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Initial Brief. Overview Who are we ? Products and Services Partners Contacts.

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1 Initial Brief

2 Overview Who are we ? Products and Services Partners Contacts

3 Overview

4 Who are we ? Network platform Established by Senior Practitioners within the Sourcing and Supply Chain community –Goal is the exploration of the last untapped resource in business, namely the strategic leverage of Sourcing and Supply Chain management Offer products and services beyond the classical consulting Independent Established links with the best organizations in the market

5 Overview

6 Hedging Price of raw materials with the exception of petroleum has been relatively stable for the last 30 years –Increased demand in China and India boosts pricing. Most companies are not prepared to react promptly We are ready to secure all your volatile costs –Professional advise –Start-up your portfolio and maximize its value in time Fix your volatile costs in the future Only company which combines Hedging with Sourcing and Supply Chain management

7 Consluting @ Strategic level Integrated Supply Chain Management –Competitive edge on the revenue side Beyond classical cost driven approach First priority is increased competitiveness in your market –Sustainable in time –Structuring around 15 distinct functions in a seamless process to achieve maximum cost benefits –Synergy potentials –Risk Management

8 Consulting @ Strategic level Change Management –The only constant is change –Permanence in change is one of the most important attitudes in order to survive in a global economy –We provide the leadership and coaching skills to drive this process within your organization Not the fittest survive, but the ones who can adapt the best (Darwin)

9 Consulting @ tactical level Trouble shooting ad hoc situations –Largest benefits in the shortest period of time –Success in the tactical area sells the idea of tackling the strategic questions Adapt your processes to new standards (Sarbanes- Oxley) Boost service levels Increase inventory turns Unique track record in waste control

10 Training and Coaching If you think training is expensive, try ignorance Quality of the practitioners is the differentiator We offer standard packages through our partner Purspective We offer tailor made packages based upon our in-house developed assessment tool We provide individual coaching upon request

11 Consulting @ Operational Level Benefits from operational control are an untapped domain in the industry Not considered as glorious activities, yet basic condition to move on Continuous Improvement Path In-house developed Quick Scan tool, based on theory of Constraints

12 Outsourcing Outsourcing is fashion Proven and structured approach Allows you to make a healthy decision on: –What activities to outsource –How to drive the process –Protecting the interests of your company

13 Overview

14 International Sourcing - Procurasia Direct link to the Chinese market Over 10 years experience Belgian management in Shangai

15 Training - Purspective Sponsored by NEVI – Dutch professional association Link with academic community –Michigan State University –TU Delft Link with major industries International activities –China –U.S. and Canada –Africa Offices in the Netherlands and China

16 Overview

17 Contacts Antoon Rumes +32.496.10.89.50 Hedge-all c/o ICTS Vredelaan 36 B-1081 Brussels VAT : 429.628.143

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