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The migration of French words 1°) in Poland 2°) in Turkey 3°) in Romania 4°) in Spain.

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2 The migration of French words 1°) in Poland 2°) in Turkey 3°) in Romania 4°) in Spain

3 Work made by: Amandine Sophie Barbara Valaurys Alan Alex Laura Marine Ludmilla Solène Romy Marion Lucie Stéphanie Thibault Steve

4 The migration of French words 1°) in Poland

5 Words with a French origin in the Polish language

6 Poland

7 Many French words were introduced to Poland thanks to political events: for example: the marriages between Princes and Princesses. As Louise-Marie de Gonzague Nevers (Sister of princess Palatine) who married Ladislas IV of Poland.

8 French words travelled across Europe brought also by soldiers, and poets, at different times…

9 and thanks also to, clerks, students, aristocrats, travelers, emigrants, storekeepers or technicians …

10 Bonzerie = « bonjour », Hello! Toujourek = « toujours », Always Some French words:

11 Bagietka = « baguette », french bred. Rondel = Casserole.

12 Bonierka = Box of chocolate (the word comes from « bombonnière »). Frytki = « frittes », Fries.

13 Alarm: Alarm The word " Alarm " came from French "Alarme". In Poland, following the treaty of Tilsit (1807, Napoléon and Tsar Alexandre Ist ), French codes are imperative. Military service became compulsory.

14 Words with a French origin in the Polish language "Makijaz" (maquillage) means make-up in French = Cover the face with products that embellish. "Aplauz" (applaudir) means applause in French. = The action of applauding, cheer, approval. "Atakowac" ( attaquer) means attacking in French. = Assault, try to conquer, to dominate.

15 Words with a French origin in the Polish language " Agitacja " (agitation) means excitement in French. = Action to shake; state of what is shaken. "Aktor" (acteur) means actor in French. = The profession of interpreting a character in a play or in the screen.

16 The word " aktor " comes from French "acteur" because in the XVIIIth century, Prince Adam Kazimierz Czartoryski develops a love of French theater. The word " Bizuteria comes from French bijou, (Jewel ) which means clothes and finery.

17 "Prezydent" (président) means president in French. = In France, leader of the executive power. "Fotel (fauteuil) means armchair in French. = Siège single with back and arms.

18 Terrace: (terrasse) Taras Sofa: (sofa, canapé) Kanapa Komoda: Chest of drawers The words " Taras " " Komoda " "Kanapa" are words which come from the lifestyle of France. A new art to live, inspired by Versailles, is outlined.

19 Some Polish words come from French thanks to the actress Brigitte Bardot in the movie: " And God created woman. "

20 The word: bardotka" means a little bardot ", it indicates a person with fair hair.

21 This word also indicates an uplift bra which we call "bra".

22 Blouzka = Blouse.

23 ordynarny = vulgar, galant = boaster, buffon = fanfarron, arogant = arrogant person, agresywny = aggressive and kujon = asshole. It could be said that the Polish have a bad opinion of the French, thanks to pejoratives words such as:

24 Francuski piesek comes from the French expression small French dog. It means a pretentious and difficult person.

25 The migration of French words 2°) in Turkey

26 Map of Europe with Turkey

27 Many French words travelled across Europe to Turkey. For example, Mustapha Kemal (the chairman in the thirties), was influenced by the ideas of the French Revolution (Rousseau,Montesquieu…) He westernized Turkey. Tg Alex

28 We can find 3000 words with a French origin in the Turkish language. In 1932 Mustapha Kemal imposed the Roman alphabet to replace the Arabic alphabet. All Turks between the ages of 6 and 40 years old had to learn it.

29 Example of words: In 1934, the words : «opéra », « bale », « müsik» came through the radio. At that time, Turkish people used to listen western music.

30 In the XXth century, Kemal also based his westernasation on the European model. He banned the fez and replace it by « bere, kasket, panama ». Women used to wear a « korsay ». Béret = bere un corset = un korsay Casquette = Kasket a fez Chapeau = Panama

31 The migration of French words 3°) in Romania


33 The journey of French words French words traveled all over Europe, to Romania at different periods. With the conquest of Napoleon 1st and the influence of France in Europe, many Romanian students came to study in Paris.

34 Some migratory words… « avocat » Is a French word also used in Romania. It arrived in Romania in the 18 th century because of the migration of the French aristrocats. « merci » Is spelt « mersi »in Romania. This typical French word arrived thanks to students.

35 French « cuisine » « legume » and « salade » are French words who came to the Romania language. The students brought those words with them in the 19 th century. The word « salade » is spellt « salatà » in Romanian.

36 And still more! « biblioteca »« canapea » « lampa » All these words were transported thanks to pilgrims and travelers.

37 The migration of french words 4°) in Spain


39 Words which travelled with the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela in the XIth century: « Mesón » comes from « maison » and means « Auberge ». « Vinagre » comes from « vinaigre ». « Chimenea » comes from « Cheminée ».

40 In the 11th century, the reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula by christians began. French Knights helped the Spanish Christians chase them out of Spain. : (Norman, Poitou, Burgundians...) Flècha (« flèche » in French) ( arrow ) Botin (« butin in French») (booty)

41 « Malla » comes from « maille ».

42 In the Renaissance (XVIth) a new wave of gallicism affects Spain. (gallicism, is when the other languages borrow some French words ). « Pincel » comes from « pinceau ». « Fresa » comes from « fraise ».

43 In 19th century Napoleon encouraged the French fashion.

44 Servilleta : Towel (« serviette » in french). And military context: Bayoneta : Bayonet, (« bayonnette » in French, from the town of Bayonne in the French Basque land).

45 The immigrants (political and economical) of the 20th century brought French words such as: Biquini : bikini…

46 Our sources: terrasse-restaurant-reves-avez-trouvee_117926.jpg terrasse-restaurant-reves-avez-trouvee_117926.jpg INCENDIE_1.jpg INCENDIE_1.jpg http://tic-didactique- a.jpg a.jpg rubrique,18e-siecle-fra... Expert jcdey FR/commode_royale1_diapo_horizontal.jpg FR/commode_royale1_diapo_horizontal.jpg Icô 89859693/Hulton-Archive regardantiquaire.canalblog

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