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Emerging Technologies & Implications for SMEs Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Vice Chancellor MBA, PhD (Management), CMC, FIMC Western India University

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1 Emerging Technologies & Implications for SMEs Dr Rajesh Khajuria, Vice Chancellor MBA, PhD (Management), CMC, FIMC Western India University Email: Web:,

2 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria2 Deep Acknowledgements 1 Shri Prem Sharda, Vice Chancellor, and Dr Satendra Kumar, Dean, MBA, SGU. Office Bearers and Members of – Agakhan Council, Ahmedabad and Surat Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce Dr APJ Kalam and his Book INDIA:Vision 2020 Our 110 Clients for their 210 Projects in 7 countries during last 23 years And all those who taught me Management, Consulting and Management Consulting

3 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria3 Deep Acknowledgements 2 Prof H P Lulla (Guruji), Western India University, Raipur TIFAC (Technology Information Forecasting & Assessment Council), DST, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, New Delhi CDC (Consultancy Development Center), DST, MST, GoI IMCI (Institute of Management Consultants of India, a Member of ICMCI – International Council of Management Consulting Institutes in 35 Countries) For enlightening me during last 25 years

4 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria4 Presentation Scheme I. The Challenges Today II. How Technology will Impact SMEs III. Emerging Technologies in Vital Sectors by 2010 and 2020 IV. Implications for SMEs V. How to Prepare SMEs? VI. How can TEAM WIU Help?

5 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria5 I. The Challenges Today Entrepreneurs & Managers are Wonderful ! Some are resting, some are gazing stars.

6 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria6 Indian Agriculture, Industry, & Trade are facing FOUR Challenges Technology, Trade, Teamwork and Management of 3 Ts

7 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria7 Technological Challenges are caused by R & D, and impact Products, Services and Suppliers Examples: Computer Chip, IT, Internet, Communication, Amusement, Automobiles…

8 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria8 Trade Related Challenges are caused by WTO and Govt.s, and impact Trade, Industry, Agriculture Examples: Indian Budget 03, EXIM Policy, WTO, TRIPS, eTrade (ITC-Geneva)

9 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria9 Team Work related Challenges are caused by Humans, and impact Organizational & Personal Life Examples: Workmen, Staff, Managers, Owners / Directors / Shareholders / Bankers. Mitsubishi Chairman said, 95% Profit is from Attitude and 5% from Technology, Finance, Management, Government Policies etc.

10 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria10 II. How Technology will Impact SMEs Large Industries Medium Scale Ind. SSI / Tiny Units 3% Large 7% Medium 90% Small This phenomenon is true even in USA, UK, Germany, Japan and China

11 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria11 Technology, as a Differentiator of Success, Impacts Differently Large Industries Medium Scale Ind. SSI / Tiny Units Large Impact on Large Industries Heavy Impact on Medium Industries Small Impact on Small Industries R & D will determine the future of Industry: Speed, Automation, New Materials/Processes, Delivery, Collection and Customer Happiness will be key success factors

12 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria12 III. Emerging Technologies in Vital Sectors by 2010 and 2020 Everyone, Every Industry, Trade and Service: Textile Industry Engineering Industry Chemical & Petrochemical Industry Pharmaceutical & Medical Sector Food & Agriculture Technical & Management Consultancy Services eTrade / eCommerce / eBusiness

13 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria13 Indian Textile Industry 1 Fragmented to Integrated Textile Mills Synthetic to Cotton, Coloured Cotton, Mix & Geo-Textiles (Jeans) Synthetic Dyes to Natural Dyes (Sanganer, Jaipur) Velvet to Vulcan of Ram and Laxman Fashion Design to Fashion Technology

14 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria14 Indian Textile Industry 2 Industrial Filter Fabrics, Medical Textiles Eco-friendly Textile Exports will rise Pollution Controls will be tightened by State and Central Governments and Courts of Law – High Court and Supreme Court Domestic to Export Markets for All – Weavers and Processors

15 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria15 Indian Textile Industry 3 Worldwide Export of Indian Textiles through eTrade with 200 countries In 1930 of world depression, my father late Sheth Shri Mansukhlal Hansraj Khajuria went to SUDAN at the age of 12, and started Textile Import from India at age of 13 Only to become one of the largest importers by 1945 Journey started from Trade to eTrade Now

16 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria16 Engineering / Machinery Industry 1 Multi-layer Weaving and Processing Machines Eco-friendly and Waste Processing Machines Manual to Automatic Machines (80% CNC) Analogue to Digital Controls

17 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria17 Engineering / Machinery Industry 2 Advance and Micro Machining Low Electricity Use Machines Rough Castings to Machine-proof Castings Electrical to Electronic Controls Multi-discipline Machines (Mechatronics) CAD / CAM / ERP / Supply Chain from Design to Delivery, Billing and Collection of Money directly in Your Bank Account

