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2 July 2007. The Hamas organization enjoys the widespread support of the Palestinian population, due to the social and economic activities it arranges.

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1 2 July 2007

2 The Hamas organization enjoys the widespread support of the Palestinian population, due to the social and economic activities it arranges. This support assists the movement in achieving its strategic aims, and is one of the reasons for its success in the Gaza Strip. This strategy has also been applied in Jerusalem. In recent years, Hamas has been secretly operating in Jerusalem, determined to strengthen its position within the boundaries of municipal Jerusalem. The organizations objective is to gain the support of East Jerusalem residents and to pose an alternative to Israeli rule in the city.

3 The Hamas uses the social activities it arranges as a means of reaching a large community of young people, to indoctrinate them and to create a reserve of potential terror recruits. The advantage of recruiting a resident of East Jerusalem who holds an Israeli ID card, has access to Israel and understands the Israeli mentality is clear. To facilitate its buildup in Jerusalem, Hamas formed a secret headquarters, staffed by experienced operatives. The activities of the Jerusalem headquarters were coordinated with other Hamas headquarters, both in and beyond the West Bank.

4 Activities aimed at the East Jerusalem population Secret activities in the mosques, aid to the needy, economic support for Jerusalem detainees and doctrinal sermons delivered by senior Hamas members. Activities aimed at gaining de-facto control of the Temple Mount Hamas organizes events on the Temple Mount, religious lessons in the mosques and trips for youths. These trips are distinguished by their negative portrayal of Israeli sovereignty. The Hamas also initiates construction projects both on the Temple Mount and in its vicinity. Usra (youth cell) activities Hamas operates a network of youth cells (Usra) composed of youths from East Jerusalem. These Usra networks usually form the first stage in the recruiting and military training process of young Hamas members. These are the methods used by Hamas to build its strength in Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount:

5 Most of the Jerusalem terror operatives who were involved in the lethal bombings of recent years started their service as Usra members in Jerusalem Examples: The Silwan cell: During the intifada, this terror cell carried out the bombings at the Moment Cafe in Jerusalem, the Sheffield Club in Rishon Lezion, and the bombing of the cafeteria at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus. Another local cell was responsible for the lethal terrorist attack at Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem.

6 Hamas headquarters - Jerusalem Hamas headquarters - abroadHamas headquarters – West Bank Hamas institutions - Jerusalem Temple Mount East Jerusalem neighborhoods Indoctrination prior to military training Ongoing Hamas activities Hamas-financed events ConstructionRecruitment Secret Usras Hamas Quran tutoring center Innocent cover for supportive events

7 To achieve its strategic objectives, over the last few years Hamas established a series of institutions in Jerusalem, operating under the innocent cover of social-religious activities. Intensive efforts by Israeli security forces enabled them to locate these institutions and to prove that they were actually Hamas institutions responsible for organizing operations within sovereign Jerusalem. Successful intelligence gathering resulted in the banning of these institutions, effectively closing them down. Hamas leaders established substitute institutions, which were closed as well.

8 Disruption and prevention of Hamas activities scheduled to take place on the Temple Mount and the Arab suburbs of Jerusalem under the guise of innocent religious events Exposure of the activities of secret Usras and the arrest of cell members Preventing the transfer of funds for the financing of Hamas activities: A year ago, the ISA identified a money smuggling network operating in the West Bank headed by a senior Jerusalem-based Hamas operative, Yakoub Abu Ezeb. The network was disrupted and the agent detained. Preventing Hamas activities during the PA elections, and obstructing Jerusalem Hamas members elected to the Palestinian legislative council

9 Four East Jerusalem Hamas members were elected in the PA elections: Khaled Abu Arafa was appointed Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, while Mohammed Abu Tir, Ahmed Attoun and Mohammed Tawtah were elected to the Legislative Council. After their election, they initiated governmental activities in Jerusalem and even established offices on the municipal boundary. The four were detained, questioned and are currently on trial. Due to their refusal to relinquish their position, their citizenship was revoked as well. The Hamas offices were closed and all operatives working there were detained for questioning.

10 The Institution for Social Development The Rafada Institution The Akraa Institution The Heritage Committee The Wafada Institution

11 The ISA and the Israel Police have recently concluded a lengthy investigation during which eleven senior Hamas members – residents of eastern Jerusalem, ten of whom hold Israeli identity cards – were arrested. The State Prosecutor's Office is seeking to try them for various offenses including membership in a terrorist organization, financing terrorism and illegal use of property for terrorist purposes.

12 During the investigation, evidence was uncovered that indicated intensive Hamas activity in Jerusalem, especially on the Temple Mount, financed by Hamas elements abroad. Several channels for transferring Hamas funds from abroad were discovered and NIS 400,000 were confiscated.

