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Partnering with corporations through education and empowerment.

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1 Partnering with corporations through education and empowerment

2 In 1996 the World Health Organization stated that violence against women is a public health issue – the time is now to address this global issue

3 We will let the statistics tell the story …

4 One in two women will be a victim of domestic violence at least once in their lifetime …

5 Every nine seconds a woman is battered …

6 A woman is murdered by her husband or boyfriend every six hours …

7 Forty percent of the women, who die every year, die as a result of domestic violence incidents …

8 In 80% of domestic violence cases, children witness the physical abuse …

9 Studies indicate that sexual abuse and domestic violence exist concurrently in families.

10 Children growing up in these families are four times more likely to become juvenile delinquents than children who grow up in healthy environments …

11 The health-related costs of rape, physical assault, stalking, and homicide by intimate partners exceed $5.8 billion each year …

12 It is estimated that 25% of workplace problems such as absenteeism, lower productivity, turnover, and excessive use of medical benefits are due to family violence …

13 The domestic violence statistics are alarming. How do we respond to this global issue? What can we do to educate and raise awareness? Where do we begin to engage both the public and private sector?

14 One Organization s Response … Safespace Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization During the fiscal year 2005-2006 a total of 1,187 families were assisted! We have partnered with a variety of corporations, groups and organizations from both the public and private sector to seek funding and support.

15 Our Mission We are committed to the prevention of domestic violence against individuals through the provision of shelter, emergency services, education, social services, counseling, and the development of resources empowering victims and their children."

16 What We Do Safespace Foundation administrates the Direct Relief funds that provide victims of violence with emergency assistance to: RELOCATE RENT PAY UTILITY BILLS TRANSPORTATION CAR REPAIRS STORAGE MEDICATION TUITION FEES ETC ….

17 In essence, our Direct Relief program empowers women by providing them with the resources and tools to become independent and self-sufficient.

18 Additional Services A 24-hour, 7-days a week Crisis Hotline in English, Spanish and Creole Emergency shelter and transitional housing Crisis counseling, and individual and educational group sessions Advocacy and support

19 Additional Services Information, and referrals to numerous community providers Food, personal items, and vouchers to the Safespace Thrift Stores Transportation Financial assistance

20 Additional Services Crime compensation and domestic violence relocation expenses Children and youth services Health Screenings and Physical Examinations Numerous educational and entertainment activities and events Community awareness and education

21 Our Corporate Partners


23 At the very heart of this organization is a commitment to the causes that impact the communities they serve. DV is one of their 3 primary funding initiatives. The Verizon Foundation works in partnership with nonprofits to prevent domestic violence through financial support, education and public awareness.

24 Our Partnership with Verizon Funding Support Draw the Line Project Verizon Hopeline Phone Drive Showers for Shelters Seasons Readings Clothesline Project Workforce Initiative Employee Volunteerism

25 The Miami HEAT Charitable Fund, established in 1997, is comprised of the HEAT "family" including HEAT players, coaches, wives, and staff.

26 Our Partnership with the Heat Heat coach Pat Reilly and his wife Chris are the driving force behind their involvement. The Heat organization has donated over 1 million dollars to Safespace over a 10 year period. They participate in a variety of events and programs including the Heat Wives Annual Christmas Party and Heat Family Day Fundraiser.

27 Marshalls is one of the nation's leading off-price family retailers with more than 750 stores spanning 42 states and Puerto Rico. They partner with a variety of non profit organizations, including those dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence.

28 Divas with a Heart Funding support Inclusion in year long community/media outreach and public awareness campaigns. Our Partnership with Marshalls

29 DeVry Inc., one of the largest publicly held, international, higher education companies in North America, is the holding company for DeVry University, Ross University, Chamberlain College of Nursing and Becker Professional Review.

30 Donation of website: Donation of marketing and research Hopeline collection site Inclusion in student fairs and community outreach Employee Volunteerism Our Partnership with Devry University

31 Dress for Success is a non profit organization that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire as well as a network of support and career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

32 Part of our non profit network Client participation in workshops Client access to career closet On site classes and instruction Our Partnership with Dress for Success

33 Your thoughts ……….. How can we expand upon the ideas shared?

34 Remember, You are providing potential corporate partners the opportunity to connect with the communities they serve in a more meaningful and powerful way. Corporations want to be perceived as being socially responsible. Your organization offers value in a number of ways. Beginning the process … First things first

35 Your objective is to seek and solidify funding and support that will aid in the advancement of programs and services that will address women s empowerment. Secondly ………….

36 Where do you begin? Develop a plan. Write down your goals and your action steps. Focus on what you want to accomplish.

37 Identify your potential partnership base Identify the top industries and corporations. Find out who the players are. If you have a contact - utilize that info to advance your efforts.

38 Identify where they will might come from? 1) Major Employers 2) Top industries; ie; hospitality/tourism, banking 3) Small and large corporations 4) Community/civic orgs 5) Churches 6) US Based Corporations 7) Schools and Universities

39 Perform a Partnership Assessment In terms of giving what are the causes or issues that are most important to that corporation or group? Is there a natural affinity to one cause versus another. Once discovered, how can you tie that back to your issue or cause?

40 Develop Partnership Solutions Develop solutions that are connected to a corporation s core business. Remember the Marshall s Dept Store s Divas with a Heart campaign – it is tied to Marshall s as a fashion retailer.

41 Positioning your organization … For example, in your area of focus, position your organization as subject matter experts. Offering solutions on how to address the wellness and mental health of a potential corporate partner s employee base is one example of how to create a meaningful partnership.

42 One Industry s response to a cause …… Responsible tourism is about the way you do business. - Guyonne Hanes Tourism Concerns We know we wont be a success in any community until we do better - Simon Cooper COO Ritz Carlton

43 One Hotel s linkage to the community they serve - Kerzner International raised over $1 million dollar for HIV/AIDS initiative in the Bahamas - How can you partner with socially conscious corporations that have an affinity to your cause or organization?

44 Put it in writing … Provide a written proposal that outlines the features and benefits of your program. In some instances a budget may be required. Have a realistic program start and end date. When asking for funding, ask for a multi year commitment.

45 Corporations love return on their investment. How can you help accomplish that? Focus on how you will promote their good deeds through media and community outreach. This type of visibility will increase consumer awareness and customer loyalty, and sales, thereby impacting their bottom line.

46 Focus your cause on what you want - versus what you don t want. Accentuate the positive! Enlighten and educate Empower women Empower families Help women make better choices Manage Stress Promote healthy relationships

47 Other forms of corporate support. In addition to funding, some corporations may support their employee volunteer outreach efforts through corporate matching and giving.

48 Partnerships can take on different forms ….. Individuals and groups can advocate in their community, workplace, school and local government on behalf of victims rights and services. There is strength in numbers!!

49 Sometimes the giving of resources is just as beneficial … Accept gently used clothing, house wares, small appliances, toys, books and children s supplies. Think outside the box !

50 Inspire others to give of their time and talents.. Encouraging donation of professional services and time is another way to get people involved.

51 Connect with the Media …… Promote your organization via the internet as well as in the newspaper, radio and television. Utilize press releases to announce, volunteer efforts, corporate support, events, programs, workshops, or even your stance on an issue.

52 And Most Importantly …… – Encourage individuals, corporations, community groups, civic organizations and corporations to get in where they fit in. – Remember Volunteering feeds the soul.

53 Additional Questions On Behalf of of our organization - Thank You !!

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