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Career after 10 th / 12th Brief overview of career options.

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1 Career after 10 th / 12th Brief overview of career options

2 Science Chemistry – uses in industrial chemicals, fuels, food processing, biotechnology, environment, and pharmaceuticals Physics - astronomy, astrophysics, molecular physics, geophysics, biophysics, atomic energy Life sciences – includes fields such as biology, medicine, botany, zoology, physiology, biochemistry, plant sciences; uses in Bio-engineering, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Pharmacology, Physiology Geology - study history of earth, how processes and events changed earth, and their future possibilities; exploration of minerals and natural resources, Geography/Earth Science - study of earth; its physical features, climate, soil, vegetation, environment, and human, political, cultural, social, and economic aspects ; Cartography, Geographic information systems (GIS), Environmental geography, Climatology, Demographer, Planner Mathematics - engineering & technology, Physical sciences, Statistics, Computers, Operation research, Economics, Actuarial science Statistics - uses for analysis and interpretation of data in various fields

3 Science – contd… Computers & IT – computer engineering, computer applications, software engineering, networking, database administration, etc. Bio-technology - use of biology and technology to modify characteristics of living beings; applies to health, pharmaceuticals, agricultural, food and environment Bio-chemistry - study of chemical properties of plants, animals, viruses and micro-organism; applies in Pharmaceutical, chemical, and health industry Bio-informatics – use of biological information and information technology ; pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum industry, life sciences Nutrition & Dietetics – study of nutrition and health; help the individuals use the natural nutrients and protect against disease Food Technology - processing, preservation, packaging and storage of food products Forensic Science – chemical, physical and other scientific analysis of evidences; support investigations and help identify criminals

4 Science – contd…2 Horticulture - study of plants (fruits, flowers, vegetables, etc.) including their structure, features, and classification Agriculture – study of farming related activities Environmental Sciences – study of components of the environment; involves many different fields of study Fisheries – fish farming, boat building, study and research, Marketing research Forestry - protecting and managing forests and related natural resources ; research and development of new methods for forest management, plantation, reforestation Food Processing Dairy & Poultry Farming – raising animals for commercial purposes

5 Medical and Health MBBS BUMS/BHMS/BAMS/BNYS Dental Science Nursing Paramedical Science Medical Transcription Pharmacy Veterinary Science Hospital Management Technologists – Radiographer Speech Therapists, Audiologists Physical Occupational

6 Arts Designing: –Fashion Designing –Textile Designing –Jewellery Designing –Accessory Designing Fine Arts Visual & Performing Arts Interior Designing Advertising Public Relations

7 Arts contd… Media Journalism Event Management Travel & Tourism Archaeology Economics Psychology Anthropology

8 Commerce Chartered Accountancy Company Secretary Cost Accountancy Finance Accountancy Banking Investment Analysis Stock Broker

9 Others Defence Services Library & Information Science Management Administration Foreign Languages Law Teaching Social Work Physical Education Photography Aviation

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