13 The Ba-Ram Charity Committee Money changers Couriers Hamas headquarters in Jerusalem Money transfer channels Bank accounts in PA territories Hamas headquarters abroad The Union of Good Saudi Arabia The Gulf States European countries Cash transfers

14 The "Union of Good" – a roof organization based in Saudi Arabia – is the main financing body through which Hamas headquarters abroad finances local Hamas activities. The "Union" operates sub- committees throughout the world. It is chaired by Sheikh Yussuf Mustafa Al-Qardawi, whose religious rulings (Fatwahs) constitute the religious foundation of the legitimacy of the suicide bombings and the martyrdom of the terrorists, and was banned in Israel in 2002. It should be noted that Al-Quardawi interprets the concept of Jihad to include not only military activities but social and economic activities as well. The Union of Good was outlawed in Israel in 2002.

15 In the last 18 months, Hamas' Jerusalem headquarters received over NIS 1 million in cash in this fashion. Evidence indicates that most of the aforementioned funds transferred by Hamas from abroad to Hamas headquarters in Jerusalem was used to finance Hamas activities on the Temple Mount, which were coordinated with Sheikh Raad Salah's Islamic Movement.

16 Joint activities of Hamas and the Islamic Movement on the Temple Mount included: Organization of events on the Temple Mount during the month of Ramadan: During the month of Ramadan, the Hamas organized daily, large-scale post-fast evening meals, under the auspices of the Hamas organization abroad. Evidence suggests that the cost of these projects amounted to tens of thousands of US dollars. The projects goal was to recruit support for Hamas and give the organization a foothold on the Temple Mount.

17 Construction projects on the Temple Mount, coordinated with the Islamic Movement and financed by Hamas elements abroad. These projects were not coordinated with Israel and constitute a violation of the status quo. Organization of Hamas-financed guided tours of the Temple Mount. The objective as to strengthen the affinity of local residents to the Temple Mount.

18 Nazem Gaaba Hamas members of the Legislative Council Deceased Hassan Kik Head of Hamas in Jerusalem prior to his death Yakoub Abu Ezeb Financial officer of the Hamas in Jerusalem Arrested Khaled Abu Arafa Minister for Jerusalem Affairs in the Hamas government Mohammed Tawtah Mohammed Abu Tir Ahmad Attoun Arrested Nasser Abu Saud Member of Hamas leadership, Jerusalem Amin Shwiki Responsible for Hamas activities prior to his arrest Khalil Gizawi Member of Hamas leadership, Jerusalem Ahmed Kurd Mohammed QasrawiMohammed FarahAfif Aabdin

19 ARRESTED Amin Rushdi Shwiki, b.1960, of Beit Hanina, glass factory owner. Responsible for Hamas activities in Jerusalem. Initiated contact with the organization's charity committee and prepared a channel for the transfer of funds. Shwiki sent an emissary to Hamas operatives abroad in order to organize money transfers to fund local operations. Nasser Yakoub Abu Saud, b. 1968, of A-Tur, teacher. Active over the years in several Hamas institutions in Jerusalem, which were subsequently closed by Israel. Received transferred funds and was involved in organizing Hamas operations on the Temple Mount. Khalil Attia Gizawi, b. 1973, of Abu Tor, graduate of Islamic University of Gaza. Active over the years in a number of Hamas institutions in Jerusalem, which were subsequently closed by Israel. Received transferred funds and was involved in organizing Hamas operations on the Temple Mount.

20 ARRESTED Mohammed Radwan Farah, b. 1958, Shuafat refugee camp, Chairman of the Dahiat Al-Barid Al-Ram Charity Committee. Managed the transfer of funds from Hamas operatives abroad to Hamas leaders in Jerusalem. Also met with Hamas operatives abroad and participated in the actual smuggling.

21 The arrest of the Hamas Jerusalem leadership and the heads of the Dahiat Al-Barid Al-Ram Charity Committee significantly undermined Hamas activities in the city and its attempts to strengthen itself and gain influence in Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount. In addition to exposing and destroying channels for the transfer of funds, the operation has had a major demoralizing effect on Hamas' Jerusalem infrastructure, especially on those members with Israeli ID cards, who had felt secure in their operations in the city.

22 During the operation, close cooperation between Hamas and the Islamic Movement was uncovered in a number of fields: Initiation and implementation of joint projects on the Temple Mount The organizations operated jointly with financing from Hamas affiliates abroad, although senior Islamic Movement officials have been careful to avoid being directly associated with these affiliates. The Islamic Movement provides the legal cover for operations in Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount.


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