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t h e g l o b a l w a t c h e x p e r t s

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1 t h e g l o b a l w a t c h e x p e r t s
Greenland Watch Limited, Copyright 2009

2 t h e g l o b a l w a t c h e x p e r t s
( About us ) ( Design ) ( Development ) ( Manufacturing ) t h e g l o b a l w a t c h e x p e r t s ( Quality ) OEM & ODM ( Logistics ) ( Polyconcept )

3 ( About us ) ( Design ) ( Development ) ( Manufacturing ) ( Quality ) ( Logistics ) ( Polyconcept )

4 t h e g l o b a l w a t c h e x p e r t s
OEM & ODM ( About us ) ( Design ) ( Development ) ( Manufacturing) ( Quality ) ( Logistic ) ( Polyconcept )

5 ( About Us ) The global watch experts
Greenland Watch, a divison of the Polyconcept group, provides added value watches for private label customers, department stores and to the promotional industry world wide. Our customers include well known brands and retail chains, such as: Hello Kitty, Agatha, Zadig & Voltaire, Gas, Coronel Tapioca, Colorado, Galeries Lafayette, El Corte Ingles, Tchibo, Plus, Hema… HOME

6 ( About Us ) The global watch experts
With own offices in Hong Kong, Dongguan (China) and Paris (France), Greenland Watch LTD is engaged in developing, producing and assembling watches for more than a decade. We have been working with various materials ranging from alloy, steel to silicon …, Greenland Watch is capable of producing and distributing any type of watch to our clients. The four pillars of our company are: - Design - Development - Manufacturing - Quality HOME

7 ( Design ) Design + R&D Teams Creation is everywhere, everyday . . .
Enjoying a global presence, the Greenland design team supported by the Polyconcept group R&D Studios, constantly spot the latest retail and fashion trends. It combines multi – cultural design capabilities, technical skills and best-in-class support ( fully integrated CAD technologies, outsourced services from the best specialists in selected fields of expertise, etc…). These resources generate tremendous value upstream in the process cycle to create desirable and cost-efficient watches. Design + R&D Teams North America Europe Asia HOME

8 ( Design ) Creation is everywhere, every day . . . Trend Spotting
Our focus on trends ensures that Greenland Watch clients are always provided with private label collections that factor in client specific requirements and often exceed expectations. HOME

9 Must give birth to a great
( Development ) A great concept must give birth to a great product Graphic & Industrial design teams build the bridge between creative ideas and technical construction of the products. By involving technical and engineering teams as the early stage of the creation process, Greenland Watch sets the conditions for successful production. HOME

10 Ideas come to life ( Development ) Ideas come to life HOME

11 ( Manufacturing ) Deep expertise in watches requires deep
manufacturing control With our own assembling unit in Hong Kong and an economically controlled production and assembling plant in Dongguan (China), we are in full control of the manufacturing process of our watches. Greenland Watch has created an exceptional factory environment in China offering unparalleled standards of manufacturing skills and efficiency, cleanliness and quality. The 300,000 sq ft site is conveniently located approximately 1 hour from Hong Kong. Currently the factory employs 200 workers and produced more than 3 millions watches in 2008. HOME

12 ( Manufacturing ) Deep expertise in watches requires deep
manufacturing control Greenland Watch places utmost priority on compliance with all laws, regulations and social norms, while abiding by high business ethics in all our business activities. We firmly believe that observing laws, regulations and social norms is the primary requisite for our company, essential to gain trust from our customers and employees. Our company is fully committed to offer our products and services in full compliance with safety, health and environmental regulations. HOME

13 ( Quality ) Simply a must - No compromise with quality
Quality assurance encompasses all steps of product development. This implies not only following quality-driven procedures, but also involving the quality engineers, who ultimately control production, in product development . We can produce thousands of watches daily with a relatively low minimum order quantity. Our quality control teams verify and assure every component meets our stringent quality requirements and our project planning teams make sure that you receive your orders on time, every time. We comply with all the EU regulations regarding nickel free, RoHs… HOME

14 ( Logistics ) A seamless delivery is the final signature of perfect execution Integrated supply chain solution, flexibility, according to clients’ business requirements. As we are a truly global company, we offer complete global solutions to our customers such as order collection and distribution services. Our logistic teams can organize the timely delivery of your watches anywhere in the world, whether that it to be your own distribution centers or directly to your end customers. Europe North America Asia HOME

15 ( Polyconcept ) The Global leader in the promotional products industry
36 offices on 5 continents selling to over 100 countries (main offices in the Netherlands, USA, France and China). Over 1 million orders delivered annually from stock via 20,000 promotional products distributors by PF Concept (Europe) and Polyconcept North America (Leed’s, Bullet Line, Journalbooks) - Supplier channel. Tailor-made products sold to 250 large multinational and corporate accounts (ADM) - Agency channel. Peerless resources in creative product development, branding and licensing. Industry’s largest sourcing organization in Asia and integrated logistic platforms in Europe / USA. HOME

16 ( Polyconcept ) A global market presence HOME

17 ( Polyconcept ) A portfolio of over A 30 proprietary or licensed brands Peerless offer giving products a unique personality and thus an enhanced promotional impact when carrying a business logo. Proven track record in leveraging successful properties globally - ideal platform for licensors seeking to increase their brands’ visibility in the promotional products market. Close to 60% of Polyconcept sales are generated with products under proprietary or licensed brands. HOME

18 end of presentation Greenland Watch Limited, Copyright 2009 HOME

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