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SUMMARY General information - Advantages p. 3-6General information - Advantages p. 3-6 General operating diagram p 7 Content Manager p 8-23 Device Manager.

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2 SUMMARY General information - Advantages p. 3-6General information - Advantages p. 3-6 General operating diagram p 7 Content Manager p 8-23 Device Manager p 24-32Device Manager p 24-32 Hardware : TDS BOX - Screens p 36-38 Applications - Case study p 39-41 Advantages and conclusion p 42-45 SUMMARY p 2/48

3 Dynamic, compelling medium Targeted marketing at right time & location Critical influencer at point-of-purchase Educate and inform Build brands and increase awareness Improve customer experience, drive sales Comprehensive control over when and where messages are delivered Targeted information INTRODUCTION p 3/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

4 Interactive self-service Superior way to target specific groups Measurable results enable dynamic content for optimum effectiveness Real-time interactive information sharing Latest product news and promotions to stimulate sales Increase store traffic and return rate Focus communication on customers INTRODUCTION p 4/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

5 INTRODUCTION p 5/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary 2. Device management software 1. Content management software 3. Media Player BOX - based appliance 4. Display; Integrated or Stand-Alone 1 System, 4 Components

6 ADVANTAGES First Interactive Digital Signage System Designed Specifically for Commercial Use Largest Industrial-grade Interactive LCD Displays First All-in-one display with a Modular Design First Remote Auto-recovery of HW & SW First Comprehensive System with Fully- Integrated Hardware & Software from a single source INTRODUCTION p 6/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

7 Content Manager Device Manager Media player + Display Device Manager p 7/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

8 Content Manager SUMMARY p 8/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary 1. Web-based InterfaceWeb-based Interface 2. Account ManagementAccount Management 3. Approval SystemApproval System 4. Group ManagementGroup Management 5. Media LibraryMedia Library 6. SchedulingScheduling 7. PreviewPreview 8. TickerTicker 9. Urgent CastUrgent Cast 10. ReportingReporting 11. Multiple ZonesMultiple Zones 12. Layout TemplateLayout Template 13. Custom TemplateCustom Template 14. Play list EditingPlay list Editing 15. Auto RecoveryAuto Recovery

9 Web-based browser interface Easily operate anytime and anywhere Applicable for multi-national users or business travelers Intuitive, central management Web-based Interface Content Manager p 9/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

10 System administration can manage accounts and assign different authority levels Manager Manage the account, approve schedule, receive player malfunction email or SMS alert, publish urgent casts Normal User Media files and playlists management, Send request for schedule publishing Account Management Content Manager p 10/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

11 Publish approval system Allows Manager to approve or reject the scheduled content for groups before publishing Normal user can edit schedule and send request Manager receives emails or SMS alerts for schedule publish request Approval System Content Manager p 11/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

12 Each TDS device is a Player. A number of players can be assigned to a group by geography or other criteria. A network can be segmented into groups for easier player scheduling, settings or other attributes Query reports can be generated for specific groups and time slots. Group Management Content Manager p 12/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

13 Multimedia Content Management Import and organize multimedia files A variety of digital multimedia formats are supported HTML, URL, image, audio, video, Flash and PowerPoint Batch Upload – reduce repetitive, time-consuming tasks Media Library Content Manager p 13/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

14 Site/ Account manager can schedule the playlist for each group on the calendar. Graphical calendar interface for intuitive search and read. Advanced editing for each playlist to set start time, duration and recurrence. Published schedule downloadable, and played at chosen site Scheduling Content Manager p 14/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

15 Preview Content can be previewed at each stage: Preview each media file Preview each scheduled playlist Preview results from Player Content Manager p 15/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

16 Ticker feature available One-line scrolling text information along with media content Ticker can be static text or real-time information through a RSS URL link. Adjustable ticker font, color, speed and location. Ticker Content Manager p 16/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

17 Urgent Cast Interrupt scheduled content for urgent messages Add text message as urgent cast, or audio and other media files. Adjustable text font, color, speed and position. Fire Alert! Exit Building. Urgent Cast Content Manager p 17/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

18 Search or generate playback report Playback report can be created, e.g., by groups and time duration, for account management or billing purposes. Review and Monitor detailed record of player playback results. Report can be saved as CSV format, read/ export to other database usage. Reporting Content Manager p 18/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

19 Split display into multiple zones Choose number of zones, up to 8 Edit custom layout of split screens Multiple Zones Content Manager p 19/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

20 Built-in layout templates to quickly apply on your design Support 4:3 and 16:9 display screens Support Landscape and Portrait 16 choices of preset template Layout Template Content Manager p 20/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

21 Create layout and save as template Insert zones and set their attributes one by one Including screen ratio (16:9 or 4:3) Keep original size or fit-in screen Set X,Y coordinates and zone size Custom templates Content Manager p 21/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

22 Edit Playlist according to layout templates : Create playlist via templates Each zone has own media list Playlist Editing Content Manager p 22/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

23 Player Auto Recovery Player will automatically restart the software and continue the playback schedule whenever the content hangs or crashes the system. Player will automatically reload the required content or schedule if there is communication error between Player and Server. Playback logs will be uploaded to Server automatically. Player will automatically delete expired or low- priority information to continue new content. Administrators do not have to delete or overwrite data manually. Auto Recovery Content Manager p 23/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

