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Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

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1 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
* 07/16/96 Mikron Smart Machine Discussion MLI Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc. *

2 MLI’s Activities (Past and Current)
Operating full-time since 1989 as a provider of high-performance machine technology specializing in machining vibrations. Previously designed and built special one-of-a-kind machine tools and accessories. Currently member of: NCMS (National Center for Manufacturing Systems), Ann Arbor, Mi NCDMM (National Center for Machining and Mfg.), Latrobe, PA AMRC (Advance Mfg. Research Center) Sheffield, U.K. Provides consulting on both machining and machine/spindle design. Develops/facilitates strategies and techniques for High Performance machining. Markets dynamic analysis and optimization products for the shop floor since 1996. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

3 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
What’s MLI Goals In the field of high-performance machining create acceptance of the affect of dynamics (frequency behavior) in the cutting process. Provide equipment that measures dynamic influences on the machining process and allows customer to control and manipulate dynamic affects. Provide “on-machine” process monitoring and control equipment for dynamic effects. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

4 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
MLI’s Product Mix MetalMAX™ is our main product. A predictive analytical package to determine optimum dynamic operating conditions without machining and track this information for use in NC programming. Validation and diagnostic functionality delivered by Harmonizer® Harmonizer® separately marketed machine monitoring and control packages for detection and control of adverse vibrations. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

5 MetalMAX: What’s Needed?
Modal analysis kit specifically configured and designed for measurement of machine tools. Frequency/modal Analysis. Sensors. Well established cutting theory. All combined in user friendly software. Setup man or engineer with progressive attitude. (does not require a “vibration expert”). MLI’s MetalMAX™ kit with computer. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

6 A Typical Measurement Setup
4 3 2 1 EXCITATION (HAMMER) RESPONSE (ACCEL) Sensor Interface Module PC Accelerometer STRIKE Hammer Power Cable Sensor Cable Machine tool and Spindle *Can also measure work piece in a similar fashion and combine behavior with cutting tool measurement. Schematic of Measurement Setup for “Bump”, “Ping” or “Modal” test. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

7 Stability Plot 20 mm 3-fluted Tool in 30 kW 24 krpm Spindle
Process Damping Region Torque Limit Unstable Stable Chatter Frequencies Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

8 Purpose? Machine the Part the First Time…
Air frame tray, unsupported tab approx. 50-mm high by 1.5-mm thick. Guessing? Knowing Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

9 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
Check Results Monitor cutting operation Determine if it is stable, chattering or resonating. Make fine adjustments if needed. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

10 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
Record Results Record data for later comparison or analysis. Track behavior as function of cutting tool, machine, work piece. Provide means to inform NC programmers, tool room, etc. of dynamic limitations. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

11 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
MetalMAX Provides Modal Analysis of cutter and work-piece. Prediction of stable depths of cut and spindle speeds. Refinement of process parameters for optimal dynamic cutting accuracy. Monitoring and adjustment (if needed) of cutting process. Recording of results in database for later use. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

12 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
Vibration Monitoring Harmonizer utilizes Broad banded frequency analysis. Audio detection of machining vibration. Identification of chatter and “suspected” resonant conditions Deterministic process parameter (speed and feed) corrections to minimize vibration. Harmonizer implementations include: Handheld vibration monitor Most basic and lowest performing. Web Based Occasional use, as needed, requires TCP/IP connection. Can also implement web-based monitoring. General computer software Full functioning vibration analyzer with chatter control features. NC Integrated NC control linking with adaptive capacity. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

13 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
Detecting Chatter Must know: Max. Allowable speed Spindle Speed Number of teeth Nothing else Technique Identifies Chatter Recommends new spindle speed. Spectral Analysis with identified chatter frequencies Vibration signal Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

14 Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.
Eliminating Chatter Chatter Eliminated Can either increase cutting depths (ap or ae) or feed rate. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

15 First Part Machined Correctly!
0.5 mm wall and floor thickness, 1 mm diameter pins, walls and pins 30 mm high. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

16 Example: Increased Power and Increased Quality at lower speed
Aluminum > 475% increase in Power and MRR Spindle Speed: 16,580 RPM Axial Depth of Cut 25 mm Radial width of cut 1.8 mm Cut Power 1.75 kW GREAT SURFACE!!! Spindle Speed: 20,000 RPM Axial Depth of Cut 25 mm Radial width of cut 0.25 mm Cut Power 0.3 kW BAD SURFACE Same behavior in other materials Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

17 Possible Inclusion of Harmonizer® into Mikron Smart Machine APS
Non-intrusive additional sensor (microphone), audio (displacement) detection. Can utilize current vibration sensor(s), accelerometer, etc. Provides broad banded frequency analysis of cutting condition. Detects the presence of chatter and resonance. Besides enhancing APS’s machining monitoring/warning/diagnostic capabilities, Harmonizer can also provide deterministic process parameter corrections. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

18 Areas for Cooperative Work
Add Harmonizer technology to Mikron APS Product High Frequency Chatter and Resonant Detection. On machine suggested speed and feed corrections. Part try-out corrections (controller linkage). Automated tool testing and optimization (control links with NC programs). Application Engineering and Field Service Support with MetalMAX product. Train and equip field service with dynamic solution package. Added diagnostic and service capabilities. Product representation through Mikron Distributors/sales offices. Help setup as part of a services division the capability to deliver dynamic analysis services. Provide support resources for MLI sales. Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

19 Packages for Machining Vibration Prediction and Control
Machining Vibration Solutions Packages for Machining Vibration Prediction and Control Prediction and Monitoring of the Cutting Process Machining simulations DrillSim* Recording and tracking information for use by NC Programmers Manufacturing Laboratories, Inc.

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