18 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria18 Chemical & Petrochemical Industry New Discovery: Biodiversity Developing Nations are Biodiversity Rich and Technology Poor India, China, Malaysia, SUDAN (Africa) Developed Nations are Biodiversity Poor and Technology Rich USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Japan So they invaded Developing Nations in 200 Yrs

19 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria19 Biodiversity–Technology Matrix USA, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Japan No Nation Desert Nations India China, Malaysia, SUDAN (Africa ) Biodiversity Technology Rich Poor Rich Poor Rich Poor Rich Source: India: Vision 2020

20 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria20 Source: TIFAC

21 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria21 Source: TIFAC

22 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria22 Pharmaceutical / Medical Sector Process based to Product Based companies Copy based to Research based Products Small Batches to Mass Manufacturing Small Scale to Medium and Large Scale Manufacturing Phacoemulsification Technology for Cataract Surgery Lasers and Endolenticular Fragmentation for Small Incisions (3 to 5.5 mm) Surgery Micro Surgery and Remote Surgery

23 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria23 Indian Food & Agriculture Sector Agro based economy to Food Based Industry Process based to Variety / Product based Patents Small Batches to Mass Manufacturing Small Scale to Medium and Large Scale Manufacturing

24 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria24 Milk Processing Technologies Volume (1995 to 2020): 61 to 300 Million Tons Business: Rs 61,000 Crore to 300,000 Crore Cold Chains Cryo Fluids Containers – Rail, Road, Sea Aseptic Packaging Fodders Electronic Testing Machines Training to be Clean & Control Wastage-Dairies

25 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria25 Fruit & Vegetable Technologies Volume (1995 to 2020): 33 & 77 to 90 & 150 Million Tons respectively Business: Rs 10,000 & 15,000 Crore to 27,000 and 32,000 Crore Cold Chains, Cryo Containers Aseptic Packaging / Shrink Wrapping Hygienic and Fast Processing Weighing & Sensing Equipment Point to Point Transportation and Tracking Distribution Management

26 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria26 Source: TIFAC

27 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria27 Technology in Services 1 Technical Consultancy - eDesigns Management Consultancy – IT, Systems, Mobile Financial Consulting – Online Loans Marketing Communication / Advertising / eMarketing (Internet based) Trade (Export-Import) Promotion - Online HRD, HRM and Training – Data Projectors Entrepreneurship Development – eBusiness, Cross Cultural Management

28 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria28 Technology in Services 2 Government Administration - eGovernance Education Management – Online Education University Administration - eAdministration Hospital Management – Online Medicines Healthcare Management – Imaging, Testing Amusement & Leisure Management – High Tech Entertainment, Acting, Modeling –Digital Tech Sports Management – Media & Webcast Tech

29 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria29 Technology in Services 3 Tourism & Hotel Management–Online Booking Cooperative Management – Remote Connectivity Logistics & Distribution Management - eLogis Courier and Transport Management - Tracking Testing, Certification & Calibration - Digital Repairs and Maintenance Chains (e.g. Auto) Defense Sector – Satellite, Remote Sensing, Missile, Warfare

30 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria30 Source: TIFAC

31 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria31 Source: TIFAC

32 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria32 IV. Implications for SMEs 1 SMEs will continue to be SMEs… But No longer afford to behave as SMEs. Sophisticated Technology will be forced upon by Large Companies and R & D Institutions. All Government Subsidies will go away. Imports will be cheaper than Indian Products for many items.

33 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria33 Implications for SMEs 2 Competition will come from unknown directions and countries. Most Competitors will be technocrats. World will be Your Marketplace. Global Citizen will be either Your Employee…Or your Employer! eTrade will be a way of Business Life.

34 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria34 V. How To Prepare SMEs? Build Trust in Technology and R & D Institutions Build Focused Training Programs in - Technology Identification, Selection & Absorption Technology Funding Training in Technology and eTrade eTrade Bridge Program of ITC-Geneva and ITPO Reporting Progress

35 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria35 VI. How can TEAM WIU Help? 1. Training in eTrade Bridge Program. 2. Develop your Associations e-Trade / eCommerce enabled Website to facilitate Member Organizations learn and conduct eTrade at Low Cost. eAdministration System for Association to Charge Fees, Add / Delete Member Units, Communicate through emails etc.

36 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria36 How can TEAM WIU Help? 3. Assist in developing Focused Training Programs in -Technology Identification, Selection & Absorption from Govt / Global Sources. Explore Technology Funding Opportunities. 4. Offer MBA (Executive) / Short Management Programs with Education & Training support from Western India University, Raipur (WRO: Vadodara) – to meet challenges of Management. 5. Counsel individual SSI / Medium Scale Unit.

37 April 25, 2004Dr Rajesh Khajuria37 Thank You Dr Rajesh Khajuria, CEO TEAM Projects & Consultants VADODARA GUJARAT INDIA T: +91 (0) 94260 75402 Email: Website:

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