultivating events that mirror your ads, the brand experience will be exponentially deeper and the message will be better understood and more engaged on the ground This turns any national ad into a local event everyone can understand and get excited about The events turn into media, and the media turn into events. These types of programs are raising the bar for marketing.” Events and ads should share: Message – ensure experiential messaging is consistent with radio ad content. Plot – if the ads contain a story, extend that story into the street. The target will absorb the plot in the spot, and accept it when confronted face-to-face. Offer – if the ads have an incentive, so should the events. Keep the sales funnel in mind: The media will create awareness of the offer, the live efforts push the target to accept it. Information – ads introduce the product, events offer a 360-degree look at it. Highlighting different product or service attributes in media and on the ground only leads to confusion. Audio/Visuals – consumers use sight and sound more than other senses. They won’t admit it, but they know the words to your jingle and will recognize thematic icons from the media. Litmus Test - Take a moment and overlay events on top of media Are they complementary or competitive? Are they playing off each other or playing against one another? … the movement to connect the two disciplines will become more apparent in the future. Once ads and live programs are stitched together, brands should see an enhanced ROI. And once that happens, expect the unexpected: media and events being created together as singular campaigns.

60 Be Prepared to Answer… Why? – Why does Z100 offer the best partnership for the sponsorship dollar, marketing resource, objectives and investment? Is this a “perfect” partnership? – There’s no such thing as a “perfect” property, but there is the best bang for the buck! Have we failed to meet a previous partners objectives? – The ability to answer this question will build trust between Z100 and prospect… the key to a successful marketing partnership How is ROI defined? – Presents tangible, objective benefits of a prospective partnership Reference requests – May just gain Z100 the critical competitive edge

61 Be Prepared to Promise…
Ratings - Properties needs to provide realistic expectations of what media is buying. The price of the media should be proportional to those expectations. Traffic - On-site efforts need to pull the right people. The property has to deliver the right numbers and demographics. Face-to-Face- Where events get quantified. Define how many samples will be able to distribute, how much square footage will be available for branded interactives, and the parameters of hospitality. Event Interruption - War, terrorism, a multi-state blackout and weather — the properties will claim it’s not their fault, but it’s certainly not the sponsors either. Awareness - The sum of all of the above. How many eyeballs know about the sponsorship, saw the signage, interacted with your people, etc. ROI - The Holy Grail of Performance Guarantees. Find out exactly what the brand needs from the sponsorship and find a way to make that happen. Guarantee - The action you’ll take if the above parameters come up short.

62 Jennifer L. Pricci 646.246.5176

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