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Syntech SMC Compactors. Syntech Refuse Compactor Model SMC-12 (HDB)

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1 Syntech SMC Compactors

2 Syntech Refuse Compactor Model SMC-12 (HDB)

3 History In 1986, Syntech started building refuse container body to be assembled to imported compactor head. In 1987, Syntech became the first company in Singapore to produce its own refuse compactor. In 1996, Syntech became the first company in Singapore to produce refuse compactors on a series production basis.

4 SMC Range of Compactors In December 1995 Syntech was awarded a contract by ENV to produce 300 units of compactors over a 16- month period. Prototype unit built using standard jigs was completed in April 1996. Full production started thereafter and delivery began in May 1996. This redesign gave rise to our new range of compactors - the SMC range.

5 First SMC-12 Prototype Unit Picture on the right shows the first prototype unit delivered to Bedok Bin Centre for testing. Test of this unit shows that it was capable of compacting up to 8.6 tonne of refuse.

6 By end April 1996 we started full production and were able to produce one unit a day.

7 Beginning in May 1996 we started our delivery to SEMAC, at a rate of six units a week.

8 Words got around then and we started to receive enquiries from private refuse contractors to quote.

9 Beginning in end 1996 we started selling to these refuse contractors In the two years that followed, we sold forty more units.

10 Customised Design Besides producing standard SMC range of refuse compactors, Syntech also customised its compactors to suit customers requirements. Tetra Pak - automatic operation SATS Catering - computer interface Kaihung - infra red sensor

11 SMC Models There are many options available on our SMC range of compactors. They are: Capacities from 8 to 22 cubic metres Hydraulic / Manual Tailgates Front/Rear Lifting Compactor & compactor/container Hook Lift/Cable Lifting Preset Automatic Operations

12 SMC Features There are many features in our SMC range of refuse compactors that are not common in most of the refuse compactors currently in operation here. They are:

13 SMC Features Operating Cycles While most compactors are fixed with a certain number of cycles per operation, our compactor can vary this cycle from 1 -11, depending on the choice of the operator. Currently we are the only manufacturer here with this feature.

14 SMC Features Programme Logic Controller (PLC) Our SMC compactor is installed with a PLC to control and monitor the electrical system in the compactor as opposed to the use of analogue system by others. Repair to electrical fault takes minutes with this system, while others take hours, sometime days, to rectify the same problem.

15 SMC Features 20 Amp Power Supply Our hydraulic and electrical system is designed to operate at 20 A current supply, in accordance to HDB requirements. Most system in the market are operating at 32 A, which is not acceptable to HDB bin centre operation.

16 SMC Features Full Welds (Auto-weld System) All welding done on the compactor is by full weld, giving no chance for the ingress of water into the welding seam that results in formation of rust. In addition, all welds on the main body is done by auto-weld machine. This gives a very good quality finish to the compactor.

17 SMC Features Tailgate Trough A tailgate trough is incorporated at the bottom of the rear door. With the tailgate trough, even if the door seal is damaged and leaks, water would be collected at the trough and not drip onto the roads while the unit is in transportation.

18 SMC Improvements Our experience with the first 300 units of our compactors delivered to SEMAC revealed several problems with our basic design after one year of operation. In true fashion, we redeveloped and improved our SMC design and the latest SMC range incorporate this improvements. Our SMC range of compactors is thus a proven product for Singapore operation.

19 SMC Improvements A total of Eleven (11) improvements were made to the SMC compactors since 1997 after the delivery of the 300 units to SEMAC. The improvements made are:

20 SMC Improvements Main Hydraulic Cylinders Previously we used hard chromed mild steel rod for the main hydraulic cylinders, a common practice in the trade. However prolong usage by SEMAC had shown that this is subject to corrosion. Now we are supplying hard chromed stainless steel rod, the first in Singapore to use it for refuse compactors.

21 SMC Improvements Sweeper Plate To minimise the amount of refuse getting behind the ram head, we had incorporated an adjustable sweeper plate on the ram head. This will prevent papers, leaves and small thin objects from slipping to the rear of the ram head. In so doing, we also strengthened the structural strength of the ram head.

22 SMC Improvements Follow Plate Similar to the sweeper plate, we noticed that small thin objects are getting to the rear of the ram head. To overcome this problem, we install an adjustable rubber seal on the follow plate.

23 SMC Improvements Drainage Valve We monitored the drainage system supplied by us to SEMAC as well as by others in operation and came to the conclusion that the best system would be a valve system that opens automatically when the compactor is put in operation.

24 SMC Improvements Push Button Control The buttons used on our push button control system is designed for easy replacement. However this feature has a flaw. The buttons are easily stolen. Our new system has a permanent buttons design that is durable.

25 SMC Improvements Bottom Guide About a year after the first 300 units were put in operation, we realised that the bottom guide for the ram head needs strengthening. Subsequent units were improved and strengthened and no further problems were encountered.

26 SMC Improvements Door Seal Design Occasionally leaks were detected from the door seal from some of our compactors. To solve this problem, we change the door seal from three separate pieces to one molded piece.

27 SMC Improvements Compactor Body Cross Beam We noticed that misused of the compactor frequently damage the body cross beam, not just on ours, but most of the compactors in use by SEMAC. We now provide all new compactors with additional cross beam reinforcement to minimise such damages.

28 SMC Improvements Rollers We were of the opinion that since the compactor is subject to rough handling, no greasing is needed on the rollers. This proved to be untrue. All new units are now installed with grease nipples to ensure smooth rolling function of the rollers.

29 SMC Improvements Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Several months after our first batch of compactors were put to use, we notice some failure on the microchip used on our PCB board. Though such incidents were low, we decided to replace new units with the heavy duty type. No report of failure of the heavy duty microchip was received since.

30 SMC Improvements Thermostat There had been some cases of meltdown of the hydraulic system due to overheating. This was due to the failure of the faulty PCB microchip. Though this problem had already been solved by the use of heavy duty type, we installed all new units with a thermostat so that there would be an automatic cut-off once a critical temperature had been reached.

31 Syntech Service Syntech Refuse Compactors After-Sale Service

32 Hook Lift Truck We have our own hooklift truck to provide delivery of our compactors. This service is also used to pick up compactors from our customers for repairs.

33 24-Hour Mobile Service We have three service vans to provide site servicing and repairs, in addition to our hook lift truck. These service vans are fully equipped with tools and spares for their intended purposes.

34 Service Personnel To ensure uninterrupted service of our compactors, our service teams are equipped with island wide walkie-talkie and able to provide: 24 Hours Service Sundays & Public Holidays

35 Syntech as Your Partner What Syntech can provide to You as our Partner

36 Syntech Partnership Assured Competitive Price We assure you of very competitively priced compactors.

37 Syntech Partnership Assured Timely Delivery of Compactors Our track record of supplying 300 units within a period of sixteen months is proof of our capability. At our peak, we were producing one unit a day.

38 Syntech Partnership Assured Quality and Proven Product Besides us, there are only three other companies that can lay claim to have their products tested to HDB bin centres stringent requirements. Of these four suppliers, we supplied the most at 301 units.

39 Syntech Partnership 24-Hour Maintenance Service As your partner, we provide 24-hour maintenance service to assure you of minimum down time on all days, including Sundays and public holidays. Our service teams, with 3 service vans and a hooklift truck, is able to give you the level of service expected.

40 Syntech Partnership Technical Services for Customised Requirement Should you decide to retrofit your compactors in future for other type of application, we are able to provide technical services or to retrofit them for you to suit your requirements.

41 Syntech Engineers Your... Partner in Waste Disposal

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