24 Device Manager p 24/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary 1. Diagram Diagram 2. General presentationGeneral presentation 3. Remote ControlRemote Control 4. Power ON/OFFPower ON/OFF 5. Agenda & activity LogAgenda & activity Log 6. System managementSystem management 7. Device/appliance InventoryDevice/appliance Inventory SUMMARY

25 Device Management Diagram p 25/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

26 Comprehensive software management tool manages networked TDS appliances Web browser interface fronts database management system IT staff can easily inventory, organize, control, upgrade and support TDS appliances within the LAN, Wireless Network or WAN. General presentation Device Management p 26/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

27 Remotely manage TDS appliances through LAN, Internet, or VPN. Manipulate power state Monitor and collect device activity Execute software updates/ upgrades Maintain appliance inventory & properties Remote Control Device Management p 27/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

28 System Shutdown Power down any appliance or groups of appliances within the network WakeOnLan Resume from a powered-down state, any TDS devices over tethered Ethernet. Power On/Off Device Management p 28/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

29 Scheduling Set a wide variety of appliance management activities within subsets of TDS Device Manager functions Creation of jobs covering main features & functions within TDS Device Manager Can be set up to execute based on calendar date periods & any 24-hour timeframes Logging View activity history Provides comprehensive recording of commands and requests for all activities that occur Device Management Agenda & Activity logs p 29/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

30 OS Image Management – push and pull OS images from networked TDS appliances Registry Management – push and pull OS registry keys to remote devices File Package - push files to storage locations on remote TDS devices BIOS Management – push BIOS updates to remote appliances Device Management System & Image management p 30/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

31 Database Support Support for both MS SQL and MySQL back-end database System Stores overall system management information and FTP or HTML server locations. Device Management System & Image Management p 31/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

32 Appliance Inventory Monitor and display inventory of all TDS appliances within the network Group Management Able to group TDS devices based on variety of parameters Device Inventory Device Management p 32/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

33 Hardware Device Manager p 33/4 - Back to summaryBack to summary 1. Media player Media player 2. Intergrated displayIntergrated display

34 Modular Media Player TDS BOX Media Player - TDS BOX Compatible with a range of displays x86 processors I/O Ports: DVI-I, USB, RJ45 for Ethernet, Dipole antenna, DC-in jack, S-Video input, Composite video-in Windows XP Embedded operating system Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 From 1GB Flash memory From 512MB RAM memory Dimensions (HxWxD): 1.7x5.5x5.1 ~ 1.7x8.1x5.1. Weight: 1.2 lbs ~ 2 lbs p 34/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary

35 TDS 537 & 547 - Integrated Display 37 and 47 high-definition computing displays offer an integrated LCD and Media Player All-in-One Computing Displays Windows XP Embedded OS Slim Design, Space Saving Industrial Grade (fanless & metal casing) HW Watchdog 1.5GHz x 86 processors Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 Flash based storage Infrared, Touch-screen Option p 35/48 Back to summary

36 CASE STUDY Device Manager p 36/48 - Back to summaryBack to summary 1. In store communicationIn store communication 2. Airport – Malls – Waiting roomsAirport – Malls – Waiting rooms 3. Real estate / travel agenciesReal estate / travel agencies 4. RetailRetail 5. Hotels & CasinosHotels & Casinos

37 IN-STORE communication Internal communication on special offer or sales PUSH. Invoicing a provider for brand advertisement. Point of sale animation & information (weather, news, traffic, music/Xtreme video,…) Example : fashion, perfume, stores – Bars/disco… In store communication Solutions & applications – Case study p 37/48 Back to summary

38 Information + Communication Information : Travel schedule for airport – Special stores offers for malls – Queuing management & info for waiting rooms,… Communication : In this case, communication is joined to the information through one or more screen split + Leisure or diverting on another split (weather, news, traffic, music/Xtreme video,…) Airport – Malls – Waiting rooms Solutions & applications – Case study p 38/48 Back to summary

39 Information + Interactivity Information : TDS box connected up to 8 screens. Each screens diffusing preview of the available offers Interactivity : The screens could react to independent touch stickers on the window and show corresponding information. Real estate / travel agencies Solutions & applications – Case study p 39/48 Back to summary

40 Sales promotions On-site product information Way finding Additional advertising revenue generation Catalog access Dining menus Pharmacy order status On-site events RETAIL Solutions & applications – Case study Dynamically change advertising for all 500 stores located nationally – local focused Touch screen Signage/Kiosk Application p 40/48 Back to summary

41 Services information & sales Event information Way finding Guest services Kiosk check-in Restaurant & store sales Loyalty programs Hotels & Casinos Applications – Case study Event Information Displayed Prominently p 41/48 Back to summary

42 ANALYSIS Customer RequirementsPlanarBroadsignKioskCiscoWebDT Browser-based Content Management Browser-based Device Management Simultaneous Deployment of Kiosk Apps & Dynamic Content Industrial-grade All-in-one Modular Design Fully Integrated HW & SW from single source Remote HW & SW Auto-Recovery Large Industrial grade Interactive LCD Display p 42/48 Back to summary

43 Large-screen interactive displays offer flexibility for use as digital signs & kiosk applications Industrial-grade design offers superior aesthetics and durability Fully integrated hardware and software from one manufacturer for complete compatibility Highly reliable with remote auto-recovery Easy-to-use content management software requires minimal training ADVANTAGES CONCLUSION p 43/48 Back to summary

44 Digital signage market is growing dramatically and converging with the kiosk market Current solutions are fragmented; not industrial-grade WebDT is the first interactive digital signage system designed specifically for commercial use CONCLUSION p 44/48 Back to summary


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